1. Beekeeper's Video Manual: Spring works with 2 prospective beekeepers - part 1

Uploaded by profulonline on 14.04.2010

Today we will work at the apiary with two students which found me on YouTube and on http://apicultura-online.blogspot.com
We'll start work immediately, but first let's do the bee sting test to see if they pass it.
We hope not to have an allergic reaction to stings. Here's another sting on the hand and we see the bee that strives to escape
but the more she strugles the greater the risk for her to leave behind a large part of her intestine
In order not to receive too much venom is enough to use a knife to remove the sting without squeezing the pump
One should fit the mask properly so that no bee will reach the face. The collar needs to be tight.
The bee is gone now. We must fix the mask properly and tighten the collar as much as possible :)
Well, now you're ready.
We'll do some very interesting operations today. As we have shown in the previous movies, our apiary hibernates wrapped in plastic foil.
Now that the winter has passed, we will remove the plastic foil.
Let's get inside and start working.
The foil strip was cut in such way that it I can totally wrap the beehives.
We were lucky with the metal frame of the wagon and I managed to use it to support the film.
The two strips have met in the middle isolating all 30 hives on this side.
This way we managed to get a greenhouse effect. On the aile was ice and very cold while inside the foil was warm and very nice.
The heat from each beehive was captured and distributed to all the beehives, thus realizing an excellent hibernation environment.
We are now at the stage where we have to remove these foils because the spring has arrived and we no longer need them.
Gently pull and remove the foil. Now I would like you to do this operation.
The students came to the apiary and need to learn. Please unpack the remaining of the beehives yourself.
We need to collect these plastic foils and store them for use the next year.
Look how easy this beehive slides. The others slid harder.
And this it is the last beehive.
I finished this side.
Gently pull the foil from the outside.
A few bees came into this room because they sensed the smell of some honey on the frames stored here.
How can we get rid of them without doing any harm? Here is how:
I'll take them back into a beehive using a splitter.
We need to handle them with care and take them back into a beehive. Or else we can do the following:
The easiest is to move them outside and shake them in front of the wagon. They will then fly to every collony they belong to.
Do you have phone signal in here? Yes there is.
Let's do a little cleaning and then we started working. We'll visit all the colonies whith the lid backwards, which is a sign that the beehive contains two separate families and need to separate them.