outlawrides mule ride part 2

Uploaded by OutlawRides on 13.03.2009

we have finished day three, weve picked up camp and headed out
Were headed back home, man what an awesome trip, we have had a great
time. we have got some faunaminal video to show you guys.
There was some crazy stuff goin on out here on this trip.
and a what a great bunch of guys we were with, we spent 4 days out here in blanding
in comb wash desert, we had a great time, scared the crap out of us a few times, had to
change our pants a few times! had a good time though, take a look at this.
ok were out here on atrail that these mule riders cut yesterday.
I'll tell you what, i aint never been down anything like this,
This is as rough as it gets right here, lets go
Take a little ride through our camp here
Cook shack over there
There is about 40 of us here
Larry and his kids
kelly still tryin to work
only know him as "doc Gee"
Trail boss Mike
Were gonna GO DOWN fast when we get right here!
wha ho ho ho ya
all right we kinda came to the end of our canyon here
lets take a look and see if we can find a way off of here
40-50 footer
whoooooh!! ya thats pretty much the end of the end of the trail right here
whoooh folks there ya go!!
when they say slot canyon country this is what they are taklin about
oh man I'll tell ya what this is just good stuff
what do ya say boss?
I say this is awesome
ok this is the set up,, Mike says there is a way off this canyon
into fish creek, they did it the other day we are not so sure about getting down off of here today
this is quite the canyon to go down so here we go
come to learn that following Mike and Larry is not always the safest thing to do
it is a whole lot of fun you get some free adrenaline shots
Its not always the safest way