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Welcome to a new episode of I
Know Jax.
I wonder how many of you have
been spending this evening
doing your taxes.
Somehow that deadline creeps up
on you without warning.
I always have a great excuse
for not taking the time to
start until the last moment.
So if you're in the same boat,
maybe it will help you to know
that you are in good company.
My job for the evening is to
put tax forms and numbers and
all that boring stuff to the
side and instead get you to
focus on how you can have more
fun in your life.
That's my noble goal with I
Know Jax and This time we have
an action-packed show for you.
I always say that we're in the
middle of festival season.
It sounds like a cliche, but
actually, it is true.
This time of year the festivals
are packed tight.
Take this weekend.
It's all about music in
There's Superfest at UNF and
Springing the Blues in Jax
I love it.
I'd rather have too many
choices than too few.
The Arena Football Season has
started as well, and as some of
you already know, that keeps me
busy too.
I'm a huge fan - and this
season yours truly is also
helping TJ on the Sharks Weekly
show on Fridays at 7.30 pm
right here on CW.
I'm enjoying every moment of
that too.
But let's talk about what's
going on with I Know Jax for a
We're right now in the midst of
making our production schedule
for the summer.
We have received a lot of
suggestions for new stories
from viewers of the TV show as
well as website visitors and
we're going through your
suggestions right now.
Don't worry, It's not too late
,if you have suggestions and
ideas, don't wait, just send me
a quick email with your
thoughts and maybe you'll see
your story right here on the
show later on in the season.
It's an exciting time for
us, we're continuing to grow
and expand and we have recently
added a few new members to the
I Know Jax Team.
In this episode you'll get to
meet our newest reporter, Carla
Mechele, who got us some great
reports about Fashion here in
take a look.
Hi, I'm Carla Michele with I
Know Jax.
We're here for the kick off
party for the second annual
Jacksonville Fashion Week.
Are you ready for fierceness?
I am.
Let's check it out.
We have just grown so much
from last year and to be here
seeing our vision put to life
is just incredible.
What can we expect to see this
year that's different from last
I think the main thing is our
venue is different.
We're having it at Metropolitan
Park downtown so we've expanded
the venue to seat everybody.
We sold out last year so we
wanted to make sure that
everyone who wanted to attend
had a seat.
Right behind me!
I'm here with Yoanna House
the winner of cycle 2 America's
Next Top Model.
How are you?
Nice to meet you.
You're from Jacksonville.
How does it feel to come back
to Jacksonville for such a
great runway event?
I have a house here, which is
I love Jacksonville, I love
that its laid back, I have
family here.
It's definitely a shift from
New York which is fast-paced
and high energy.
It's a little more lazy, cool,
sunny and the people here are a
lot nicer.
It's good to be back home.
It's time for the part you've
been waiting for.
The runaway.
Get ready for lights, camera,
One of the great things about
fashion week is that it
highlights local designers.
For example, my dress, ear
rings and necklace.
And these earrings, this
bracelet and this dress is all
from Meow and Barks Boutique in
San Marco.
The great thing about fashion
is that it's always changes.
The organizers of Fashion Week
hope that the fashion scene
here, continues to grow.
For more information visit
I'm Carla Mechele reporting
from downtown.
You can see the full
interview with Top Model Yoanna
House from Fashionweek if you
go to iknowjax.com You can
also find previous episodes our
segments on the website.
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We'll be right back with more
fun stuff from Jacksonville.
I wanted to thank you for
sending us your suggestions for
One of the story suggestions
that kept coming up was stories
about the local craft beer
So we enlisted our good friend,
Marc Wisdom, the beer guy, to
help us out with Happy Hour.
Today we're at Engine 15 to
talk about beer with The Beer
Guy Marc Wisdom.
So, I need an education because
when it comes to beer, I'm kind
of dumb.
You're ignorant?
We'll go with that.
I hear all these terms like
stout, IPA and what the heck
does all that stuff mean?
Those are different styles of
There are literary dozens and
dozens styles of beer.
And it depends on what you're
looking for in flavor as to
what style of beer you go to.
If a milder beer is what you're
looking for, you're going to
want to go with a German Kolch
style beer.
Very mild ale.
One of the few ales coming out
of Germany.
If you're looking for a lot of
bitterness and super hops, you
can go with an IPA.
That stands for India Pale Ale.
The story behind that is the
English colonized India.
The soldiers over there wanted
They needed something to drink.
What they basically did is over
hop the beer.
Because hops is a natural
It's a long trip over there to
The beer would go bad if they
didn't do that.
With the extra hops it was
going to be super bitter, but
it also had the taste and
alcohol content they want.
So when you're drinking an
India Pale Ale you're expecting
a super hoppy beer.
So what's a stout?
