My Favorite Husband: Marriage License / Absolute Truth / Speech for Civic Organizaton

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and yet when you represent radio comedy series mine-clearing husband starring
lucille ball with richard any
well into the inauguration here also
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partisan write stories so that is why don't you forget those crossword puzzles
and read the rest of the paper you are in south
thailand for anybody frazzled striking hold my own in any kind of stations sure
if they happen to be talking about an indonesian send out a retreat coach saw
about current event
time who's president of the united states and how many letters
okay sweated president aikido crop on a special platform built in front of the
capitol building signage slip
how did you happen to know that it's jumped into the hollow and i cut out the
crossword puzzles
accuser no
throughout friday's who administered the oath celeste spanky about go back to
your crossword puzzle telling judge my paper up again
flee looking after uk tropicana elected president jewish conventions
birth so wonderful to file buchanan went to school with us here his father was in
the jury based angie how did you happen to remember here are never forget trial
salim said state to get style like the way you say that
financing had a lot of time since she was on this is something what'd he had
that i didn't have funnier the playing field and the school band
panama recall that hadn't been for that two of the business so he's talking
about slaps sign language other inspiration points it lists all sorts of
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teachings from
here sent them on time and a car radio that then you take any carried me three
blocks planktonic strikes forever
now i don't know what you saw it in the intimately so far became a killer
so you mean oh well
i was just thinking sidelight it not that i didn't have any statement means
solidly as you know i could afford a value and engagement ring in those days
anyway what if you didn't have one everybody knew we were engaged
c_n_n_u_s_ sweatshirt with your initials on it
like it not the initial stepford gym class you thought it was a clever idea
because they're well aware the same as mine sift through the same style is
lovely i mean thing dat i would just like matthew rosenberg
we can't find my days a week yards
suppose you wish you'd married corpses could have had a big diamond engagement
ring style i do not feel like i've got to be married to you than anyone else in
the whole world smokes here anytime that phony tights yikes
status probably
uh... had dined at the point of fact of the tape the national
uh... you're accused our profits this unit was appreciated the way i just i
don't want to hear another word about the cause is found not guilty suffered
as we've been talking about a confusing me isn't going to check the
out what what he's saying about costs also see
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specific showcases job i think it is a waste of my mother wouldn't see the
lipstick effect that
slides tell me why barry needs how it was cheaper than buying uic
i liked that highway going praxis
scam to get you to look like if i get mad flurry on behalf of total okay right
stuff sorted out ladies
hasn't changed much since i haven't seen xerox slash year was tens of millions
hands on here it is still icye mary's license out there is an historic snack
food so much separated bestfriend if they elizabeth elliott was mandated
john's foot first signs
cirque profound
romulo that full set of dr h cook for a fenced yard cdco efforts
that's funny i never noticed that the floors arched style you don't suppose
sisyphus is still recall it left off course
sellers say do you think of this skate for this next picture with the liability
of the judge cooper see don't think there really is one billion tons off
haiti platform for ten years and have been living in toronto
cali is don't be silly look at this picture all this is not for profit on
the right to a shot that moved to file
how can i have been able to win it
alexa combat you and i a married mistaken spelling can all have access to
a large conference all funny typewriter real strains
settings so you know some of that city hall calling out the national police
varies said not open i wouldn't be that silly anyplace not even for my peace of
mind no so they're not about myself and i just saw lysates tonight let's let's
look at these pics
so much of a house fifty sites you if you don't mind so i find out just fine
thank god
sanitizing bureau released reading joe this is george cooper five yards long
time no see joe i call to ask you about max rice marriage right
you got married ten years ago nine dollars but last night we find a mistake
in the license they spelled my name off made no use geology camp word of mouth
on a technicality
talents and my wife is coming down to see when i want to play a joke delaware
dot really matter particular long for a couple of things uh... world and that
the girl figured okay george i'll do it
on the internet dot nausea as well that tonight on how to save this that's i
want to ask you about a marriage license
size hail of affiliate everybody does
it was the subject of the group
but i'm already that yes i like to think something wrong with isaac census
concerned at what seems to be the trouble missus cooper how that's just a
tiny given who first i don't even know judge who's where if you didn't know it
you'd never should have married
i did and i'm not going to john's co-stars coffers itself stood still the
same substance who put it all about this
not because they need to take necessary knowledge article says he's not any
different from the nazis even nobody whatever made humari apob like that
please try to understand my husband's name is judge cooper it's doubtful for
advise does that matter touches that swear
suggests how long is this big layoffs ten years though do you want to be a
you means any just because it means that i'm not i've not married til it's that's
what i mean this evidence in this area providence one thing
process a little bit absolutely needs so i don't know if you just like the idea
trent lott and i think my friend
seventy something thought turned up the pleading for women
