Mahabharat - Episode 92

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O Holy ground of Kurukshetra!
I have grown tired watching this war
For God's sake shout out and...
... ask them to stop this war
Wherever I look, I cannot see anything but corpses
The corpse of life's values and relationship
From one horizon to another, there's nothing but corpses
Dhritirashtra is alone in Hastinapur
Duryodhan is alone on the banks of the lake
Gandhari is alone in her chamber
All of them are alone with their...
... unhappiness, pain and tears
That is why I shall not go to any one of them
I shall go to Draupadi ....
... who has won her personal battle and ...
... become the Queen of Hastinapur
She sits in grandeur in the Kaurava camp
Do you know whose tent this is?
Who doesn't? It is the Kaurava camp
The camp of the defeated Kauravas!
This is the tent of my wounded memories
This is the tent of my humiliation
This is the tent of Bharat's bloodied values
This is the tent of those ...
... who dragged me to court by my hair ...
... called me a whore...
... and attempted to disrobe me
All the others sat quietly and watched the scene
This is the tent of those dead people!
I feel awkward sitting here
I don't know ...
... whether I should laugh or cy
Victory to Draupadi, Queen of Hastinapur!
Elder Mother?
Will you not accept my respects?
Don't cy on the auspicious day of your victory
Please don't stay here
This is the tent of broken ego’s ...
... and dead ambitions
Do you know, my dear
I cannot see
I can only hear!
Since yesterday I can only hear our soldiers leaving
This is the silenced tent of ...
... your Elder Father's ambition and ...
... your brother-in-law Duryodhan's Ego
Don't spend the night here
Take your dear ones and return to your camp
I have not come to a conquered camp
I have come to the camp of my in-laws
Bless me!
At this moment ...
.. my mind is straying
Don't ask me anything now
At this moment, Duryodhan ...
... lies in the battlefield bathed in blood ...
... waiting for Death
He waits there alone with his pain
There is none with him to wipe his brow
At this moment my heart is a total vacuum
I have neither a blessing nor a Curse
If Kunti were here ...
... I would not have come to you
She returned to Hastinapur after Karna's death
We two old mothers ...
... understand each other's pain very well!
O Queen!
O Daughter-in-law!
If possible, forgive my sons Duryodhan and Dushasan
Free them from your hate
Humiliate me to avenge your insult
Drag me all the way to the Hastinapur court?
Forgive Duryodhan and Dushasan
O Moon God!
How were cowards like the Pandavas ...
... born in your dynasty?
Now your dynasty is tainted forever
Not even blood can wash away this taint
Neither mine nor the Pandavas!
Why are you crying?
These wounds, this blood and this pain ...
... is the wealth of warriors
Congratulate me for ...
... Duryodhan was also vanquished ...
... with the weapon of treachery...
... with which Sage Drona was killed
Arjun was his favourite disciple but ...
... I was an heir to his death
This moment of pain is a moment of pride for me
So, don't cy! Congratulate me!
It is immaterial whether we win or lose this war
I stood by you in victory. I shall stand by you in defeat
Don't think you do not have an army
Your army still has three warriors
Sage Kripa, Kritverma and I!
Where are the other two?
We are here, Prince!
The kingdom of which I was a prince does not exist
However, as long as I am alive this war will not end
I appoint Ashwathama as the Commander
What do you order?
Bring me the heads of the Pandavas
I shall somehow hold into life ...
... till you do that!
My arms do not have the same strength ...
... as they had before
Hence, I cannot hold out for long
Don't worry!
I'll attack at once!
Now? What are you saying?
You cannot violate the Code of war
When they can violate the Code, why can't we?
Have you forgotten how they used treachery ...
... to kill my unarmed lather ?
Can't you see this result of their treachery?
We have all left the Code far behind
The Pandavas are indebted to me
They must pay their debt with their corpses
Allow me to leave, friend!
May you be victorious!
In the form of Duryodhan
All my Injustice ...
... Sin, Curse and Anger ...
... has come to an end
My son!
Is the corpse of my son ...
... really all alone?
I don't know, my King
Then look and tell me!
I no longer have divine sight
I lost it when the Prince passed away
But now there is no ambition ...
... and no son!
