The 12 brother-months 1956 12 mesyacev Subtitled russian animation

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Soyuzmultfilm Moscow 1956
The 12 Brother-Months
written by Samuil Marshak, Nikolai Erdman
Direction Ivan Ivanov-Vano
co-directed by Michael Botov art directors Konstantin Karpov, Alexander Beliakov, Anatoly Kuritsyn, artist leader Anatoly Sazonov,
cameramen Nikolai Vohinov, Elena Petrova music Moissei Vainberg sound Nikolai Prilutsky
assistents: V Svesjnikova, G. Andreyeva, L. Sazonova T.Sazonova
animators E Khludova, K Chikin, B Butakov, N Fedorov T Fedorova, F Khitruk, B Meyerovich, F Yepifanova V. Ryabchikov, V Krumin, V Popov, L. Popov
artists K. Malyshev, O. Ghemmerling, Ye. Tannenberg, V. Valerianova executive producer Nathan Bitman
Ka! Ka! It's freezing!
Ah, a flight could warm me up!
I should fly up!
But ... I am old now, and have no strength.
If I won't go racing I can't possibly get warm!
- So cold! - So cold!
- So cold! - So cold!
Chipmunks, squirrels, let's play Tag*. Children's game where one is the chaser that has to tick the other children "out" with his fingers.
the sun is out! - Spring is in the air!
squint-eyed, squint-eyed, Do not go barefoot,
Walk in shoes, Cover your feet.
When you will be wearing shoes, The wolf won't find you,
The bear won't find you. And- so - you'll - be- it!!
- you're it! - No, I am not!
- Yes, you are it! - You, you!
Be awake, be clearly awake, or you will miss it,
Glimpse at the sky - where the birds fly,
and little bells be ringing.
Catch us, catch us, turtle-legs!
You won't get us!
Try harder!
You won't get me!
That's not fair!
You cheat!
You're all up there?
It's no fun playing with you!
Come on, rabbit, jump, jump!
Climb up, Climb up!
Use your tail to reach the branch!
My tail is too short ...
How dare you laugh at me!
I have a moustache!
So there you are!
A good day to you, my beauty!
Are you so joyful because,
Did you discover a treasure
or hear some good news?
A hare and red squirrels were playing tag.
Here, at this very spot!
Don't you believe me?
Can't believe it?
Don't you know what day is it?
It's the end of the old year
and the beginning of the new.
At New Year's Eve in anything is possible.
My grandfather once told me so,
like his grandfather had told him ...
that in the New Year's Eve ...
be blessed, my beauty!
Thank you! Tell me more please!
As I was saying, my grandfather told me
that on the eve of New Year
his grandfather had
a chance meeting with "The Twelve Months".
The old man looked saw the whole year together:
the winter, summer, spring and fall.
Gesundheit, sir!
I'm OK! Nothing wrong here!
Like you, little beauty, I'm not cold.
So tell me, what are wandering around for in this frosty weather?
My stepmother has sent me to collect firewood,
as the branches froze dry.
I understand!
So you're an orphan?
Well, let me help you,
Before I go on with my work.
And what is it?
I am sent to cut a Christmas tree
for the queen herself!
With a queen you do not trifle!
If she doesn't like the tree, for instance,
I'm done!
So why did you agree?
Because a queen's desire is obeyed.
Despite her being not much older than you.
When her parents died...
she became the absolute ruler
of me and all the rest.
So our queen is an orphan too?
How sad.
She could have friends,
But no one can make her see reason.
You mean she remains ignorant, illiterate?
Why would she be illiterate?
She has a diploma.
She has a tutor.
He teaches her language.
J e s t
It's my humble duty to inform you,
your Majesty,
that you have committed three faults.
So what!
They're gone already.
Not at fault in sight!
I hate writing!
"The grass is green, the sun shines,
and swallows fly the first the spring fling. "
I will only write "The grass is green" and then basta!
Ther grass
is grien.
I humbly request that you sign an edict
and four decrees, Your Majesty.
All right.
