Superstar (9/10) Movie CLIP - You Are Your Own Rainbow (1999) HD

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We would not be here tonight if it wasn't for v.D.
V.D. Rules !
A pus-filled, b-b-blistering,
Sinful malady...
That a few of you may already have come in contact with.
You must resist, children. Resist the urge...
That lingers in your loins.
But as the saying goes--
"girls have a button and boys have a pole,
And wicked touching takes its toll."
So you must be strong and resist.
For those who are weak will no doubt one day...
Burn and fester in the swollen...
V.D.-Infested, fiery pits of hell !
But let's have some fun and meet our judges. Over here--
[ continues indistinct ] hey, are you guys ready ?
Mare, we're, like, really nervous. Yeah.
What if they make fun of us ?
Okay. I just wanna say one thing to all of you.
Don't listen to the names that people call you.
If you believe in yourself, then nobody can hurt you.
- You are your own rainbow. - Wow.
That's really insightful.
That's from the initiation of sarah starring miss shelley winters.
Yeah ? Cool.