Hideo Tokoro's Pre-Fight Interview

Uploaded by K1 on 29.12.2010

Hideo Tokoro
Q: What's your condition like now?
A: I'm in great condition.
Q: What sort of training have you been doing for this fight?
A: I haven't done anything particularly different from usual.
Q: Your opponent is a boxer, so have you worked on your defense?
A: I've been training to keep level headed in the ring.
Q: What do you think of Watanabe?
A: I know he is a former champion in boxer, and he looks like quite an athelite.
I think he is suited to MMA.
Q: What do you want to show in the fight?
A: I need to win first and foremost.
Q: Which weight class do you hope to fight in next year?
A: I will fight in the class that gives me the most opportunities.
Q: The fighter you wanted to fight has gone to the UFC…
A: KID is a great fighter. I wish him all the best.
Q: Please look back on the year and share your feelings with us.
A: It wasn't a good year but at least against Hansen I could be aggressive
so I hope to be able to carry on with that.
Q: Recently you've picked up more losses than wins. Why do you feel thatis?
A: I think mainly my training. I was pushing myself too hard, but not sparring enough I guess.
Q: How were you pushing yourself too hard if you weren't sparring?
A: I was doing too much physical training.
Q: Have you made any changes?
A: Yes, I think I am getting back to my more agile ways.
Q: When did you realize you needed to change?
A: When I was facing Hansen and he mounted me, I didn't know what to do.
I knew then I needed to do something different.
Q: Was that the first time in your career that you were lost in the fight?
A: Yes. It wasn't so much that I didn't know what to do,
but that my body wouldn't react.