But I will not add: "I hereby command it".
Well, you are ready to go.
It is high time for me to begin
finding the Christmas tree.
Let me show you one!
It's so nice!
With all its branches!
Okay, show me, if you're not too tired.
It's perfect, sir!
Of course I'm not too tired!
I'm exhausted!
Now, if I may, could you decide on these petitionoraries ...
Another paper-signing?!
The decisions are of the highest importance
to the prisoners begging for them
What should I write?
You have a choice of two, your Majesty:
either "Execute" or "Mercy granted."
It is best to write "execute";
it is shorter.
Oh, your Majesty,
What did you write!
Did I make a spelling mistake again?
should I perhaps write "Ek-c-ee-c-u-t-e"?
No, you wrote the word correctly
but still, you made a serious error.
You have sent a man to his death without thinking!
You know that I can send you to be executed, too?
Even today if I want!
Have I angered you, your Majesty?
Whatever I say, you always say it's Wrong!
And anything I write, you always say: - Not like that!
Excuse me, your Majesty,
I did not mean to criticise...
I assure you.
Oh, really?
Well, then let's continue with our lesson.
Ask me anything.
How much is six and six, your Majesty?
That's right, your Majesty.
How much is eight plus eight?
Right again, your Majesty.
How much is ...?
How much is this and how much is that!
What do I care!
Ask, ask ...
Better tell me something that is entertaining.
About what?
Well, something about ...
New Year!
After all today is New Year's Eve.
As you wish.
One year, your Majesty,
consists of twelve months!
They follow one another.
Each one brings it's own gifts and fun.
December, January and February,
ice skating
sledge rides and winter markets.
In March the snow melts.
In April ...
from under the snow ...
peep the first Snowdrops*. * wood anemones
I wish it were already April.
I love Snowdrops!
But that's impossible, your Majesty!
Do you begin again?!
Your Majesty, not me, but the Laws of Nature!
I'll dictate ...
A new law of Nature!
Sit at my desk
and write it down.
Now I will dictate to you!
"The grass is green,
the sun shines ... "
Yes, yes, write it down!
"Overlooking the New Year celebrations I command:
Let the Snowdrops start blooming today! "
"The grass is green, the sun shines,
and swallows fly in the spring sky. "
"He who brings us Snowdrops before dawn today,
shall receive a basket of gold! "
"As many snowdrops in the basket,
as many gold coins he shall receive! "
Unfortunately our biggest basket has a hole in it.
This basket should hold enough gold!
Well, we chose the basket then,
But where is to get ... the Snowdrops?
There's no snowdrops in winter!
Out there
the snow is piling up,
as heigh as the roof!
What a snowstorm has risen!
Couldn't it be that under the snow they grow in all silence?
Maybe that's why they're called Snowdrops!
Have you warmed up?
I need you for another errant.
Where to?
Is it far?
To the forest,
to get Snowdrops.
But if there are no Snowdrops?
Besides, it storms so hard that you can't see hearth nor heaven!
Talking is no use!
And don't come back without Snowdrops!
I can't cope any more!
I can't cope any more!
A wolf!
Asleep at New Year
The whole frost is united.
All neighbours are asleep.
All the bears are asleep.
The rabbits, the hares.
The weasels!
Only I can't sleep -
I think of home,
of my home
I think about my trouble.
I...I...I have such aching
it follows me around
and hunger chases me.
It smells like human presence.
It will be my New Year's Eve dinner!
Ka!! Ka!! Come here brother
and leave her alone!
You don't see it!
But my eyes are sharp!
Over twenty miles I can see!
What do you see?
I see a fire.
There, on your right!
It is true,
something shines there!
Shine, shine brightly so summer will be warmer
and winter not so cold,
spring will last longer.
So shine, shine brightly, and don't fade out!
Shine, Light up bright!
warm the bushes,
where the snow still falls,
let there be another year
Let the bear have more food and the bees make more honey
Let the fields of millet
be heavy of grain.
