Jennifer Lawrence on "El Hormiguero" (II) Subtitles in English

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I'm going to present the two program stars, Trancas and Barrancas!
T&B: Hello, how are you? How pretty!
With me you don't have to be nervous. In my house there's a sexual swing, I don't practise yoga.
J: That's tempting!
Yes, that it's me
J: But you have buck teeth
Barrancas: Oh, let's see... let's see Jennifer...
Trancas: and now how is the crossed-eyes?
Barrancas: You are still the crossed-eyes!
Trancas: But, you will see that my teeth are going to be more atractive...
T: But if you want I can pull my teeth out
No, no, no calm down!
Trancas: listen, for not be hungry in Spain... with this "Hunger Games"...
No, I love your buck teeth, but I think that I'm afraid on a swing
Trancas: Yes, well, don't worry...
Don't distract me, Jenny, because then I can't present the section we have prepared.
it's about food. As your film is called "The Hunger Games", we have prepared a game called...
"The hunger eggs"
Barrancas: it's easy. We are going to show to you Spanish strange food
And you have to guess if they are real or we have just invented them.
Trancas: Because here in Spain you can find weird food and you have to know if they are eaten here or not.
For instance: the "zarajos" exist?
They are lamb intestines rolled in a stick and they are fried. It exist?
Do you think that this is eaten in Spain?
lamb intestines
Yes, you eat that
Barrancas: the "pichinejas" exist?
Pichinejas are cock rabbits coat in breadcrumbs cover with cheese
What?? They are real??
coat in breadcrumbs wrapped with bacon and cheese
What do you say? We eat them or not?
Yeah, you could eat that
You eat lamb innards, why not rabbit prick??
You are right, you are right!
It's only trying, tonight I will cook it for dinner!
let's see if it exist the next dish
The "mocajos": the turkey's snot with garlic and turkey eggs
Snot, snot... what turkey have in the nose!
Correct! We have invented it!!!
Oh!! Am I wrong? Am I right?
And the last one!
What do you say about "Criadillas"
Las Criadillas are the bull testicle
Yeah, I ate them!
Yes, Correct!!!
They can be eaten fried, roasted, and people eat without doing anything, look at this!