Apple iDVD Tutorial : iDVD Tutorial: Editing Appearance of Buttons

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

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In this clip, we're going to be talking about editing buttons. Now, we already have our
sub-menu here. What we want to first do is select the frame that appears in each of the
buttons. So, let's go to chapter one. If you click on the button and then click on it again
not a rapid double click but a slow double click, you get this little movie window here,
it allows you to choose where you want them this particular movie that appears in the
spot to start. We want this spot to be a still image. So we're going to click on still image,
drag this line to where we want it to start. We're going to make this; this is our cake
cutting chapter. We're going to make this a still image as well so click on still image
and let's fast forward to the cake cutting. That looks good. Now, this one we're going
to leave as a movie and as you can see it says that the loop begins at twenty which
is right around the beginning of the vows. I like that so if you click on motion, you
can see that chapter two is moving. Now you can edit the buttons further. These are the
custom shapes that come with this particular theme but you can make that shape to anything
you want or you can make them just text. So let's click on one button. Let's go up to
edit and say select all buttons. You can also hit command A and you see all of our buttons
is selected. You go down here to the bottom right our buttons menu. See this says rounded.
If I click the first one, it changes the chapters to just text watches me click through here
how it changes the button's shape kind of interesting. You can also for example let's
go into frames. Click on the first button select all buttons. Let's click the gold frame
see what that looks like. So, there really are infinite amount of possibilities when
you combine all of the different customize editing that you can do so basically just
experiment and find what works for you.