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Today I want to look act one of those big great questions
how do we know God exists
John says through him all things were made
without him
nothing was made
that has been made
theologically we're going to look today at three important arguments
teach a little
number one is the cosmological argument for the existence of God and
that simply is that God is the
cause that everything in the universe that he's the first cause
of all that there is
the second argument that we will look at is known as the teleological argument
that there is a order and a beauty
to our universe
and that too points to God that's why
mathematicians and
physicists and
biologists and chemists are always excited when they're in
their element because they see an order of beauty
in what they study
and what they know
and then finally we're going to look at the moral argument why do we know right
from wrong
why is it that we have a conscience
and that
because we have a conscience and we know right and wrong
the why is it that society wherever we go on this planet
has created moral codes to live by
let's begin with
the first
related question to why God exists and that is
you know was the universe
an accident
why is there something, the universe and not nothing
It is interesting what David says
The heavens declare the glory of God
The skies proclaimed the work of his hands
day after day they pour forth speech
night after night they display knowledge now we don't always
Hear the speech
and we don't always take in the knowledge because we're a little busy
you know a few weeks ago we had those
beautiful clear nights and I don't know if you
went outside and looked up but
it was pretty spectacular the nice thing about
this time of the years you don't have to stay up till ten or eleven to do that
you only have to stay up until six
Right? dinner and go out and look at the stars
It is amazing to look up
and as we do I think as we
taking in
the creation the universe
all that there is its profound in what it says about God and God's
why is there
something and not
The two proofs for that
one has to do with the
external space
outer space
Outer space is
quite vast
and the understanding today the accepted norm in science
is that
the universe came into existence at a certain time
and locale
The big bang theory
that now everything is rushing away from a common point
another understanding of that has to do with that
vastness of that
outer space and outer space is very vast
when you look at that night let me give you an example it when you look at that
you're looking at
at our own galaxy the milky way
how vast is the milky way and that's just a small tiny speck in
All the
galaxies that there are in our universe
you're looking at
over four hundred
Billion, I didn't say a million
four hundred billion stars in the milky way
four hundred billion stars you mean there might be solar systems around
every one of those stars you know it's pretty big
just our own milky way is pretty vast
in and of itself
it is between ninety and a hundred thousand light years in diameter
now let me help you with that
A light year is how
fast light travels it travels at the speed
of a hundred eighty six thousand miles second
Alright let's do that math, hundred eighty six
That's a really big number
no I didn't want to memorize it so I didn't
it's a big number
It is vast
and that's just our own
milky way
outer space is very vast so is the inner space
Very vast, outerspace
you've got the origin of the universe
you have the vastness of the universe
what we know about the universe is inner space
in inner space is very impressive
as well
inner space is well, let me give you an example
Vast and complex is inner space
the Hubel European space agency has done a lot of work on what we can see
the matter that we can see in we can see a lot on it not just talking about
what we see with the naked eye
what we see with electron microscopes what we can
Take in from the Hubble telescope
how much of all of the
matter that out there in the universe
do you think we can actually see even with the Hubble telescope, electron
how much do you think
scientists estimate cosmologists of
the Hubel European space agency
estimate that we can only see
fifteen to twenty percent of all matter
only fifteen to twenty percent
Yeah, outer space is vast
inner spaces is vast
why is it vast why is it so large
did that happen by accident
or is that a plan
Bible says its planned David says all you have to do is look up at the stars
and they'll speak to you
and what they say is they speak about God's design
about God's love
about God's
and God's purpose
are we an accident or are we planned? that's another good question
you know our universe might be here out of just
cosmic coincidence
but is it an accident or is that the plan
Here I just look at the probability
that the universe came into existence all by itself
you know what the probability is
Hoyle who is the scientists who coined the phrase
