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I have to say, the fall is the time of the year I love to do flower arrangements because
there's so much to choose from. Seriously, colors are amazing. I know, they really are.
Just look at all these colors. And, you know, you can gather things from all sorts of places.
Tell me how you get started making one of these. Well, what I've done here, Rebecca,
is I've just sort of gathered up a lot of different things out of the garden. And a
lot of people say "Well, I don't have all these things in my garden." You can have these
too -- all you need is a flashlight and a pair of clippers and you can go into your
neighbor's yard at night. Exactly. That's what you do. That's what I used to do. Now,
I grow it. You can see, I have equally distributed a lot of these things, like the little grasses
here. I've used some of these seed heads of Vitex. I've used a range of different textures
in this. This is a wonderful color -- it's called Kingswood Torch. So it has that deep
burgundy color, so that depth really adds a lot. So, in a way, it's a little bit like
designing a room because you're dealing with color and texture and form, and you're contrasting
that to create visual interest. Now, you see, I've cut everything off at the same length.
And as I build the bouquet, I just do it like this. It does like like a bouquet. It does
look like a bouquet. A nosegay. It does look like one -- you could hold. But we're gonna
be able to drop it into this or any sort of vessel. So you actually create your floral
arrangement outside of the water? Outside of the water and hold it like that. Now, sometimes
you can take the floral foam or oasis and you put it in there and you'll do it in a
more classic way. You know, putting each stem in. But these, I tend to build in the beginning
just as a bouquet, and turn it around make sure that everything is equally distributed.
Can I just say that I love the fact that you've got so many different depths, because some
of your solid pieces are deep down. Down in here. Creating that ball. That's right. You
look at it and you see through it to different layers. It's nice. That's a perfect observation,
and that's what you want. And then you can come in over here and add some of these beautiful
Coxcomb -- see how much larger that piece is? Yeah, that's beautiful. And I'm just gonna
keep rotating this -- I'm gonna add some more. Here's a really big one there. Look at that.
What about some of these gourds? I think it'd be perfect. What don't you make some. For
this time of year. Yep. So, what I would do is then begin to slide some of these in like
this, you see. And does it matter where you gourd it? You don't wanna do it like because
it looks like a balloon. Well, you could hurt yourself that way. Just in the side. Oh my,
that's hard. Yep, pierce it. Here, I was making fun that I didn't think that was any big deal.
Go ahead and slide that in there. There you go. Gourd piercing is an art. It as art. You
see, look at those. That's cool. See how much bolder it's becoming? And I'm gonna add little
bit more of this gorgeous Coxcomb. Okay, look at that. Isn't that beautiful? Yeah, it's
great. See how the boldness is really coming through? And I think that's what you want.
You see, we could even add some of these little Zinnias that we grew here in the garden. Look
at that. Okay, I love those because they combine both the orange and the pink together. Right,
right, right. Such a great look. So let's see if we can't get some of those in there.
Loosen your gripe, dude. Ah, apparently no. Well, we'll put back in here. There you go.
And once you've got that sort of in place, you can see, it begins to fall into place
very naturally. I think that's gonna look amazing. And now we can add just a few of
these little Zinnias that you like so much. We start with really clean, cool water. Okay.
Because I don't want things to -- I don't want them too warm. If the plants need to
open up or the flowers need to open up, the water can be just warm, slightly warm. I have
a question. Yeah. You have a pumpkin here that's already been carved out and there's
actually water in it. Uh huh. Is that for the purpose that potentially this could be
taken really for a harvest or a Halloween time? Do you think I might of had that in
mind? Well, I don't know, but I think it's a brilliant idea and I'll take that one. Okay,
alright. I just saw it sitting here -- could you take this and transfer it into the pumpkin
and use that as your vase of sorts? The other part of this is you can get creative with
the containers, so you're absolutely right. Yay, I love that. Now we can lift this out
of this form. Of course, it'd be beautiful in that. And we can drop it in here. Okay.
Into the pumpkin that's filled with water. Now that's fabulous. Look at the that. Look
at those colors. Fabulous. Isn't that fun? And these purple or these burgundy leaves
are what make it. The Coleus. Love this. Oh my gosh. Isn't that great? You can take it
home with you. I'll take it on the plane. Absolutely. Love it. And then, Rebecca, just
to finish it off, I'm using just the ends of these little grasses, which are so adorable.
Are they great? Yeah, great texture. Hey, Rebecca and I are doing some fun things together,
several projects. Check in with us regularly. We hope that you will consider subscribing
to eHow Home. This is place you can come back every week, in fact everyday, and learn something
new that you can use in your home. We'll see you next time. So you really like the colors?
I do. It matches you. Thank you. I did that on purpose.