unfair to you live subsidized five-year indicate no drops context for food flap
and no longer you always two tests
sites high-tech dot maritimes costs what you find out you and i should be ashamed
lady cement alike deals with the padlock and i went up
you don't need a little thing like the blue sails may meet their licenses
business uh... that's right
off this is terrible that i think one thing we can do a judgment just have to
get married again stuff relating it sounded like some sort of like looking
for stuff like that you have to see us hudson
other i was just thinking say gee we shouldn't let you know these things
sram after all is marriage is a seriousness maybe we don't know each
other well in
together well enough like that
we think these soledad
here is my kids illogical for do you have to think about what do you know
many i'm not squarely in zaire i'd like you are well
you know how it is is before i settle on one thing i would love to feel slides do
you mean you will see you have any ten years ago all nargis dot there's no use
in making this a mistake twice
we've got one of our users
flew fairfax i'd like you allowed nice ultimately can sound like i was in the
grills impart alright excuse me mister kunstler surface elliott all physicists
have won a contest about this marital status fitzgerald
self-study moves open for successful for a conference of the manifests itself
surprise don't practice upscale evidence seller or flagstaff tests is so much
on t_v_ actively sought icici cc his friend results such society asks
um... with expected to collect on your favorite u_s_ there room for what i mean
i can't stand it any longer episodic specific at the same
that has just
he hag picks it up with security prices fear you know my friend we have to play
football tickets you're playing football that little barrels little guys are
killed six two
connell hormat after westinghouse asked
fundamentally anyway right a lot of skinny and golden's for classes
suspicious deaths since you didn't talk to children said the guy you talk to
meant what he said and i think that that's right-to-life really not metals
scott but well worth it if the result of fun to be very all over again
and what we can get a license fear before closest markets unhappy months
pat i'm just thinking simulation russian defense
what he's saying once-in-a-lifetime i'd like you were a lot now wait a bit now
how did you find that online and i thought that was fun at the field of its
let's not many men i thought we planted hefty this
i think i'll come by the right now college are not sicknesses
stuff out there i'd like to see the party's hands needs for buchanan he said
that u_s_ inventions quite alright having their insists that i thought this
always this probably can and few that this is an old itself and fucked
accountable is still alive dot i thought profound their is around one uses
outdated lists
i'm sorry but i still can't quite late member the queen of the number of people
disrespectful volume leash all
well i did not get a lot reviewed in ninety-eight that live at my dot fishkin
are not well i don't think i'll split out of that connection i said i have
well i'd like to see you again for your faults i met a guy get that lady dot yes
we are still at which i still had it
he's lying down your life and else rather facial some very strange with
jutting rock above all fathers if you are leading fated fenway did same well
you're talking about
all right that allows anything rock pop up a fight
off the reasons and he said
body like a telephonic bloody i still think a lot of value to seen well and i
thought you did about mcleod
last sunday office not
lot inside it is wonderful because last night he can't stop sagging popularity
problems i'll use the island's freight delicate asap and obsolete
rabat that design problems
deposit heats up at that game on
if any of the timing of the democrats hope it's not likely to happen and i
think about that
then fifty hectic
tests so if you're not going out with that taxes are you talking to me
mister silverstein seem to get played not naps sounds active and accessories
i_n_s_ don't worry about things
travel mitnick overseas you heard i wouldn't have been for the barrels what
happens now i'm gonna get just blew out the front door used without the back
door and meet me at the contacts let everybody feel
josh thinks i have a date with hope you can get a feel for marks i treated you
and i have sent you being with humphrey bogart at this trend movie theaters
pretty depicted in kentucky
pet-friendly laptop backpack cards
i learned that my mouth now we act which i think i have posted aggravate dynamic
without a condom academic katie ford even if you grabbed by the window these
days it is anorexics elevations
maybe they don't like that
i'll wait a minute skidded and television it some thought about
politics lexapro cheyali heading out right back at
side place what's going on around a officer job trying to let go of my arm
outside haiti's
expressing gorgeous charts
powell after that i was walking up the hotel just meant about immediate w paul
to canada but i suggest you get these just like he's like the sociologist
wonderful deepak part you can certainly has not
needed to leave the fog and a bunch of black eye and
steps that they detected that's one of the month of well if i'd only known i
would've waited to get it when you pay off
halides flats knowledge deeply george cooper dot com group fun about youth
leaders did not go to school to get a you bet we did but that's no excuse for
you to try to take my wife i i don't even know your life you know as well as
ellie all the cleanup voting why are you
forgetful i won't even if it's not only better than the movie techniques and i'm
not quite cars
five talked a little late this afternoon and she is not buried deep csl that's
definitely a stereotype of you've got a job at the station would make
out barnett circle for aristide's heard you sad because my wife risk chipped
edges are not lying lived on that government does it take to get out and
we're very proud of my life
statistical why don't you sit down spouse stranger
acts like a bus polyester picketing telling the truth
ventana manually and you'll get the eighty to eighty status somehow don't
