[TV Review] The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen (CC: English)

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hello and welcome to my second review here in this channel
Fresh on the tail of Two and Half Men's
first episode without Charlie Sheen
came this roast dedicated to him
and even though i wasn't planning on reviewing it at first
it made me laugh so much, i had to write a small review about it
specially since
Sheen seemed more alert and in better shape
than we've seen him in previous months
and that by itself
was worth mentioning
Seth MacFarlane served as the roast master
and his roasting of the main guest
as well as the other personalities in the show
was very well executed
and probably the least
offensive of them all
focusing mostly on Charlie's acting career and drug abuse than
more intimate stuff
Most of MacFarlane's himself being roasted
was aimed at
insinuating he's gay
because of all the musical numbers he has written for his many shows
and maybe for his overall look
but i personally don't see it
but this was pretty much all that the other roasters could concentrate on
After MacFarlane, Jon Lovitz took the stage
and i'd have to say that, next to Mike Tyson
he was the least funny comedian of the night
and even though i liked some of his sketches from his Saturday Night Live days
i don't feel he's roast material…
then again that's just my own opinion
Next up was Kate Walsh
whom i wasn't familiar at all with
probably because i don't watch shows like Grey's Anatomy nor Private
but i did enjoy her routine a lot
She was very sharp
and quite offensive
but her delivery was so smartly done
it didn't even feel much like it
Props to her
Jeff Ross took the stage next
and i have to admit i didn't know who he was at all
i had to Wikipedia him
to see he has worked in a bunch of tv shows and movies in the past
but apparently, nothing of much relevance
Having disguised himself as Muammar Gaddafi
already told me that he needed something extra
to appear funny to the public
and indeed that was the case, as his routine by itself
while not being bad
was definitely not the best of the night
and concentrated too much on the other roasters than on Sheen
but i guess that was his own call
Mike Tyson was next
and his inclusion as a roaster in itself seemed like a big joke
he looked very nervous and his jokes were all over the place
I still got some laughs
from his routine
but i felt his participation on this show was mostly forgettable
and that's as much as i have to say about it
Another unknown to me
Anthony Jeselnik
and a Wikipedia search shows that he hasn't done much really
so there's really not much to say about him
I found his routine mostly boring
and the main laughs he got from the audience
was from racist jokes
which i felt was a cheap shot
but hey
if that's his style of humor, good for him
Steve-O was up next, and even though it's clear that he's trying to branch out
from the Jackass-style of humor into actual stand-up comedy
i don't feel he's quite accomplishing his goal
specially since he ended his routine by hitting himself in the eye
with Mike Tyson's fist
sadly showing that it's probably his only real way of getting
laughs out of people
Next unknown on the list
was Amy Schumer
and this was the main focus
of the other roasters to make fun of her:
the fact that she IS actually pretty unknown
and hasn't done much really in her professional career
Regardless of that
i found her to be very funny
if only a little over-acted at times
and maybe her only low point was resourcing too much
on racist jokes against
Patrice O'Neal and Mike Tyson
but overall
i feel she did an excellent job as a roaster
so props to her as well
William Shatner is a regular in these roasts, and i can see why:
he's a funny guy
very likable, easy to be made fun of,
and clearly able to take all the mean jokes
directed against him
so his participation was definitely one of the high points of the night
Patrice O'Neal was the last roaster of the night, and the main target for most of
the racist jokes
of the evening
but finally he had his chance to shoot back at all those who
"attacked" him all throughout the show
and he did an awesome job at it
He was probably the funniest comedian of the show
and i'll definitely be checking more of his work
And at last, of course,
Charlie Sheen took the stage to deliver his "sheenius",
and like i mentioned before, i really liked the fact
to see him looking healthier and more alert
than he's been seen in such a long time,
and reminded me of his good old days
and why he's the funny guy so many people admire and love
He delivered as good as he took
and i really enjoyed his routine
which marked a perfect ending for the evening
All in all,
while i never particularly
enjoyed past incarnations of Roast shows,
this one was a clear exception and i'm glad i took the time to watch it
and i'd recommend anyone looking for a quick laugh to do just the same
So, did you watch this show?
Did you like it or not? If you did, please leave a comment I'll really appreciate it
So, i'll be talking to you in my next review… bye!