I stand alone amidst the ruins of my dreams
The war which ended with the death of my son ...
... is still raging within ...
... the Kurukshetra of my heart
I am both the sword and the shield
I both attack and defend myself
This duel is very unusual, Sanjay!
Even if I win ...
... I will still lose!
O Duryodhan! I have done you injustice
People nurture their sons on honey
I nurtured you on the poison of my ambition
The result is that ...
... your corpse lies untended on the battlefield
Both of you wait here! This is my personal war!
However, I do expect you to stop ...
.. anyone who tries to run away
This war will not end on Duryodhan's defeat
This war will end with a deafening silence!
If Duryodhan does not live, nor will the Pandavas
The corpses of the Pandavas will also ...
... lie near to Duryodhan's corpse
Look at the love between the brothers
On this night of victory, they are sleeping together
Why didn't you wait for the good news that ...
... my revenge is complete
First I killed Dhristadyuma then the live Pandavas
Congratulate me, my friend!
Your love made me perform a cowardly act
I must seek repentance!
They were sleeping and unarmed
Hence, my friend, allow me to leave so that ...
... I can seek repentance at Sage Vyas's hermitage
But how can I leave you like this, my friend?
Someone tell me whose arrows are these?
They have pierced my heart
Recognise them!
I want the owner's corpse
Whose arrows are these?
These are Ashwathama's arrows
I want his shroud to wipe my tears
Till you show me his corpse ...
... I shall sit by the corpses of my brother ...
... and sons
Killing Ashwathama is impossible
He has the boon of immortality
But we can bring him to you
Then you can punish him!
I'll not weep till he is punished
Wait for us, Draupadi!
O Son of Drona! Repent you must for ...
... you have undoubtedly tainted your dynasty
But the Pandavas are alive!
The live brothers you killed were Draupadi's sons
Then allow me to leave
I'll repent only after the death of the Pandavas
Don't hide behind the Sage! Face us!
Our respects, O Sage!
May you live long!
I bow to Lord Brahma!
O Weapon of Brahma! Destroy the Pandavas!
Brahma's Weapon!
This weapon can destroy the Universe
Withdraw the weapon!
Didn't Sage Drona tell you that ...
... such weapons are not to be used in war?
O Krishna! Why didn't you stop Arjun?
Ashwathama had already used the Brahma's weapon
Arjun had to use it to nullify_ Ashwathama!
Withdraw your weapons, both of you!
As you wish, O Sage!
What are you looking at? Withdraw your weapons!
I don't know how to withdraw it!
Then why did you use it, you fool!
Change its direction
Don't you know its power?
Don't you know what will happen ...
... if the Creator's weapon is used?
Do you want Lord Brahma to create another Universe?
O Killer of live children! Change its direction
If the Pandavas die, will you create the society ...
... where Man can live with sell-respect?
Will your bloodshot eyes show Man the Future?
So, change its direction!
I'll change the direction ...
... but it'll go towards the Pandavas
If I cannot destroy them ...
... I'll surely destroy their seed
What's wrong, my dear?
- Call the doctor - Go last!
Have courage, my dear
Ashwathama! You are a repulsive person
Your touch will even sully mud
Do you think you can kill Uttara's son ...
... by misusing Brahma's weapon ...
... and none can give him life?
I, Vasudev Krishna, will give him life
I condemn you to eternal wandering ....
... all over the world till the end of Time
Alone ... weighed down by your grave sin
Craving for sympathy and love
The Jewel on your forehead will become a wound ...
... which will pain forever
Remove the Jewel from his forehead
It belongs to Man
Take the Jewel
Here! I'll take it out now!
Here! Please accept this Jewel but ...
... free me from your curse
That was not a curse from which I can free you
It is your repentance
Who am I to free you from the debt of Society?
Mercy, O Sage! Mercy!
Take the Jewel, Elder Brother
We must rush to Uttara
The child is dead in the womb
If she does not abort, she will not live!
Uncle! The last hope of my life is gone
No! Don't cy, my dear!
Light can never die
Darkness feels it can swallow Light but ...
... Light cannot die!
Wake up Parikshit!
He tried to destroy the dynasty
The violator of the Code
He could not hurt those ...
... who were under Krishna's