arrest in office and i read my mind selena abt dot yet we are not even etc
say coupon for a planet
cap might
hand well i don't think that
mylove outfit that's not gotten back intrepid southbank place now
af twelve planes that slide you can start tightening kids having some
players certainly as i do that dot thanksgiving macon ga three heads a
guilt finance orbital for phil gramm like gap propped up and i'll write
all this as a whole
he realizes you can get that out right now for myself peacetime after ever
friends said about what would you like to go up one for two hundred three
hundred yet one four one hundred gap apartheid yes yes i did a lot like a job
that beautiful sent
how can we go on out like that
father that found stiffing at the time and get the delegates having dot aspx
that sounds farmers issue of the field about
player is not here people are watching
guilt cheap
celtic knot time
club needs field stock shot down
daddy threat i love it when you cokie
i think that i don't think that it's an elementary i think there's any comment
that that may need to find out
conflicts may nineteen strong yall skilled i gotta go ahead
ts radio marry me
totally williams
outside the strike that welfare that booking seats
what do you think about it
surpassed and i got back and i think that night
subsidized squares are you still awake
outside of thompson generates fact i don't know what happened sometimes wrong
welfare system
good idea confided i'd like to get up and get me some nice ones
sphereit one of the certainly should get out to get its spectacular one does she
get up and smell gentleman's
i try to do it
hotjobs so i'll say okay
slam islip conferences says selection chocolate and ice says smith
i realized that strength
might leave her husband starring lucille ball with a vengeance and he was
produced for broadcast in the finest in the arms of the american forces network
europe fire for sergeant is still the auctioneer
democrats dot speaking of join us next time for mindtree limited
it's time for my favorite was bummed starring was sealed bottle everybody
yes it's been a big families there is not an issue all with richard dot d
brought to you about the job of a lay-up desserts jane it outgrow
all the big bet that instead of all the cattle family all of the big bet that
instead of all the cattle family them panel quoting warm joe alcock
it'll put phonemes that
another sealed ball with richard any guys lives and george cooper
to people who live together and like it
resume in lebanon the troopers the night
reisinger story unfolding a story that started a week ago one night when
georgian lives were walking home from a movie
well it was a pretty good showings
affected like the better get swept through it
i did not sleep through it all right
down the letter was about
well too
do well i enjoyed the evening anyway welcome georgia when i say something in
the store window
with him
look at those golf clubs
portrait i stand a new set of those of gulfclients mark kohut demonstrate the
blue important
parking lot
friday judge in the early session
well anything to that nor was i thought this was supposed to be a high-class
but what about the window dresser let the remains of his lunch on that stand
that that
hitting that little massive vegetable if not a mess but that's about it in
original models
symbolizing spring
tonight but judge ito need seventy five dollars seventy five dollars per
seventy five dollars
too much for an original model where you can get the real original at the market
for twenty five sign up delay tactic it might join that if you got hungry
back not
funny seventy five dollars per pack
but i asked them to hold it for me if i don't get it i think that a barry will
buy it through it she's got a place to go with the new england for a better
dot hoover yourself mean to me
and so the next morning lives at the weather and the tell the sales lady the
bad news
yet that showed that they had last night is that you need katyusha guarded
and subsided language didn't set out the sprinkler system
i'm not ivan away by thing to do what i think uh... aft yes wrap it up i'll take
but knowing that
warning here where house my wonderful love the new mundi newbie keep them
you're much too many stretched out of the morning
it you would be and something you shouldn't do is not on the fact that
cannot be needed
company because
their pop it let's align began donovan and i must leave me out of my skin
do not always you're crazy
but it is and lie detectors for clothes on
georgia to lose your job did you now before you'll never believe it but all
man at a very gave me a day off
no there
he said george you've done such a good job for such a long time
i think you should take the day off and enjoy yourself
i've been doing eating beef or not
now gentleman's question that his empire them
fallon going to play golf with court character
doesn't sound like very soraya v later liz and i get a good game all i did you
get a tiny back from the factory
everyone that anyone could not
uh... what do you go anywhere in the right terms that was a pressie teddy is
the boy who carries your clubs
meat is called a birdie
guy give up
feel like you're a kid
why dont
she'd gone i can tell you my new half period every here i don't i get it fixed
what happens evert without him think katie i'm not going to wear and i think
that are not the people at myself but i just ordered it to keep iris at a very
from getting
i gotta get my technical program looks like a businessman's wants to make
enacted festival
but just that simple
dad house a tax reappear at the bank vegetable and other them out
it yet
probly get about startup
mud but
thank goodness
say acton idea though in all these vegetables i hope the birds don't see
this hat don't larry everest affect all right
doing ronnie cooper thematic it's mister cooper he's coming back
kuwaitis here do newspaper i mean if we want to my hat
that was in koreatown some from across the street i want to let the coroner
right here
there's something wrong with your eyes with that
at the crime outside the air
why are you going to paper suppose you're free to try to get your nose
flag nearsighted here
priorities like that here util that the air
uh... sag dot aren't there
players put that paper down i see your hat there's a mirror on the wall up back
at uh...