Shine! Shine brightly - Summer will be hotter
winter will be warmer!
spring will last longer,
Shine, shine brightly,
Good night. Shine , shine brightly,
Good night.
May the new year come. Good night.
Good evening.
Like wise,
Good evening.
May I approach your fire to warm myself.
Well, get as near as you like.
What is do you have there?
A basket?
Is it, perhaps, for pineapples?
No. ..
Not for pineapples.
For mushrooms?
I'm not looking for mushrooms
but for flowers.
My stepmother sent me
to collect snowdrops.
You hear, brother April,
So she is your guest
to welcome!
I'd laugh too, if I where in your place,
but it is not a laughing matter.
The queen promised
a basket of gold to
who would bring to the palace
a basket of Snowdrops.
So I my stepmother sent me into the forest.
What a bad luck, dear!
Now is not the time for Snowdrops.
You'll have to wait until April.
I know, Grandpa,
But I have nowhere to go until I find them.
thanks for
the fire,
I appreciate it.
Wait girl!
Don't rush off!
Brother January,
Give me an hour of your time!
I would happy to,
but before April are February and March.
Well, for me there is no problem.
I also give up an hour.
In that case,
I leave it in your hands!
scatter, streams,
forming pools!
Come on out ants, after this cold hell!
Bear, sneak through the forest wreck wood!
Let birds begin to sing,
and let the snowdrops bloom!
I recognized her at once, as soon as I saw her.
We, the winter months, know her well.
At holes in the frozen lakes we meet her with buckets,
then in the woods with bundles of firewood.
And she is always has a smile,
is kind,
and always singing.
- June - We, the summer months, we know her well too.
- July - How could we not know her!
Even before sunrise,
she is on her knee besides the garden beds -
Weeding, binding up the beans, and taking the caterpillars of the leaves
When she comes to forest
She's very careful not to break any branches by accident.
Well, if we all like her,
I will give her
my engagement ring!
Great, Toots!
Since you're the youngest!
Thank you, owners, for your kindness.
Here, please take ...
this ring as keepsake.
If you are ever in trouble,
throw it down and say:
"Roll, roll ring! Over the spring 's doorstep
Through the summer's passage through the fall's chamber
Over the winter's carpet and to the New Year's fire"
We will come to your aid;
all at once,
with storm, with blizzard,
or with spring thaw!
- January: Just ...
don't reveal to anyone how to get to us!
The way here is prohibited
for humans!
Don't disclose it to anyone!
Farewell, brothers Months!
Farewell, sister!
Hey brother in name, ...
Celestial moon!
come forth from behind the cloud!
Do us a favour,
and lead our guest home safely!
Well, brother January,
Time to take over the staff.
Wait a moment, there is still a bit of time.
Enough is enough.
Thank you!
It's time!
Coming from the northern seas,
from the gates of silver,
so greedy, so spacious,
Free the Three Sisters!
Storm, the elder sister,
blowing up the fires.
Frost, the middle sister.
wrapping silver out of a pot.
Expanding rivers plague the spring roads,
Tar is cooking in the summer ...
Lastly I call
The winter storm plague.
Blizzards Firing themselves up and sweeping all,
swirling around the icy colds, and heaping up snow
All roads and pathways -
you cannot go there, you cannot go there any more!
Happy New Year, your Majesty!
To new Life!
T new Life, Your Majesty!
My life will forever renew itself.
The New Year has not yet arrived.
Still, your Majesty,
We have the first of January.
You are wrong.
How many days December has?
Exactly thirty-one, your Majesty.
Well then today is 32 December.
What a lovely joke!
No, I'm not kidding!
Tomorrow is December 33,
The day after tomorrow, December 34,
then December 35,
December 36,
December 37, ...
and December will have no end
until I'm brought
a basket full of Snowdrops!
Sorry, your Majesty, but no one brought one!
Yes, again and again, your Majesty.
The truth is more precious than my head! Yes, again and again, your Majesty.
I'm sorry but truth is more precious to me than my head!
December can not have 37 days!
And eight times eight
is sixty-four, your Majesty!