It's another type of beer.
It started out as a porter.
Porter were lighter.
The word stout actually means
It was a strong ale.
What we drink today, like
Guiness, that's what everybody
thinks of as a stout.
Stouts aren't actually that
Everybody thinks they are, but
they are not.
Guiness is maybe 4.8 percent
Not that much.
A stout evolved from the porter
style and turned into the
stronger of the beers in that
particular dark style.
What other kinds are there?
I've heard Heiffenweissen.
Almost got it.
That's a wheat beer from
Germany, very good.
There some Belgian Style beers.
Those are my favorites too.
I had to go to Belgium last
year just to.
Just had to?
I had to drink beer.
It was an imperative.
I understand that, you wouldn't
be the beer guy if you didn't
drink beer.
This is true.
What other types of beers are
There's pale ale, an original
English style beer.
They are mild, in England very
Here in the U.S.
the tend to be a little bit
American style pale ale have
more hops.
There's the west coast style
which has a lot more hops.
Some of them almost at an IPA
level of hops.
What's the deal with all these
wacky flavors, chocolate,
rasperry etc.?
They are just different ways
people enjoy their beers.
There are so many different
styles of beer for people to
I had a chocolate bacon beer a
couple of days ago.
Chocolate bacon?
I guess everything goes better
with bacon?
Not this time.
Is beer the new wine?
It is.
People are starting to pair it
up with their food.
Just like you do with wine, you
want to make sure you're
flavors match.
For example, you would serve an
IPA with a spicy dish.
If you're drinking a Pale Ale
or a Kolch, a mild beer with
spicy food, you're going to
loose the flavor of the beer.
an IPA can stand up to it, just
like a big red.
We're going to talk about beer
pairing and foods in another
If you want to find out more
about this and get the link to
your website, where you give
lots of details about beer, go
to iknowjax.com and find out
more there.
The Happy Hour segment is
definitely one of the toughest
jobs we have here at I Know
So if you were thinking about
trying to take my place, think
I love my job as Marc's trusty
side kick, I'm not giving it
Another part of my job I like
is exploring the coast.
Sometimes i hop in my car and
cruise up the coast Top down
hair blowing in the wind with
the sunshine warming my face.
That's the way it works in my
dreams anyway.
If you do decide to take a
cruise there are several events
you should check out while on
your way.
our friends at When it comes
to choosing events and
festivals to showcase in my TV
show, I usually go for food and
I admit - it's a weakness of
I enjoy the simple pleasures in
life - wine, women and song.
At the Coastal Uncorked
Festival in Myrtle Beach I'm
convinced you'll find fine
wine, and they do also have
live music on stage, but when
it comes to women, you're on
your own.
It all begins at the Market
Common with a kick off event on
Friday April 26th where you can
Sip, Savor and Stroll .
they also have food and drink
samples to get you into the
right festival spirit so to
The main event is the grand
tasting event on Friday and
Saturday at the Oceanfront
Grand Tasting Pavilion &
Gourmet Village .
There's live music, and the
Grand Tasting Tents have over
200 wines and craft beers
available for sampling, so that
can keep a guy like me busy for
quite a while.
On the website it says that you
can also try your hand at grape
stomping and that really
confused me.
I thought you used your feet
for that.
Isn't that why its called
I have seen the pictures with
women stomping grapes I know,
so I was a little bit
Maybe at Coastal Uncorked
they're using a special low
country wine making technique
from early colonial days, who
In any case, On Sunday it's
time for Food Fight & Finale
Gala and there's no confusion
This is your iron chef style
event where local chefs partner
with area farmers and fishermen
to create dishes using a
variety of mystery ingredients
that will be revealed to them
right before the competition
Just like they do on TV.
They've even brought in the big
guns to judge.
The jury consists of famous
celebrity chefs the Lee
Brothers and Louis Osteen.
The main events for the 3rd
Coastal Uncorked food, wine and
spirits festival April 27th to
28th in Myrtle Beach, South
Check out coastalcompanion.com
for links to tickets and more
information about the event.
Spring is a time of renewal,
and in April it's time to tend
your garden.
So it makes sense to celebrate
local farming and local food in
the spring.
And Charleston South Carolina
has created a new festival for
this purpose.
They named it...wait for
it...wait for it...
The Carolina Dirt Fair!
I Know, it doesn't sound very
appetizing, but bear with me.
The Dirt Fair features local as
well as nationally recognized
chefs demonstrating cooking
with local, in-season
On Friday April 27th, there's
New chefs on the Block at
GrowFood Carolina, where chefs
and students from the local
culinary institutes will
prepare food while you get to
enjoy live music and beer in
addition to the food when you
purchase a $20 ticket.