big bang theory
says that
the fact that the universe might have come into existence by accident on its
is the probability of a tornado
moving through a junkyard
and assembling a Boeing seven forty-seven
that flys
now notice he didn't say airbus he said a Boeing seven forty seven
let me give you another example
take the state of Texas
Cover it four feet
High with silver dollars
take one of those silver dollars and color it red
place it
somewhere in the state of Texas somewhere in that four-feet pile
the probability that the universe came into existence on it's own
is the same probability
that you could
land in the right place in the state of Texas put your arm down
into that four-feet pile of silver dollars
and pull out the one colored red
that doesn't sound like probability to me at all
that sounds like an impossibility to me
what is far more convincing if we want to know about
the origin of the universe
is that cosmological argument that God is the first
that brought everything into existence
all in our universe
into existence
and the proof is
outer space in inner space
the external
space and the internal space of our universe
now it's move on to
question number two
how did we come to be here, how are we here on this
on this planet
are we just
a cosmic coincidence
now let's go to Acts
from one man
he made every nation of men
that they should inhabit the whole earth
and he determined the time set for them and the exact place where they should
Luke is recording
the reality that there is
an order
to things that's really the teleological argument
how do you how do you know that teleological argument is true
One is that
the orbit of the planets
and I don't know if you read much in this area and I don't do a lot of
science reading and if you are scientists and you have
questions that need finer more technical answers
just Google a guy named Hugh Roth
and he has his own website he's a Canadian astrophysicist
he knows more, he forgot more than I'll ever know about the subject
but he's a guy to check out
one article that I read just talked about what would happen in our solar
if one planet got a little bit out of alignment
and the illustration was it would look a lot like
two boys sitting down with a bunch of cars to play together
there'd be a collision it wouldn't be a good thing
the solar system only works because the planet stay in their orbits
around the sun
and if you vary those too much that would create
a real problem
issue is the
for the four fundamental forces in the world to stay in balance
those fundamental forces are the speed of light
gravitational consistency
and strength
strong and weak
if those things don't stay in balance with one another
the world as we know it
would not exist
how little can it vary
the estimation is that you vary any one of those things
as little as one part per million
Wow, one part per million
you alter them one part per million
you have a different outcome than the world that we live in
and the atmosphere that we enjoy
maybe you could make a human being by accident
that's a possibility
but it's interesting that as we look at our atmosphere and we
look at our world how
were really set up
for human existence
one of those things is the delicate balance
that exists between the
the primary components of our atmosphere
carbon and oxygen
the same thing is true if you mess with those too much
it would alter our environment our atmosphere that we live in
we often think of that in human terms well isn't that just like
baking a cake
there's a really matter if you put in a little bit more sugar a little bit more
flour in the outcome of the cake and if you're baking that's true a little
more sugar
you know a little more flour probably not going to change things
but when you're talking about that the balance of the atmosphere of
our earth
you're talking about a little bit more like the idea that what you're going to
introduce is one drop of cyanide
that poisons the whole cake, doesn't it?
that changes everything because then you can't do what the cake was made for that
to make you fat
you can't enjoy it
we could not enjoying our atmosphere if you altered those four components by
very much
another thing that
that points us to the fact that there is a really I set up by God for us to be in
have to do with d_n_a_ and the proteins in our planet
DNA is very unique and that it's very good uniquely good at reproducing itself
and we have just the right kind of complex proteins
around for there to be human life
there could be human life if d_n_a_ didn't
duplicate itself
if there weren't the right kinds of
simple and complex proteins
in our world
on our planet
this is so true that there is a principle the anthropic principle that
is forwarded by
such scientists is Brandon Carter
who says when you look at the
atmosphere and
the environment of planet earth
it seems to be designed
the physics and the biology of it are designed to create human life
Uniquely so
are we here by accident?