Snowdrops definitively do not bloom until April!
It's true, your Majesty;
they don't bloom until April.
That is nonsense!
If in five minutes
I will not be given Snowdrops,
then in ten minutes
both of you will lose your head!
Lord Chancellor,
Please prepare a decapitation.
Please, your majesty, I am only responsible for the garden plants!
The forest is the responsibility of the chief forester!
Oh, I see!
Very well.
Lord Chancellor,
preparing a sentence for three then.
Happy New Year, your Majesty!
Lord Chancellor!
Make it a sentence for three people
and a parrot!
Your majesty,
In obedience to the Royal Decree these women
brought a basket filled
with snowdrops!
Well, the New Year has finally arrived.
December ended, so now you can congratulate me.
Happy New Year, your Majesty!
To new Life!
Happy New Year, your Majesty!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year and New Life!
Happy New Year!
And New Life!
Happy New Year!
New Life!
Happy new year!
New life!
With new happiness and a new fur coat!
With new happiness
To a new year full of pine cones!
fir cones!
Happy New Year!
New Life!
When my daughter and I heard the Royal Decree,
we thought ...
May will not rest,
even if we freeze,
until we will meet the wishes of the Queen!
We took the basket
and headed into the woods.
And so we walked, and walked,
and we suddenly found
a lake.
Round, like a plate.
And on its banks ...
flowers ...
By the Thousand!
Miles of them!
That's wonderful!
Bring the horses!
My coat!
Their coats!
We'll ride into the forest
to that Lake with the snowdrops!
These women ...
will show us the way.
Eh ... we do not really know the way.
We do not know.
It was my stepdaughter who brought them.
This is blatant that went into the woods.
And where is she?
She is waiting at the door.
At the door?
All right.
I give you exactly five minutes
to bring her here!
And if you value your heads,
don't be late!
- Do not ruin us! - Do not ruin us!
- We don't want to loose our heads! - Oi!
Mother of the country, Your Majesty!
she agreed to go again for flowers
But she refused to lead us there.
With such stubbornness!
Stepmother: but we, your Majesty, outwitted her.
We let her a go,
with my daughter on her heels,
We only need to follow my daughter's footsteps with the sled.
Let's go! Horses! A fur coat!
Here is the oak,
From where I saw the light.
Did you follow me?
That's so like you! To deceive me!
I felt sorry for you, but you shouldn't have done this. sorry.
- Let's back! - You can't go back!
The Queen herself will arrive here!
Stepmother: Here is my stepdaughter, Your Majesty!
So ... Do you know where the flowers grow in winter?
Queen: Ask of me whatever you like,
You will not regret it, Only show me
where the snowdrops can be found.
Well, let's go and show me.
I'm sorry, I can not fulfil your request.
It is impossible to me.
Request? [Laughs] It is not a request, it's an order.
Now lead us to the snowdrop!
Oh, what's this?!
Take away her coat!
Remove her scarf and mittens!
Oh, my ring!
What a wonderful ring!
- Where did you get it? - I can not say.
How dare you!
- Tell me now! - I will not tell!
Then say goodbye to your ring!
Roll, roll ring, Over the spring's doorstep,
Through the summer's passage through the fall's chamber
over the carpet of the winter an to the New Year's fire!
Queen: Get her! Get her!
[Fast Music]
[Birds singing]
Queen: Spring has come ...
It can not be! This does not happen!
Where, where are the snowdrops?
Gofmeysterina: But these are not snowdrop but... but lilies of the fields!
Where are lilies of the fields?
Teacher: Those are daisies!
Chancellor: What's with those daisies! There can't be flowers this season!
In fact, where are the flowers?
Head Guard: On the other hand there are strawberries!
Oh ... I can not breathe!
- It's hot! - Oh!
- Oh! - Oh!
- Oh! - Oh!
Oh, I think - I have a sunstroke!
Oh, water, water!
[Sound of Rain]
Gofmeysterina: Ah! Oh! Help!
Save me! get me! I need help!
