[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP4 [2/4]

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Before I got surgery I looked really round.
You know Dooly's girlfriend? (T/N: "Dooly" is a Korean cartoon about a little dinosaur named Dooly. I myself watched it as a kid)
Gongshilie (character's name)
People said I look like her
and my mouth is shaped like Charmander's mouth..
People said if I say "AH" and open my mouth it looked like fire would come out of it.
Dohee wants to get plastic surgery on blank the most.
Your answer is?
Her breasts?
That is incorrect.
Text: DANGEROUS STATEMENT That is incorrect.
That is incorrect.
A brain transplant
Oh, you mean hair transplant
-You are incorrect. Yeah!
-You are incorrect.
The answer is really unexpected. It's not a very common place to want to get surgery on.
Ara! The answer is really unexpected. It's not a very common place to want to get surgery on.
What is that?
The trapezius muscle
The trapezius muscle?!
The trapezius muscle...
The trapezius muscle!
She said she really wants to get surgery on her trapezius muscle
and the reason for that is because when she has a necklace it feels like it's going to explode!
Q. When Dahae texted her ex boyfriend that she wanted to break up, blank was his reply.
OK... close.. but no.
Thank you!
OO (T/N: Korean internet/text slang for "Yeah yeah")
It does have OO but there's two more letters before it
Good effort OO!
Good effort OO?
Piss off OO~!
That is incorrect.
Thanks OO!
That is incorrect
That's the answer...
Did he really reply "LOL OO"?
It seems like the kind of reply you get when you ask "Hey, wanna grab something to eat tomorrow?"
Q. When Jaeyeol was in the military, blank loved him the most
The kitchen lady
That's very close.
It is a middle-aged woman, but it's not the kitchen lady.
The cleaning lady!
That is incorrect
I will give you a hint
If you look around in apartments, she's always there.
The head of the neighborhood association!
She ranks a bit more higher.
The Yogurt lady! (T/N: Pretty much like the "milk man")
The bankbook lady!
That is incorrect.
There's an official name. It's not "something" lady.
PTA President!
I'm not getting a PTA president vibe from you.
How do you give off a PTA president vibe?
You're doing it right now!
Say it confidently!
Your vibe itself got you the answer.
You were in the military so why the PTA president?
I did public service when I was in the military
so when I was working at the community center the PTA president and other members of the PTA really took a liking to me.
Q. Gyubin is currentlys scared of blank.
Yunmi, who is right next to him.
Guys around his age could definitely be scared of this.
Text: His reaction is faster than the speed of light
Military draft notice!
That is incorrect.
What happens after you get a draft notice?
The military!
The military?!
The military!
Haneul x 6
The answer is military
Q. Once, when Ara was drunk, she did blank to her older brother.
Confess her love
That is incorrect.
She picked a fight with him!
It is related to picking a fight but it's an action.
Spitting on her older brother.
That is incorrect.
Slapped him on the face!
Left or right?
Usually by now you'd get the hint that you're wrong.
She's over thinking for absolutely no reason.
Grabbed him by the collar!
How did she grab him by the collar?
Grabbed him by the collar? You are correct!
My brother came to pick me up when I was drinking
so I got mad!
I totally forgot that I was the one who called him and asked to pick me up!
So you said "I was having fun! Why are you here?!" and grabbed him by the collar?
So I literally grabbed him by the collar, shook him, and started to...
beat him up.
The next question is about Son Yunmi.
Q. Yunmi is the most scared of blank
You're actually scared of something?
It's a VERY unexpected item.
Pretty girls.
You use this to pack any food left over.
Food waste trash bag!
Haneul x 3
Wrap is incorrect.
Cooking foil.
What is cooking foil in Korean?
Iron plate?
Your answer's not Bling Bling enough!
Tinfoil? (T/N: Tinfoil is "Eunbakji"; the animal Bat is "bakjwi". It's a play on words.)
So corny!
Tinfoil! (T/N) "Eun" means "silver", hence why she's pointing to her braces)
Show it to the front.
Why are you scared of tinfoil, Yunmi?
When I was little..
-Did you see your reflection? When I was little..