well not so great george i can explain everything
i'm waiting
i'm thinking
guy thoughts i've been in a second
uh... like this better be a good
my medea
peg in a little longer than i think that it there
iris at a very quiet
i don't know that it's a good start
i know i was called and asked me to pick it up for
now why would she do a thing like that
at the very good question
all right let's put it this way
when did she call
mary interesting
mhm tire is at a bird has been part of town for a week
can't yes
yeah president that kind of a sneaky take you could expect from her
now is our jewish aimed at yourself
no uart don't start crying you're not going to get around this time of tears
but would you please regularly
uh... believed argument your art
well the good try
sit down with colin about want talk with you
now about that happened to have a twisting the truth
practical milk a cow
come back now
analyst i want you to promise me never did tell anything but the truth
i don't want to ever catch you lying again you know i didn't want it gets me
this time
populate joke about it this is serious
don't you realize that when you tell if it you have to tell another and then
another entity or paying a little web of untruths only to end up being caught
what happens when you tell the truth of the first place
eckhard right away
passed out there
i'm sorry judge your absolutely right i'm ashamed of myself and i promise from
now on i'll make you proud of well that's better and we hope you meet all i
can hear your pain
into the stories
constantly as strategist
started to get at this took six months
he was all the political thought to build
inept people because what it looked like it
about these are people which is a little bit distorted
units like this
w or sick
it went well tonight a couple not dot
i'm no
what was a bit
with idea but notice that what they call
what americans are quickly opponent
ochoa i would say that we caught up in my life is not shallow chart
uh... history dot
after triggering wide uncovered
intoxicated bragged about what it's observers are they were talking about
the concert with it
i'd like a long talk with you
outages mathilde talk to me like the perfect another to load
with how to get a list of novel utility nobody did that but i guess it is not
might have accepted the suspect's accepted everybody sixty-four celtic one
of the poor people as well
that has been acquitted the
website that start with but yet to be considered a rehabilitation project
where they are putting together definitely was a little bit about myself
about what about all the hard line up at that time i get back to the xd
notebook than some people out
equipment like alyssa fifty nuclear weapons will be back with likely i think
that group we'll learn a lot of the country without and okay by the
kept some of them
perfect it all up
i think that this is that my site but i think that uh... what i'd say yes dodge
most intimately not a classy president
fifteen dollars that's about it
but you know the political teachertube
midwest multiple sources are probably people in our if you had said about the
cause of expense but european the birth of a body part of the low-cost as
opposed to compete at this point you but it was his heading up a little extra
they talk about the concentrates each going its fair share
we'd all be proud of middle and that the court to orbital is going to work with
about what the voters
doesn't go to the fact that it might look at some of the work of art ought to
be a look at this point about alpha georgette about right now for the sole
purpose to which it is not possible already would you like the architect of
the reporter and mistaken but i think it was
what i don't care
out there
and doctor article off i
pocket finally
uh... advocate
not right
flower remixes fulbright at eric that way
outlets circle for haha that's alright the
result may is pretty silly likhna
well i'm not speaking to you and a little and farther up anyways paper that
well you can't get away without talking to him
all right
where you're at that
but won't know you want to cut i'm getting those golf clubs are my name
isn't george cooper
by and
yet have to watch myself not even the price of twenty three
unless i try to first
now you can listen to the don't laugh you might hear what are you going to do
with cooper and i'll pretend it's not headlines the calling he can't stand her
when he hears she's coming to think that there's no makeup allied people away
but to rectify that evidence there if you have a minute that to me
does this sound old enough meetings
all missed his co-worker pop it sounds like a battleground heartbreak
and mother the
taking and snow bank
estate like stop by playing out thinking
mistake alex compact and what process carl
uh... kale
well innocent mistake yards copout
yes what do you want lives hobbling do
out you know with me
because you're analyze always call collect highest do
alarms marketing your of all for a one a couple of photos using
over here today
let me tell you but i didn't send anybody over there now come on
admittedly edges and the more tickets being alive dingy lights
don't look for it
you mean that
fellow from the income tax department was on the level
volume of three
one of the last minute
are you going for you get out were expecting is a little bit on it
you're right
you've got a couple of pony
don't tell me about some flights today decided
the other one with a lady from the newspaper with her beauty
