WTF Punjabi Music Industry?

Uploaded by JusReign on 06.04.2011

Ok Sat Sri Akal... (greetings dude) How you are?
The songs that you sing, theyre honestly wonderful songs
like songs about back home, Punjab songs, Songs about love, families, and little kitty cats bouncing on fluffly pillows
BUT... we have to change this a little because kids in todays day and age don't really like to listen to these types of songs
They like to hear songs about parties, dancing in clubs
Dudes like to hear songs about choppin 4-5 girls NAH MEAN?!
So for your next album, your next music video for your next single
We're going to have you dancing in the club, 2-3 CASH MONEY cars right behind you, like im taking brand new ish... lambos, ferraris, porches.
With that, your gonna be rockin 2 bottles of Ciroc, so you'll be looking all COOL MAN COOOOOL!
Your clothes are gonna be FIREEEEE, Hairs gonna look all fresh and ishhhh
OHHH! and whats a music video without 2-3 hot banging smoking white chicks, dancing in the back, making you look all PIMPINNN
HEY GIRL, your lovers line is sooo damnn long, it'll be my turn in the enddd (8)
(8) some uber wack lyrics about waterrr and pots and stufff about girls (8)
My heart's like a motor, your love is like the fuel... thats how this man goes VROOM VROOOOOM (8)
Snitch: HEY dude! Bossman: Whats really good guyyyyy?
YOO, manz be talking mad smack about you back at the village!
WHO has the balls to be talkin' smack about me?!
Them manz Billa and Kotha! Theyre all talkin'!
Bossman: Who? Snitch: them dudes! Billa and Kotha guyyyy
Snitch:Those kothay manzzzz! Bossman: Who's that?
Snitch: wowww dude, those Donkey manz! DONKEYYYY! Bossman: OOOHHH gotcha gotcha!
If some shieeeets bout to go down, then they'll be the first to know that "HOJOO PANGA" (Shieeet will be popped off)
Yo we're Hogi manz, HOGI! Noooo one can mess with us. NOOO BODY!!!
Oyeee Sidekick! Pass me my patented Canadian Tire Winter Brush!
Snitch: Well then! Hojoo Panga! Bossman: Hojoo Panga, HOJOO PANGAAAA!
Turn your manz upside down if HOJOO PANGA! Eat all your moms parontay if HOJOO PANGA!
Chop ya'll up into pieces if HOJOO PANGA! Stuff some hot chilie spices up your GOSH DARN DIGGITY Nose if Hojoo Panga!
We'll murder you while you laugh and play if HOJOO PANGA! Feed your gut some of these fine italian made bullets if HOJOO PANGA!
Send you back to Grade 7 if HOJOO PANGA! Panga's not changa, changa's not panga, if HOJOO PANGA!
Hojoo Panga (x7)