-Did you see your reflection?
No... -Did you see your reflection?
When I was very young I remember chewing on tinfoil
Ah yeah that very sudden shock when it touches your teeth.
-Just thinking about it is scary Ah yeah that very sudden shock when it touches your teeth.
-Just thinking about it is scary
I see..
Wow, this question is going to hit the jackpot.
Q. When Yunmi was young...
she ran away from her boyfriend's house because of blank.
Because of a fire!
Because she started a fire..?
Because she set her boyfriend's house on fire.
Because the toilet got clogged.
So what happened is she went to her boyfriends house...
I held it in but after an hour I couldn't do it anymore!
So I...
Don't you usually go home then?
So eventually I went to the bathroom and took care of business there.
But the water wouldn't go down!
So after 30 minutes of thinking about what to do I just ran away.
I went straight home~
Haneul broke up with her Italian boyfriend because of blank.
Because he was an illegal immigrant!
Because he talked bad about Korea.
That's not it
He was too cheesy.
No. It's a physical characteristic.
Because he had lots of hair on his body?
The wording is very important here.
Because he had lots of hair on his body?
(T/N: Guys, please keep in mind this is not meant to be offensive. It's just the average Korean man, or average Asian man to be honest, doesn't have a lot of hair on their body compared to Westerners. So they're not used to it.)
Too provocative~
I'll accept that answer.
We went to the pool together
When he came out of the water I thought it was a beast coming out!
I just wanted to go home...
Don't cry!
And so with the final scores being 13 to 8
Life Insurance team wins!
We always win! x 2
Coming up next!
The chaotic morning mission!
Please! Please!
Is that you?
-Find the staff members! Is that you?
-Find the staff members!
The presents that you've brought...
Revealing all the Christmas presents!
Which presents shocked everyone?
We're giving you a present!
A special present prepared by the Legend ulzzangs!
What present even brought tears?
We're going to commence the final vote.
The 2nd vote to determine who is eliminated.
The one to be eliminated is... The 2nd vote to determine who is eliminated.
The one to be eliminated is...
A twist after a twist! Who was eliminated that shocked everybody?
It will all be revealed soon!
Morning mission 1. Find the staff member written on the mission card.
Morning mission 2. Shout "Merry Christmas"
Morning mission 3. Mission is complete if they reply "Merry Christmas"
Rise and shine!
Go find the female partner whose name is written on your card.
Hurry hurry hurry!
Text: The team to arrive first gets the privilege to choose the mission cards first!
Seungrok & Ara's mission: Find the writer Lee Yunyoung!
Text: What is this... skeleton...?
Taehwan & Yunmi's mission: Find the camera director Cho Hangrae!
Haneul & Hyungseok's mission: Find the lighting director Choin Geunyoung!
Gyubin & Dahae's mission: Find the audio director Park Sanghoon!
Jaeyeol & Dohee's mission: Find the assistant director Kim Dayae!
I didn't even brush my teeth yet!
She's not here x 3 (T/N: He's trying to distract her)
No! You're lying!
Did you find her?
Director Cho!
Please hurry up and wake up!
Director Cho!
What do you want?
This is you right?
Please! Please!
It's not me!
I'm begging you, please come with us!
Ara! What's up with your face?
You should just give up!
1, 2, 3!
Then show me a dance!
Sexy dance!
Text: You're going to make Orange Caramel mad...
Text: How is this supposed to be a sexy dance... D:<
Hurry and say it!
Are we 1st?
Director Cho!
You're not Director Cho are you?
Oh wait you are?
Why don't you answer me!
Are you it?
I guess not...
1st place!
It's Director Choi!
We're first place!
Text: We told you you're not first...
Text: It says no trespassing...
You're the director right?
Are you not it?
You're not?
You're not the camera director are you?
No wait.. are you it?!
You're not?
-WHAT IS THIS?! You're not?
So you're not?
It's not me!
I told you it's not me!
Yes you are! -No I'm not!
You're director Cho right?
You are! Right?
It is you!
You are!
Hurry hurry!
Just say if you are or not!
I am!
We're first!
Text: They all think they're 1st...