On Saturday gates open at 7
for the Wild & Scenic Film
Festival at James Island County
Then On Sunday the Dirt Fair
runs 11 a.m.
to 5 p.m.
at Mullet Hall on Johns Island.
The Carolina Dirt fair takes
place April 27 to 29 in several
locations around the Charleston
Savannah celebrates Earth
Day every year with a popular
festival for both adults and
This year it's the 15th year
for the festival which features
numerous exhibitors, workshops,
free yoga and live music.
The Earth Day Festival takes
place on April 21st in Forsyth
Park in Savannah, Georgia.
out at the runway show for
Jacksonville Fashion week and I
ran into another person who's
bringing big things to the
first coast.
The organizer of Jacksonville
Superfest, Greg Bruce.
So tell me about Jacksonville
There are a lot of things going
on out there.
It's funny being out here at
Fashionweek, it gave me the
courage to move forward with
something similar and very
close to my heart, culture and
diversity in Jacksonville.
The idea spawned from a visit
to Miami where I saw a lot of
musical artist come together.
I wanted to do the same thing
in Jacksonville and use our
local talent so we can put
money back into the community
but using different genres.
Everything from country, to hip
hop, dub step and all that.
We're catering to a more
progressive culture with our
sound and music and art.
We're expecting 10,000 people
on April 14 and 15 at UNF.
I'm here with Marco Cappozzoli
to talk about Kicks for Kids.
It's a great program we started
last year to benefit the Ronald
McDonald House in Jacksonville.
We met a little boy Chevan who
has a brain tumor.
He was over here for
He changed our lives and help
us realize life is short and
you have to enjoy every day.
We figured we have to set
something up to help these
So we started the program.
Ten dollars is donated from my
check every week for every
extra point I make and 30
dollars for a field goal, which
is matched by the Sharks
Hopefully shark nation gets
behind it and goes to our page
We'll do whatever we can to
support you gives from iknowjax
and we're looking forward to
you kicking a lot of field
Can't wait!
Earth Day is coming up this
month, so we wanted to find a
few events focusing on being
Earth Friendly.
Here are two events perfect for
families with kids.
First, there's an Earth Day
celebration at the Jacksonville
This event features 80
something booths, both
educational and interactive
displays centering around Earth
There is also entertainment
throughout the day on the main
stage, a special children's
stage with demonstrations and
lots of crafts & other
activities for children.
The fun includes a Right Whale
Obstacle Course and MUCH more!
The Earth Day celebration
takes place at JACKSONVILLE
LANDING on Saturday April 21st.
Another event takes place on
Sunday April 22nd.
It's the Slow Food First
Coast's Tour de Farm and you do
not have to be a local Lance
Armstrong to participate in
this tour.
This is a self-paced tour of
local farms in the area.
farms will open their gates for
the community to learn about
local food production - where
our food comes from, and the
farmers who produce it.
You can attend educational farm
workshops, visit a cattle and
goat ranch, taste produce right
from the field, talk with
farmers, and find local
business owners who are
committed to more sustainable
practices and growing our local
And it is a free event.
You can visit the farms from
noon to 5 pm.
so make plans to load up your
car and head out for an
You can find the link to the
guide book with more
information on www.iknowjax.com
In Jax Beach Summer starts
with a bang.
It's the opening of the beaches
weekend this event marks the
official start of the Summer
season here in Jacksonville.
There is a Sandcastle Building
competition on Saturday,
followed by the Opening of the
Beaches Parade on Sunday, The
Sand Castle Contest takes place
in front of Beachwalk Pavilion
on Saturday April 28, 2012,
and the opening of the beaches
parade on April 29, 2012 at 2
Treehill Nature Center's
Butterfly Festival is also
coming up on the same weekend.
It's a great nature themed
festivals with a live butterfly
release and lots of fun
activities for the younger
You can also learn about
butterfly gardening and what
plants to use.
This is Treehill's biggest
fundraiser for the year, so try
to come out and support them.
The Butterfly festival takes
place april 28 from noon to 4
For more music, St.
Augustine serves up a great
festival where they combine two
of my favorite things, music
and ribs.
No, you can't go wrong with
that on a weekend.
This year Taste of St Augustine
is happening at the same time,
so if you love food and music,
Augustine should be your
destination of choice.
The festival is called Rythm
and Ribs and takes place on
April 27 - 29th.
Also, don't forget to visit
the Riverside Arts Market every
Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
RAM is located under the Fuller
Warren Bridge and there's
always a lot of arts and crafts
and handmade items here - and
lots of good food and live
You can find details at
That concludes the show for
this week.
I told you it was action
Next time, we'll have another
cool show coming your way.
We will have another talk with
the beer guy Marc Wisdom and
lots of other fun surprises.
So I'll see you next week and
until then I will see you on