freighter gave away a few secrets or corporate really what kind of question
did you have to you
it was for a series on the society page called the truth about my life
do you think we have about two months until i think that again please
it was for a series called the truth about my wife
wrote he was aware that i thought you sit around all of that fact that we are
not part of our project which you thought it was so that your expected get
it in tonight's big haha com about that most of the bottle at and it's a
terrible job what's on your retorted awful
about me leading up to work but i can tell the truth
do you think you'll probably want to take her out yet
yet to be interesting to live in their own businesses george cooper is there a
story about me on the society paint no there isn't all thank goodness they
wouldn't wait bacteria to other date
here at the paper down owner aspen yet
we'll take a look
on the front page the truth about my wife by george cooper
my wife elizabeth arnold
talented woman of twenty six
well that's not bad
he had been planning a beautiful everything so i can remember
he had been talented everything dot i can remember he has also been
why do you think that i think that the
all right
might like to look into the natural beauty
he hadn't actually loudly in that's really good figure and that's really why
he also has red hair
duane economic boon for libel
implementing life
and yet
putting out useful
someone complain about the way they're wide lok when they wake up in the
luckily i don't have this complained of my life never gets up till the afternoon
packet westley dodd see-saw pharmacol cream-colored facial masks and since the
parts i can tell what you look like anyway
i think i'm about to make myself but we don't
safe to come in denying tommy and i mean how can i do not think impact
i felt like this on the theirs
there's a booby-trapped someplace man i feel like you don't think i'd be mad
about a little too like that's going out to you
come on and i like to meet a friend of mine
the a_p_ uart
mister advert
at yerba
i was talking about that silly little game we play called telling the truth
and he thought it was funny funny come over and i think the question day yes
i'll update
west plainfield
made film feel much like
playing loud mouth organist at a very outlay it with you you get back to me
about your described you this morning alright layers
how did toward describe the visible well i think that you are at lately as they
are very i want to buy for you ought to look beautiful little vegetables
patio lab
varying night
i couldn't do it for you do it
and what's going on here and pal
get saddleback dot u_k_ without it i think your colleague badly i l implant
their holiday day what else did he say
plan at the farm out is not going on out
it's going to come up by the pleasure of seeing it myself
you want to be ashamed of yourself that's not a office you run down the
hearts of sweatshop wildlife in the morning punch the clock frontline's
punch the clock when you go home why you don't we can get your employees that
dignity of being on their honor
no wonder they see you are based on the clock every time a pocket and i don't
blame why hardball
who he would think about talking to yo-yo bad titles amplified talk talent
tired of having to turn in a stop every time i wanted to taxapad
out there and coming to you but the key every time i wanna watch my hand add an
auto accident makes my job what you are not firing me not quit
dykstra i'm proud that the ideal pretty good about myself
block that's the kind of courage i like that
a lot of things wrong about that offers maybe it'd before the toll
badhiya hai
i'd like you to keep your job and set up what you all for system
that you can keep that not paid for
project for tomorrow what's the right
well you might might not feel like a decade the tomorrow evening bilkul
i wrote a little article farm
whereas not at that friday like the truth about my husband following not
joyously capital on the progress
four in the morning
mutual wake me up just for that
although this
i can't through the long run for
you wouldn't get warm
i think it up into three
duvall with
traditionally confused
who are your a veggie i do not give up
steven breyer garnier no
offer a gun extract
do that
nobody them
yahoo com is your apprehend them a glass of water
if you wish a self
out hate like that line
ignite delight
you have been listening to my favorite husband stunning lucille ball with
richard ending and based on characters created by his little son roaring
tonight's program was produced and directed by jess oppenheimer who wrote
the script with madeline fuel and bob carroll junior original music was
composed by modern styles and conducted by will rent the part of the day the
maid was played by road barrett lucille ball will soon be seen in the paramount
pictures sapo jones the shorter the santa lucille ball in my favorite
husband next week bob lemond speaking
buttons praying with me or call our everybody
yes opening up a probably period starring lucille ball with richard any
brought to you about a tell-all leveling up to date
day it out
all of the date that that is that
bardo that money all the big bet that that bothered alabama the that battle
blame cap
it'll go but i think
about a steel ball the project i think that live in george cooper to people who
live together and like
as we talk and all the cougars tonight and they've settled on for quite a
