Masterclass by Na`Vi.markeloff [with subtitles!]

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- Here’s rcon.
Be ready.
Dear friends, let’s begin.
Could you please show us the picture?
Yegor will give you insights into his AWP skills at de_dust2.
Now let him speak for himself.
- I don’t even know what to begin with.
I can say that dust2 is the only map which
is impossible to play without AWP for both sides.
That’s why you have to work on your saturation point
while using this kind of weapon.
- Is it correct to say that contemporary Dust2
is an equivalent of an old Aztec - a map where aim decided the game?
- Nope.
- Ok, move on. Let's begin with this...
How to aim against aggressive teams
and against passive ones?
Like, against two types of teams.
- Well, firstly I’d like to admit that
looking into a doorway is quite dangerous
if you have no respawn. Only by having
close-range resp you can control that man.
However I don't recommend you to look
in this doorway at all. You can do that only if
you are 100% sure that your enemy has no AWP
or his AWP is not trying to shoot off your resp.
CTs have a slight advantage here
as it aims only a certain spot and
it's quite complicated to react in this situation.
That’s why I advise you
to look at the check.
Like this.
- Is it against a pushing team or any team at all?
- Pushers. It’s for getting a piece of information
about the map. If you know that
enemy's AWP is passive, info about those
who passed to B-plant is extremely useful.
- How should I aim to shoot a running man.
You do it very often.
- If a game has just started,
I suggest you aim in the middle.
Like, not in the middle but the way
I'm doing it right now.
You see, the 2nd stick of AWP
is combined with a tree. With its texture.
- Do you mean the 2nd spot?
- The 2nd spot.
And in the middle,
like this.
If you are lucky to hit the target and
kill someone in the beginning, I'd suggest you
aim lower or higher for the further shots.
In any case your enemy won't run
the whole game on the same trajectory.
He will definitely try to
wiggle out of your shot and will run above or low.
In most cases they do it above
so you can stand like this and
shoot everyone trying to pass B.
- Tell us please more about your
aggressive AWP play on parapet.
When they walk you over,
when you stand near the stairs and exit.
What's your goal then?
What do you have to do with AWP?
- Wait a sec,
I'll run up to it and tell you.
The main point is that I must shoot off
AWP on a ramp before exit.
The enemy panics and tries to disappear.
I kill someone in this doorway very often.
Very-very often.
They all used to hide from me here.
Just imagine, you shoot,
zig comes out and what can you do?
You can't run away since you are controlled.
You have no other option as to camp here.
This position can be shot through with 2 shots.
Just awesome! People constantly die here.
- What if the enemy flashes off
and your attack bogges down?
Do you change your strategy in such case?
- I stand here.
On check.
Without zooming.
I stand by and watch the enemy.
Usually flashes fall there and second flashes
fly out from the resp.
They usually hit this box.
As a matter of fact they always flash me.
So I stand to them with my back and
turn away from flashes.
When I see that my enemy
is to get up from the resp
I just try to shoot him off.
However I do it extremely quickly,
as I can pay for 1 pixel of my head
sticking out of parapet with my life.
- Ok, let's talk about defense.
I guess we need Vanya to assist you.
Vanya... or Sergey...
Vanya is better, Please take that place...
- We'll have a talk about both passive and
aggressive defense.
How do you play in the middle
and what is the advantage of acting that way?
- Well, the first and the main thing
is to throw smoke here.
Your teammate running next to you
can do it or you can throw it yourself.
What do I do? I usually jump
with double zoom like this and
try to see if AWP is on the resp.
If it's not there I become
impudent and check the dark passage...
A gunman can think that if there is a smoke,
there's no AWP controlling the area
so he can run to hide behind a green box.
I usually kill such guys.
Then you can get boost.
But if there's no one there
I move to parapet edge and get such a position...
rightmost near the wall.
I look in this pixel.
I count that the enemy will jump
like this on the edge of parapet
and will check AWP on middle.
If you have a good reaction you can
easily kill or wound him in the leg.
Then I pass to A and help my guys
to take care of zig or a long way.
There are also special configurations
while playing with my teammate Ivan.
We use such tactics as a standard 2D boost
in the middle. The most important is
to do it at just the right time.
It's not obligatory to conduct it in
the beginning of a round as
it's quite an excepted step.
It will pass muster in the middle
or in the end of a round.
However there are 2 key points:
you can aim at the person who is checking middle
or you can aim at someone who is
running like this. You can choose
what is more convenient for you.
- Awesome. Is it OK to linger with AWP
in the center? Can you act there
aggressively all alone?
In which situations is it real?
- It's real if my teammate signals me
that everything is peacefully on A,
on a long way particularly.
- So you expect your enemy to be
in the center so that you could
fight aggressively against him?
- Of course. I disturb many guys
willing to occupy a highground and
to pass zig. They usually waste
many grenades for me. That's why
a good AWP can cause many troubles
for your enemies. That's the reason
I linger here for a while sometimes.
If I get no info from my teammates about A,
I join them immediately. The first thing
I do is run here. It depends on positions
of my teammates, of course.
I can either run to long way
to assist Senya or to help Zeus.
Let's imagine I just came to A.
Here are several key points.
A standard scheme is to stay and kill
someone moving out.
However no one runs out
using double duck lately.
They check beforehand.
They check like this before AWP shot.
As soon as AWP misses its aim, rush begins.
It's been a popular step lately
due to its efficiency. What do I do?
I just start controlling into
the pixel a dude who’s going to
check like this.
He dies undoubtedly as he
won't expect me to act this way.
Then I have a default position here.
Like this.
You can avoid all enemy's flashes
with one squatting here.
You can kill one of them,
squat and kill the 2nd afterwords.
- Meanwhile your teammates are flashing off...
am I correct?
- Yes, you're right.
But usually Danil is either on the place
where Vanya is now or on the plant.
And yes, he flashes off.
I have a wide discretion.
The key is not to go blind.
- Yegor was awesome.
Thank you. Let's thank him with applauds.