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Hi, I'm Justin from Red Clean. We look at ourselves as a one-stop shop and we free you up, so you could do the things you love to do. Here at Red Clean, we're 24/7, we have over 300 clients. We service all over New South Wales, all the way from the northern beaches down south as far as the Blue Mountains. We do quite a few pubs, clubs, schools, [indiscernible] [00:00:33] Jenny Craig, Ella Bache, Pittwater Council, Marina Council, public toilets, rest areas and barbeques all up in northern beaches.

The best part of being in the cleaning industry is getting up early, getting the job done and basically making the client happy at the end of the day.

What sets us apart, I'd say at the end of the day, really is the relationship we have directly with the client. Cleaning is cleaning and you know the difference between most cleaning companies can be very little, but it really is the service, it's turning up on time. Before time is on time, as we say it here at the office, our cleaner is in direct communication with the managers, it reduces complaints and issues. It really is our reliability through our process. It's from the first call right up through to monitoring how the job went. It's making sure that everything, which you've asked us to do is done and it’s the relationship, its relationship building and making sure that at the end of the day, you get what you paid for.

Reliability through process is our catch phrase, and it’s very much the way we proceed with any problems or our day-to-day managing the business.

The main reason why clients come back to us is that reliability through process. People understand that things do go wrong, but it’s how you actually attack that problem and how you turn up and how quickly it’s resolved. It's a residential, commercial and construction, we look at ourselves as a one-stop shop. It's 1300 29 39 49. Give us a call.

“Reliability Through Process”
PH: 1300 29 39 49