beautiful layers of discovered and intelligence with the magazine
but she's having trouble getting george's attention because he has lost
about ripping blood-curdling murder mystery
the arch
bacteria's of dot catching your heart nobody shot q
preferably idea not maybe listen to me look at the clinton admitted being we
should take but wait a few minutes i'm almost finished with this murder mystery
put it down till i cannot tell you who committed the murder could only
but it'll take time
all the time i thought it was the guide and it turned out cap that later
all right i won't tell you
thank you
attitude on even expect the butler
hit the butler do it
as long as you at the end
kidnapped and held a book and the fireplace i wish the departure road that
for me
now they got that title
the man with a square eyeball
so i don't know it
effect book wasn't the man with the square ipos
now that was the mommy's tummy
through the butler commit that murder two
and i didn't read that one
all right you don't know what about though i'll lead there
well not you don't have anything to retail like i think the family clear-cut
with red web is not politically correct magazine with questions for every member
of the family father mother brother middle fifty wheel that gets me out if
they don't have any progress cough cannot guy collected about eclipse god
piggy banks but
what is the name for the chemical formula advanced to level four
which to whistle for
during a deadly terrorist groups like that
h two s
i have it right on the end of my truck lifted it out it fell three catfish
uh... i knew it all the time
garcia but my question rock annex twenty-eight uh... what they did family
did other united state mailbox
that makes it easy united states my ip
rest pick up five minutes ago didn't
all right what does it say on the list
it they pulled out
uh... well that's not fair you got one mark potter
uh... potluck whatnot predicted noted roberts in ireland overhead
uh... i give up what was my personal report
coddling than eighteen feet
inadequate barrett
not back i think that the first woman governor aptech
yeah very my day
here pretty clever with only inches in front of you giving them a good thing i
like to have some questions
that uh... first question
what is the pool deck of a ship
i think i think i know that
it could get what if they did that but never work
you know it
gatorade dick or mister dove the vessel
i like my hands are better
eleven question two
travel faster or slower in water than it does in the air
that's a very good question
next legend
all right
jet that was the main ingredient of chewing gum
where is the largest deposit locate
and appears to be
great well i get the clintons her mother just to hike for me tiny and i like the
little fifteen
adjusted uh...
you know if m
that were stupid me i did get something about it
i'll get it done
to abort one free chix it'll be better that way are not that that you are
getting out of my period
capital well-made update create that despite under fifty should improve the
ago report of what was our school minded but i'll go get bigger enoch
you may be contended that live in the metal rack but i'm not i want to make
you proud up but i don't want to be proud of you are what you've just the
way you are
it mattered
you don't have to developing it
you'd think i'd be amenable but top i do not i didn't
you were beautiful
i don't know why
and i think i got beat up on our blog
model improve your yeah property at a greater corrected rewrite or hardware so
they can sell a book
that bill one of the people recommended up truman baldwin really a m
uh... whatever personally
harry truman and sample right now
and truman and carried over
just forget that the guilt for what he spoke with us
i think that it bag state you pick
romero directed to a very happy that you're doing that that probably looked
up that it's a wonderful book called improve your health i got to deal for
harold ickes at
chose to respect the magnetic
the human mind is like a delicate flower
pared back there at that party by golly pocket
not that big elbow and really wonderful
to help you impress people and make them think you're welcome for by that
let january today you cuddling you and that one
that deep down call
with economic yet accommodation around to it you know that right then
i think i can you wait for the day and i put the defendant but it did
by ticket application that i had come out dated up cataracts
contradicted your baby
he had to build we have put the cat the
hope you are not going to take that and make turn it back
popup it
cryptic at city
uh... delaware's what's new
land the air
i think with application on it from outdated up let them know that
out to repeat the baby
had to go up we have tried to get to be
uh... sorry wrong number
and then it hit me
virtually bake art allied it but i think that my vocabulary started a hottie
you know i dot gotta love
that avocation
well that mikey call me back here not just one of its alright to bring someone
home today
like that might
how important dvd-rw caroline people meets all perhaps
strictly survival kit
his name is uh... black man and he's in charge of those new open for meetings in
the uh... all the time every week
what he wanted to be taken
right now
delighted if i can get in to choose me is one of the speakers on the first
meeting it'll impressed mister at a very high might get a raise out until i get
the one that politeness
that how do everything i can get out uh...
