Four Days (short film) Part 1 of 3

Uploaded by 47en on 05.12.2010

My name is Vidhvan.
I am going to go insane in a few hours.
The reason why is not yet clear even to me.
If you wait for some time you'll also know why
Hey, get me a tea.
Strong or light sir?
Very strong.
I don't generally drink coffee or tea, only alcohol.
Tonight, however, I might drink poison
I am not sure yet.
I am going to meet an important person here.
It is dependent on him whether I go insane or drink poison.
Now, the time has come for us to do
the last assignment of this semester, okay?
And that is the short film.
I want this to be done in two weeks time
As i told you already, this is a group project
so start forming your groups
and mind you, two weeks time, okay?
How are we going to manage in two weeks?
What a sadist.
Does he still think we're school children?
Two weeks, okay?
The way he stares, like he's Raghuvaran...
Don't worry about it,
so what if it's two weeks, can't we do it?
We can do it easily.
He told us that we had to it
but he didn't say it had to be good.
Stop talking trash,
it has to be good if we do it, that's it.
I'll call you in the evening, alright?
go have some tea first.
Even if these two appear to be a little ridiculous
they are very good people.
That blind guy's name is Shyam
and that midget's name is Jittu.
Even though everybody in school used to call me 'Mental Shastri'
these two were the only ones that called me by my actual name.
We have been friends for more than fifteen years.
Hey vidhvan.
Dad's at apollo hospital,
go meet him and give him the money.
It's on the way right?
I'll call and go meet him there.
Okay, okay.
I come across guys like this
who cross the road without so much as looking
atleast once a day.
This man's name is Sudhakar.
He is Jittu's father.
A big what he wanted to be.
Having failed that he is running a Chits business now.
Even my parents are members in his chit business.
He wants to make Jittu a director and at least act in his movie.
If you observe him closely, you'll see a drama artiste in him.
Aren't your parents home?
No uncle, they're out of town for a cousin's marriage.
Didn't you go?
No uncle, it wasn't really possible with me being busy with college.
How is your course going?
It's going well uncle.
Do you think my son can at least become an assistant director?
He will uncle, don't worry.
I don't know about that, I have my doubts.
Vidhvan, can you drop me to the next street?
I need to go to the bank and deposit 6 lakhs.
6 lakhs?
Why, you've never seen 6 lakhs?
Alright then, i'll be leaving now.
But you wanted me to drop you uncle, i'll drop you, let's go.
Alright vidhvan, i'll be leaving.
Yes sir, good afternoon sir.
Yes sir, just today sir.
It released today sir.
A good quality won't be available just now sir.
A camera print will be available by tomorrow sir.
He's my friend sir.
I'll send it over sir.
Uh..i'll get it over sir.
Thank you sir, you're welcome sir.
Piece of trash.
Alright, how's komaram puli?
I don't know uncle.
What would be the rating?
Forget it, let's get to the point.
Tell me what happened two days ago...
without leaving out even a single detail.
Tell me the truth.
That's what I just told you sir.
What is this 'sir' newly?
There's something different with your voice too.
Remember how you used to be and look at you now.
Jittu and his sister came here in the morning.
They're ready to file a case against you.
You have a promising life, don't spoil it.
Tell me the truth and i'll surely help you.
How did you get this thing sir?
If drinking is a mistake,
not sleeping after drinking is a bigger mistake.
It felt like somebody removed the top of my head and churned my brain around.
It might sound horrible to you
but that's exactly how I felt then.
My head feels like it's about to explode.
You seem different.
Today I'm reborn.
But I feel like I'm going to die just today
because of this smell.
It might be 'cool cool' but the smell is horrible.
In all of this, there's this damn old man all the time.
Do you have any sense?
Would anybody ask such questions?
If it was me I would have stabbed you to death.
You were spared because it was him.
Tell me truthfully, would anybody have done such a thing?
A drunk guy would have done it...
You had two pegs to drink,
more of the coke and less of the whiskey.
I made a mistake, I'll accept that,
but I'm trying to talk and he's cutting my calls.
Look at the message he sent me.
You're done for.
I've known for long that you'd do something like this eventually.
What did I do?
Where did you meet his dad for the last time?