Google AdWords Success Story: Happy Hound

Uploaded by Google on 30.07.2007


I'm Suzanne Golter, and this is my company, Happy Hound.

For the first day or two, I walked into my warehouse at
7:00 in the morning and I realized I was alone.
And I would really wait for clients to come in.
I figured if I built it they would come.
MALE SPEAKER: When I first started, I came down here and
returned her dogs after dog walks.
And she had all this space, and there were, like, five
dogs in this big warehouse.
I'm going, oh, I don't know if this is going to work out.
SUZANNE GOLTER: So in the moment when I was standing in
the warehouse with no dogs, I realized that I needed to find
ways to market myself.
So I sat on my computer, and I found Google AdWords.
The keyword process was relatively easy, even for a
non-techie, like me.
I knew that I just had to do dog-related keywords.
So, dog boarding, dog, dog walking.
Anything related to dog or the dog business was going to be
the key words that I would enter in.
When I first started advertising through Google
AdWords, I did a very broad advertising campaign.
And I just wanted to pull in clients, and I wanted to see
where they would come from.
We were pulling in so many clients from areas outside of
the East Bay, that I had to bring down my search.
So what I did through Google AdWords, is I just went in and
targeted the East Bay.
I'm an animal lover.
My passion is dogs.
I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined myself owning a
business with 30 plus employees, with 120 plus dogs
a day, and thinking of opening more facilities.
The doors are packed with dog noses waiting to get in and
out of Happy Hound.
AdWords helped me grow so quickly here, I
know that when I expand--
I know this with confidence--
that AdWords will also help me fill my next facilities.
Life is great.
Life is awesome.
Am I turning red?