It Gets Better: Gallaudet University (Captioned)

Uploaded by lawfel on 19.10.2010

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Questioning, Allies
Gay? Alone? Confused? This is for you.
Straight? Don't understand? This is for you.
Are you familiar with homophobia? It's a social disease.
My experience was filled with bullying and name calling.
Constant bullying, constantly being called 'FAG'
He's gay! She's a lesbo! Whores!
FAG! Filthy and disgusting!
Always degrading me, always.
I was bullied into the closet, which was HELL.
Worried about your faith? Family? Friends? Rejection?
I have a gay brother.
My sister and brother are dating the same sex. Does that mean I stop supporting them?
Why the constant labeling?
Why are you all so afraid of us?
Break free!
Whatever you do, don't give up.
As for the bullying? ENOUGH!
Stay in there!
I came out of the closet, and now look at me.
But now I endured through so much, came out, and now my friends and family are by my side.
NO! I will support them! As long as they're happy.
Straight? Gay? It doesn't matter.
Only you know yourself.
Trust me, tomorrow's a new day.
You feel like you're not loved?
Love yourself,
I will always love you,
and lastly, we all love you.
Don't worry, it will get better..
It will..
..get better.
It will..
..get better..