Pt 2: HP Desktops- Resolving Sound Problems in Windows Vista - Kevin & Randy

Uploaded by howto4u on 03.10.2008

Step four: Reinstall device using HP Application Recovery
Randy : So the number one thing you can do if you have an HP PC and you haven’t changed
the operating system - you haven’t upgraded to Windows Vista, you can go through HP’s
application recovery program. Click Start, All Programs, PC Help & Tools, and there’s
a program in there called Recovery Manager. Click that. A UAC message comes up – that's
User Account Control. Click Continue, and you should go into Recovery Manager. Click
the Advanced Options button, and select Reinstall Hardware Drivers That Came With Your Computer.
Click Next, click Next again, scroll down the list, and find the audio driver that came
with your PC. Kevin : It will say audio.
Randy : In this case, Realtek High Definition Audio. Select it. Click Next and it reinstalls
your driver. Kevin : So this would be putting it back and
saying, “OK, we know the hardware works. Now we’re putting in the original audio
driver." Randy : Right. A driver isn’t just one software
file; it’s many different software files. And if for some reason one of those little
software files is corrupted or something’s wrong, and Windows can’t plug into it, this
puts everything back to the way it was. It forces Window to look at things and get plugged
back in. Normally this gets it. Kevin : What happens if I don’t have the
Recovery Manager? What if I deleted my partition or I don’t have Recovery Manager. What if
it wasn’t there? Randy : You have to get the drivers to reinstall
them. You would have to go to If you’ve changed the operating system, HP may not have
the drivers out there. Or you can get them from the sound card manufacturer's website.
Step five : Check for failed hardware Kevin : It’s hard to imagine, but what if
it’s still not working. Randy : If we’ve done all these things and
we still don’t have sound, then I’d start suspecting that we probably have a hardware
problem. Kevin : So what can we do to test to see if
it’s the hardware? Randy : You can open up a program HP has called
HP Hardware Diagnostic. Kevin : So HP has a diagnostic program on
here to check the hardware. Randy : Yes, under Help & Support.
Kevin : Under Help and Support. So Start, Help and Support…
Randy : Go to Troubleshooting Tools. Kevin : You can see that there’s actually
quite a bit of information out here in this tool. Click Troubleshooting Tools.
Randy : Click Hardware diagnostic tools to test computer hardware devices.
Kevin : OK. So we’re going to click Continue from there. And we’re going to the Hardware
Diagnostic tool. Randy : There’s the audio test.
Kevin : Look at right there. Audio: Test your microphone or Sound Card. We want to test
the sound card. Randy : The sound card in this case also equals
onboard sound. Kevin : So here it’s got different tools.
Do we want to test the volume? Randy : You want to Run test.
Kevin : OK. Randy : We’ve already done all these other
things: Control Panel, Device Manager. Kevin : So it comes up and says "Do you wish
to continue?" and we’re just going to say Yes. In this scenario, we have the default
set to the speakers, so we would select our speakers since that’s our default, right?
Randy : Yes, just for basic testing, for no sound, let’s select speakers, and click
test. (Chime sound) We have sound. But if you don’t have sound, this is yet another
indication that there’s a problem. Kevin : Right. If you didn’t hear sound
in these and you tried your output devices and heard nothing, you have buttons down here.
One is for passing. If you did hear sound, you click Pass. If it’s not giving you sound,
you click Fail, and it’s going to give you some other information to try.
Randy : It will give you some more options. It’s going to recommend that you run a full
system test. But if these tests fail, it could indicate that there’s a real hardware problem.
You could hook another pair of speakers up to the back. A different pair, like headphones.
Kevin : Right, but you could also open the machine and go in and reseat the sound card
or test it. If you have one sound card, pull out the old one, put in a new one, and see
if that’s it. But if you’ve gone through all this and you still don’t have sound,
and you want instructions that you can read along so you don’t have to try to follow
the video all the way through, go to HPs website at Select Support and Troubleshooting,
put in your model number, and it will take you to your product page. From there, you’ll
have all kinds of documentation for almost every issue out there, software, and drivers,
and instructions on all of this. Randy : We hope we fixed you. We hope that
you have sound now. Kevin : Yes. And if you still have feedback
you want to give us, keep giving us feedback, because that’s what inspires us to keep
creating this. Randy : Yes.
Kevin : We take your feedback seriously. Randy : Bye.
Kevin : Bye.