thank you at the break that mold educated and cultured it if i can tell
gala place just be a polish sweet natural self don't go out on a limb and
try to prove to have a brighter
i don't worry jar dot the pride
into anything else you'd like me dad tonight
yet class
larry jacks
related area by bank dot
ryan like that
but what they keep quiet
either bring on a couple of my bill
allows shelved p_m_ any affect the p_t_a_ katie
and that i got to kill planted a bloody well-informed dot planned dot t_ and
planning the convocation about that
and practice diet tonic to i don't know yet
about a gift that in copy
and that will do
al at one thirty today than other
not just close my eyes whatever they can help until that like that
that because i think that
uh... there
like that i don't have mine to go with it
what does that depict cooper
george is bringing the departmental dinner with the type of being invited to
be one of the speakers on this book
where the glove that the but the mother do three-point intellectual program u_s_
big words
be a good listener at the well prepared on one subject
in this case the subject is beat
well unaware of all this door just in the simply walking up the door with
mister park
this is our little heart out of the department
very very very night i'm anxious to get your white program are you like it
with this well down no parades carpenter reo i have a good good he'll be
refreshing to beat a woman who doesn't think she knows everything
in the work i did all i'd need all day long or intellectual people
dol then you'll love live
wherever anywhere
uh... within the department of while at the department that i think we're good
looking forward to meeting you missus do-gooder that there are dot my
uh... well the what'd you do day trips
usual hypothetical out the reagan
and shall we have all at the weather the living room the airstrip there to be
very negative
level at which you have to go for a couple well it really isn't much mildly
night feeling about the podium
claustrophobia which
at their how about a drink before dinner with department and other defined idea
yet to identify politely in i don't know how they needed to do the card dot the
thanks idea i'd never touched on the horns victimmike eight
appriciate kiddingly great kid earlier issues related to the whole banker sound
like it had too many old pleasure
monolayers helped me get this department libations mattel i think that we can
carry one i'm on
we'll be right back dot
identified doubt crops
it didn't have to get me off the floor towards what's the matter with you what
what what all those big words how do you like it to me
twelve try to remember where you through the old one and go get
such a large
finally being intellectually take now step but it is well bargain dot like
intellectual lift equipment uda rony my chances
heartburn right now let's go back and promised keno more big words problem
got all my paperwork are cut off time
educate their pride in those particular about as long as you're about to start
your farm programs i think it posted ten or contact the wonderful idea papa
helping court don't worry
uh... gets
that one of nature's break it b
electrical power
might don't get the point where all that jacket at barclays
starting like dot even
there to protect himself
lesson you little stinker
catholic opera company mister parking spot
wind farm girl
pet afghanistan
eat dog repeated that at that time
why don't you go pick yourself up and i guess so
so far and i want to talk about other things alright ahead kill
as the black contacted your group is that going to sponsor a shakespearian
company this brand at that rate it we can get the appropriations of a city
is there a little reluctant but i think we can debate the bod cod
i think decline
easy three
on friday pain
vehicle the greenbrier
but now i a about this group with your time
greatly about sheik about my yuki
uh... partners of all the best part
with i'd like to see you in the hall howell alamat sheryl
where'd you get this crazy idea
adhere eight wet
what are you trying to do if you're acting like he did not according to
doctor guilt oil
so back at you bought the book after all
and papa make you proud of me judge
i thought that you thought i could probably august i would like
i can't listen attentively and agree with everything he can
there are at yet
graphics department where where we can we would be stressing the love life of
the green pea rock
well etc i was more of your plans for the city there were a little we want to
make ought to be a cultural shift had to do with this money will go through the
regular p hyatt
kind of activity
in order to succeed we need the support of every public by picture text file
back-to-back new york it all right
uh... do you think so
well i just can't
you'll have much i agree with the related
www and it's very nice job
neglected ignite everything edited that how i can tell
i'll make you put it soul perfect
right this is cooper and i had no idea he was a wilbur's stall deceptive
and na along the lines who were following their body
now what would you take this is true blue
but admit that the anyway tedium are about to go out that they're taking
there will be in addition to the shakespeare she group that we're going
to educate the playground repairs swimming pools tennis courts and pre-op
lessons but we've got
uh... yard lie all right
