Motocross Tips & Tricks : How to do a Motocross Can Can

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.07.2008

To do a Can-Can when you're approaching the face of the jump, it's good to maybe put a
little bit more weight into the, into the bike, a little bit of pre-load as you hit
the face of the jump, it's to give you that extra pop and even to bring your front end
down just a touch, it makes it a little bit easier to get your leg up and over, through
this space, out the other side and back again, before you land. So, what I like to do is
you know, I'm leaning into the bike heavy, as I hit the face and then almost like lightening
up, kind of jumping, if you will, just really light on your feet, on both of your feet and
then bringing this foot up, and through, and then back again, before you land. I can only
do it with my right leg, cause I'm you know, I'm right footed, but I'm sure you could do
it either way, whichever is more comfortable for you. And, you know it's, I think the only
pitfalls of the trick is if you maybe don't get, can't get your leg back in time, you
know, that you could, you could definitely crash that way, or just catching your leg.
It's kind of a, make sure that as you pop up you have enough clearance to get it out,
and you can start with just putting it through and back real quick, and then as you progress,
you can even extend the leg as far as you would like and leave it out for a little bit
longer, before getting it back, and getting it back in place prior to landing. And, that's
how you do a Can-Can.