I want to ride back!
In the sleigh?! But the road washed away!
Stop! I'll get you all executed!
Look, snow! it's winter again!
That is very likely. For it's the month of January.
Oh, I'm cold, it hurts!
Oh, we are lost!
Oh, my feet! Oh, my hands!
Hey, Grandpa! Help us to get out of here.
I will reward you royally!
Would you like gold, silver - You will not regret!
I do not need anything, I have everything.
Look how much silver - you have never seen so much!
January: I'm not you, but I too can grant wishes
Tell me, what do you want for the New Year?
What?, What I want?
I just want to return to the palace,
But we can not go by horse now.
Well, your wish is granted.
I would like everything to be in its place
and all in one stroke:
winter be winter, summer be summer
and I be at home.
Granted. And you, soldier?
just a fire to get warm, would be okay!
- And we both want a coat! - Wait a minute! We can do better then that!
Why should I wait? At least I'll have a cover to the cold,
even of dog fur would be nice but right now, as soon as possible!
Done. Wear them to your hearts desire! They will last you a lifetime
Oh, you fool, you fool!
If we were to ask a fur coat, at least we could have asked for sable!
Do you fool!
And if you do not like it, I'll both take them - that will be warmer!
Oh, give it here! Stupid girl!
You stupid girl! Begging for a dog coat!
You even look like a dog. Bark like a dog!
You're like a dog!
- No, you're a dog! - No, you're a dog!
- No, you're a dog! - No, you're a dog!
No, you dog!
- Dog! - Waf!
- Dog! - Waf!
Get them quickly in this sleigh and then ride straight at the light.
Then close to were the fire is lit. There's a road - you can't miss it.
It is a pity in such shoes you can't run through the snow heaps!
Hey, workers of the forest,
Isn't there a painted sled,
covered with sable fur,
and silver tipped?
I'll give horses that fit the sleigh.
May: my horses are well fed, they have gold hooves,
and Manes shining like silver,
They stamp the ground - with thunder strikes!
[Dogs barking]
I wish you health throughout your life and honest company!
Allow us to warm up!
And why don't you come too?
Don't you know? It's not queenly!
What! What are you talking about? Wait for me! I'm coming
[Dog barking]
What a miracle! I have these dogs I've never seen, but I seem to know their voices ...
If they would not bark, and quarrel.
I bet you, you would know!
With a fur coat, they are overgrown now,
But those dogs in the past were:
Your stepmother,
and her daughter.
Oh, Will they stay dogs al their lives now?
Let them live with you for three years and guard your house and yard.
After those three years, If they behave,
We'll take their dog's coat off.
Well, dear guests, get ready to be on your way,
before the storm brake out.
So be it, I'll give you a goodbye with some bells.
[Bells ringing]
March: The sounds a lot of fun to ride like that!
Ah, here we wouldn't mind have these whites giving us a lift! ..
Shall I ask Your Majesty?
No need to ask! I'm still the Queen!
Listen ... ride us home.
I will see to it that you get royally rewarded!
Thank you, but I do not need your gifts.
What's that ... you dare to refuse!
We see you're not taught to ask nicely, you might otherwise be surprised by the answer.
But Queens cannot otherwise talk. They order, and do not ask!
Forgive me, Your Majesty, but perhaps you should talk more
like a person, not a queen:
A lift, they say, if you please!
I think I understand ...
Could you please drive us home!
We are very cold!
Well, of course, I'll drive you.
And I will give you a fur coat, so you won't get cold sitting in the back
I know how cold one can get!
[Joyful music]
- Farewell April month! - Farewell, my dear! Wait for us to visit.
All of us come to you - each in his time of year.
Thank you, brother-months!
I will not forget your kind New Year's fire!
I would be glad to forget how I was and remember not to be like that any more
Good luck!
Have a smooth ride home!
The moon went to rest early.
as did the string of stars.
From the wide open plains
The sun lights up red!
Let the sun lead your way
to a new day
and a New Year!
So shine and Shine brightly
and don't fade out!