recuperated and tell you what it was rejected related compensation route i
had a real pleasure to meet a woman who has something today
images cooper i especially liked your idea about pre-op lessons for the outfit
outlet that they don't know it was a pleasure to break it
bureaucratic level but i'd like to all right
at ten o'clock this department at that particular type d_n_a_ is one i'd had
for a long time now kelly can you keep interrupting cooper
you're just making appears to be legit our yard
all right
as a matter of fact missus cooper i have a place that i have to be
operas for a meeting is next saturday night it would usually the other a bigot
speaker on the federal
line at the bottom you just know i will all thank you had with you on this day
and i have a feeling that evening will be what i'll double click it hello your
soul right
you've got nothing but gravel pit attack to date or i wonder why
i bring back home in the end up asking you to appear on the barbaric dot keller
i have not if your identity prepaid da public come adult
harmless bestiary issue you are not going through with this idea of how
proud i A
what do you know what the subject for discussion is yet
yet that at cat apologies icon impurity mediation i would not don't worry about
the other preparing for the farm all day
by studying edition
by buying a new duet
but the audience will want to hear about planning to apply it you can't possibly
hold their attention
when i came out today
that diet bottleneck alike
knocked out a
but why don't you let me take your place with pramod expert on the set feel like
you i'm not an expert at eighty-eight gap because if you were at this an error
rate warden on our block
this is not what i mean
you met to discuss aviation with colonel davis one of the poor most authorities
speak in front of an audience
you can't just sit there and say
i'll just tell black
no i dot and the public library all afternoon setting up a i have a little
feet tall memorize all right let's hear it
darby park
and this is go by what you feel is the future of aviation since the inception
of supersonic black
if i'm not that you left me that
anything yet
expect or a replacement bill bible during our bill right
doubt there's a scope
everybody email bill in the act
sixty that men are building barn in dayton ohio any
me anti-black that should have the audience on their feet cheering
malaysia if you're not really going to talk about the wright brothers are you
might but what if they got to do with this update
but meant that the plane idiotic occupy eighty
fighting a battle that not a haptic
account for oblivious come to audit
it is the flight cheated tonight's program
could not take this project latex but will not be with me
ishtar video from walt and his but he got slightly mixed up in this goes to
all of the at it dot table dot from well-baby
chicago davis's played we had that they've answered already out of africa
this biskupic
judicial court coaching job some people tonight's discussion to the last uh... o
but let me just google it
relativity i get to know about it
pretty well
not with the floor of the let's see if we can't get a little extra discussions
we all know how much the cable deals on the types of people
images copeland
how do you plead
i don't feel so good
all colleges group but it's got the ball rolling
alright and
at the bottom
began though
ladies and gentlemen
my opinion
at the debris night feel about that dot date yet
and i don't like him
well that was by no kill it
cisco political party i think you are still on the old dot t_
outliers alright
subject to the left
well you can't reach you
you what may be contained you know
have waaaaay ellen barkin date
what are you going to get to alaska
i think at that point you can get it now
electric about the woman up here which is cool but would it be possible to go
to continue without lifting your friends the wright brothers technically what
i think that
at that point
day three
duyck ambassador travel travel buddy is thank you
there are seventy two thousand people it twenty thousand of these look children
what about their education their future
open for these children as usual for
do you really want to add to that
here or would be dead
who is responsible for the job it was just for fun
latest much that noise
which is four o'clock in the morning
are you reading practice in bed
coming up
material whistle
had thought
well i would not bring on the like that up and that if nick what's wrong with
your leadership records with you know
give me those back home that i get them all over that date you know teamwork
picked up that
uh... go to sleep
give me that apple no give me that apple all
go to sleep
review reading again
and not making any millie
what barry weeding i'm not making any no i don't leave me alone
give it to me where no
i'll take it away from it will be hungry tips
what want act all-male like uh...
after listening to my favorite husbands died at the obama critic tanning and
based on characters created by his own got raunick tonight's program was
produced and directed by gary oppenheimer who wrote the script with
madeline teo and bob carroll junior originally as a clickable by modern
dialed and conducted by willebrand the part of katie delayed was played by
wrote that must be able to attend the lead of the paramount pictures trouble
he sort of latino ball invite david osborne next week problem on the street