Paint Your Own Art for Your Walls | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 06.11.2012

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Do you have an empty wall that's just staring at you and it needs a piece of art, but you're
not sure what you need to buy or maybe you can't afford really what you want? Why not
paint your own? My friend Mitchell shows you how easily it can be done. What's wrong with
this wall? It's empty. I need to make something to fix it. Come on. Okay, here's the deal:
You go to an art supple store and this size canvas runs upwards of 100 bucks -- no kidding.
Sometimes you can get them on sale for 45 - 50 bucks. But a lot times, they can be as
much as 100 if they're already stretched. If you go to a thrift store in your neighborhood,
you can usually get them for $3, $7. But they have a really bad painting on them. I went
and got a really bad painting. And I don't wanna insult the artist of this really terrible
painting, so I went ahead and did my first step before. But believe me, it was hideous.
So what I did was I took an old bed sheet and just torn a piece, because what we do
want is texture in our painting. So I'm just gonna make a basic abstract painting using
all the colors that are already in that room and following the basic rules of 3. I've got
some leftover paint from the walls. And let's just do, just to show you that it's easy and
you can do this and this works, we'll just do a basic circle. And we're just gonna utilize
all the bumps and bruises that came with this painting. And I'm just gonna kind of go in
here like this. Still, following the rules of thirds, I'm just getting my little composition
out here right now. I'm not even pretending this is anything yet -- we might. I might
start pretending it's something in a little bit. You wanna make sure with a gallery wrap
canvas that the sides get painted. This is paper from another project that's going on
in my room. So this will kind of tie that in. And this where the polycrylic comes in
- it's kind of like clear plastic. You can also use Mod Podge for this. But if we're
going with the paint, I like the texture. When this dries it'll be shiny. And I'm blending
this in. I think I'll put this like, oh, right there. So we're staying over here a third
right now. Kind of crossing over just a little but keeping the heaviness of this blue on
this side. What I'm doing here is just making sure it all gets coated with the polyurethane,
so I'm sliding it through there. And then I'm just using my fingers. Right now, this
is sort of starting to take on kind of an organic look to me -- that's what I'm starting
to see. So I'm just gonna put this green down here in the lower thirds. This is just regular
old acrylic, like, cheap, cheap acrylic craft paint. And I'm gonna do it kinda thick and
just kinda drag my brush through. There's so many ways to do this and you can't do it
wrong. What I'm trying to do is not blend these colors together. I like keeping them
separated so that they don't get muddy. But it doesn't matter. I think we've done this
lower third, this third, and we've got this -- this is our heaviest color is over here
in this area. Composition-wise, we're pretty much finished. I can be done with this. However,
I wanna just pour a little bit more of this. I'm going to just pour a little bit more of
this clear coat. When it dries, it'll look all melded together. It won't look like it's
just laying on top of something. You wanna make it look finished. This will give it a
finished effect. Once last thing I wanna do red, just because I like having red. So I'm
just gonna quickly, quickly just do one little red circle. I'm just gonna do that, kinda
blend it in. Okay. And in just a few minutes time with some extra paint I had and a thrift
store canvas and an old bed sheet, I've got a painting that matches the space I wanna
put it in that is the right size for the space. Whatever size wall you wanna cover -- it can
be small, big, whatever. Or you can even do three canvases, three smaller canvases to
fill a big wall. But you can not go wrong with this project, and it's really fun, and
I did it with stuff I already had laying around that you probably do to.