Pedal Prix - Round One 2012

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 27.05.2012


My name's Patrick Jonker, and welcome to the
UniSA HPV Series for 2012.
Today is a six hour race
around the beautiful Victoria Park.
They'll be covering around 250km
which is pretty amazing for a human powered vehicle
to be covering 250km in a six hour period.
Myself, I was actually in one of the HPVs.
I did about 25 minutes worth,
I went as hard as I possibly could.
I was about 15 seconds per lap slower than
the quickest teams like Aurora and Ballistics.
For me, being in the top eight in the Olympic Games
is easier than being in the top eight here
at Victoria Park in the HPV Series.
So I think I need to do a little bit more training,
but it's a lot of fun.
There were a few spills, but overall
we have several thousand kids here today
several hundred schools from all over South Australia
and also a few visitors from Victoria, so an event that's growing.
A very close race. Average speeds of
close to 45, 46km per hour for the six hour race.
As round one of the UniSA HPV Series
comes to a close, it's Team Aurora who will be
declared the winners from Team Ballistic
and third, Team Trump.
Hope to see you at round two of UniSA's HPV Championship
on the 28th, 29th of July [ 2012 ]
and also, of course, the grand finale
at Murray Bridge, the 24 hour UniSA HPV Series
15th and 16th of September [ 2012 ]. Be there!