Squaresville - Ep. 12 Cougarville: Squaresville (w/ Kylie Sparks & Austin Rogers)

Uploaded by squaresvilleseries on 17.08.2012

This isn't a date is it?
We're just friends right?
not unless you want to pay me back for this fur, yo.
Sometimes I worry that I
misread romantic advances.
I'm sorry.
Was I eating this too seductively?
What if a woman was
hitting on me and I didn't even realize it?
We're not that predatory.
What about cougars?
Cougars are.
But cougars are super old.
I can never tell how old people are.
Botox can be deceptive.
What if I end up dating a real housewife?
Maybe gaining a little experience isn't such a bad idea.
I would like the presents, though.
That's one of the things cougars do.
They give you presents.
So you're afraid of sexy
grandmas age seducing you with presents?
I saw Nanna and Pop making love once.
It was just for a moment
but I spent the rest
of the morning gripped with fear
that one of them would have a heart attack.
I have this recurring dream
about making love to the monster in my closet.
What do you think that means?
Are you just trying to outweird me?
I thought we were having a moment.
Okay Do you like it?
Yeah, I do.
It's very gentle and sweet.
Well, it doesn't sound like much of a monster then.
Well, I mean, it still lives in my closet.
He has tentacles and stuff so.
You probably just ate too much sushi one time.
something got stuck in your brain.
It's weird we never hang out one on one.
I don't normally tell this stuff to people.
I'm glad you did.
I'm never gonna look
at you the same, but yeah.
Hi, guys.
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