How to Make Christmas Flower Arrangements : How to Put Ivy on a Christmas Candle

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, this is Pooja, from Valaya FNP, today on behalf of Expert Village. Like what we
had seen, right now we just dressed up the base of the candle and the oasis. It's time
to dress up the candle from the top as well. This will give a better view. As you have
seen, there are two candles lits in between. Now, what we are doing is we are placing the
stem in such a way that even if I light up my candle, my arrangement does not get disturbed.
Now to make it a little perfect, one, I would be sticking the Scotch Tape and we can just
place it in the long way. This is how my candle is dressed up. And now to add on a little
more volume to it.