or does God have a plan
it's clear that
there is an order to
the universe there's an order to our galaxy there's an order to our solar
system there is an order to our atmosphere there is an order to our
the balance of that is more fragile
than most of us
it's more fragile than we
we want to know
but we're learning that more and more, aren't we
as we look at our planet
and look at our atmosphere
we understand that
that there is a fragility to it that there's a need for
a balance of things
the third
big question I want to answer today is
Why are we here
who are we
who are we as human beings and we are human beings and who we are is
really made up of two things
first of all we have a conscience
why do we have a conscience
I think it's a couple things one it's because we're created in the image of God
God created man in his own image
how do I know that let's look at Genesis chapter three
notice before the fall Adam and Eve
everything was going fine they didn't experience any guilt
they were doing what was right well when they did what was wrong what happened
then their eyes
The eyes of both of them
were open
and they realized they were naked
and they sewed fig leaves together and they made coverings for themselves they
felt embarrassed they felt guilt
why do we feel guilt why do we feel embarrassed
then in Acts
Paul saya I strive to keep my conscious clear before God
and man
we want to have a clear conscience
before one another and God and then finally
I'm a pragmatist I like Romans seven fifteen
for what I want to do I do not do
but what I hate I do that
I know what I want to do but then I know what I don't want to do and I do that
and makes me feel guilty I hate that I don't like that
I don't like that about myself
we don't like that about ourselves
Philosopher and theologian Cant says there is a moral law within us
Timothy Keller points to the fact that When we are
preparing or readying ourselves to do something that we know is wrong we
restrain ourselves
why do you restrain yourself from doing what is wrong
an answer simply is because you have a conscience
you have a conscience
that we know what is right and what is wrong and we
create moral codes to live by
driven by this sense that inside of us
there is a moral
a conscience a moral code within us
and where did that come from
I believe it came from God
that to be created in the image of God one of the stamps of that one of the
Verifications of that
is our conscience and our understanding of right and wrong
a second thing that defines who we are on this planet
is our desire for intimate connection with another human being
and as we look around a room we realize that that is rare
and the rarity of it is that we are attracted to someone sexually
but the fact that were attracted to someone
and sex is not an issue in fact that's really true in marriage
in marriage there's a higher drive for intimacy that goes far beyond sex isn't
there better be, right?
and we have this drive to have a intimacy with someone else where did
that come from
you don't see that in the other animals on the planet
yes they're there is an attraction to one another out of a necessity to
reproduce but for human beings is beyond that
we have this drive to be connected to one another and where does that come
from is it simply social adaptation that's one view
there is a necessity for human beings to be a relationship with one another and
so over time we've developed this
high level of intrinsic desire to be in relationship with one another
another thought is it's really just biochemical reactions in our brains
Is that what it is, is it just brains
is it just biology
or is our drive to be an intimate relationship with one another does it
supersede those two things
I believe it does
and the answer is it social adaptation or chemical changes in the brain although
those two things happen
we have a relational drive because we were created
by a relational God
it's in a relational God's images that we've been created that's the moral
does God exist
he does exist
Jesus Christ came to our planet
and he lived just like
we do
what I love philosophically is to think about the idea can I as a finite human
being can I bridge the gap to an infinite God
And the answer is you can't do that. it doesn't matter how moral you are how
much you serve
how giving you are
you'll never bridge that gap between you and God because it's infinite
but I do believe that I can understand that an infinite God
Can choose to become finite
And enter time and space and that's exactly what the Bible says about Jesus
that Jesus was an infinite God who became finite
the Jesus Christ was total God in total man
and that's why his life, what he teaches
his death upon the cross
His last supper is important
because Jesus is really revealing his nature and his character
he really said you know I just like you are
I'm flesh and I'm blood
and when I die on the cross it's because
I'm willingly giving my self
for you
when he took the cup He said this is my blood shed for you
that the work so to speak that Jesus did up on the cross
his atoning work was on our behalf
why would God come
Die on the cross
to give us a full life and eternal life
simply because God exists
because he created the universe
he created all that we know and all that we can't know
and he did it all for us because we're created in his image
when you look up the next time at night realize that's God's gift
to you
he created all of that beauty just so that you would know he existed
and that above all that he created you are supreme
That He loves you far more than the stars
the galaxies and the solar systems
and even the delicate balance of
light and water carbon and oxygen in
Our atmosphere
I can't think of a more
personal and profound way to express it
then in this meal
as we share the bread in the cup together share these words, this is
Christ body broken for you and this is Christ's blood shed for you
take the bread individually because we all
we all need to receive the great gift that God has for us in Jesus Christ
as part of his plan
I'd ask you to hold the cup because we take that together here
because God does have a plan
in this big
vast universe
for us together as well
let us continue to worship God
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