Apollo: Task lists and Milestones

Uploaded by applicomhq on 02.08.2010

Hello, and welcome to Apollo. In this screencast I will show you how to use Apollo's task lists
and milestones.
"Task lists" are the heart of you projects. I will go back to it in a moment. For now,
I will just say that a project is always divided into task lists, and that each task List is made
up of tasks. A task list might look like this.
"Milestones" are a very important part of Apollo too. A Milestone is an accomplishment
of your project. Task lists and messages can belong to a milestone. For example, you might
want to create the milestone "Company's marketing material ready" and then the milestone "Business
ready to take bookings". Make sure you assign them reasonable deadlines, of course. At this
point, you are ready to go back to task List...
As I said before, Task Lists and Tasks are the heart of Apollo. For example create a
task list called "Create Entertainers' web site". Make sure you relate this task list
to the milestone "Company's marketing material ready". Then, create a couple of tasks --
for example "Get some basic ideas for the web site" and "Approve a basic web design".
Create another task list, for example "Organise the booking system" with a task "Design the
interface". At this point, you have a project with a couple of task lists and some tasks,
and a milestone related to one of the task lists. You will mark a milestone as completed
when every task related to that milestone is completed.
In a real-life project, you will spend a lot of time staring at your task lists, adding
tasks, reordering them, dragging them to another task list, and -- more importantly
-- completing them! For example, you might decide to start working on "Design the interface":
mark it as "in progress". This way, you will let other people in the workspace know that
somebody is working on it. After a while, you decide that you are done: click on the
timer button, and log how long you spent on it, and then tick it as done. There you go:
the task will be moved down the bottom, and clearly marked as done.
See you soon!