BB Cream in Korea

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 19.03.2011

Marsha from Pocatello Idaho asks,
"Martina, how do you get your skin so prudiful?"
And by "prudiful" I mean pretty and beautiful.
I guess it's just good genetics!
Good DNA, eh? Then what do you call THIS?!
SHHH! Ancient Korean secret! TEEHHEEHEE! I'll never tell!
Except, I will tell. It's BB Cream, yeah, and I'm gonna do a review on it!
So, I guess everyone knows now.
Because BB Cream is so incredibly popular,
every single makeup store in Korea has their own special brand,
and they'll literally sell right beside the next makeup store,
actually, you know what, let me just show you guys what I mean.
So, Etude house, or Etude, or Etude House, it's actually my favorite,
so this is my favorite BB Cream, and you do actually have to go to all
the different shops and check them out because every single BB Cream
is a little bit different, so today what I want to do is show you two
creams. This is the Etude house, this is like a Matte one,
and this one is IPKN New York. It's kind of like a SHINee version.
So I'm gonna do half and half of my face,
you guys can see all my blemishes today!
But I'm doing it for you, because I love you!
Alright, time to get sexy for the camera.
You know what? I need some kind of makeup music,
Simon, can you get me some makeup music?
That's really terrible. I'm gonna do my own makeup music.
That's better! Ok,
I'm gonna start with Etude House, BB Cream, all day strong,
SPF 30, Sheer Glowing Skin,
Alright, so actually, I didn't wear makeup when I lived in Canada,
Foundation and Concealer was just baffling to me,
So this is coming from a girl who does not like makeup,
this stuff is wickedly awesome!
Ok, so I'm gonna put it on first,
Ok, so this one is the matte one, so it doesn't make me have any extra shine,
but the other one I want to show you is actually quite SHINee
Ok so this one is skinny fit cream
BB SPF 45 Anti Wrinkle
and Whitening. The Last Skin fit super moist treatment
Only with mineral UV filters
Even Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Wow! That's one ginormous sentence!
Ok, so let me show you guys the difference in colors between the two of them,
So you can see that it's actually a little bit lighter,
so when I bought this I thought it was closer to my skin tone,
but like I said it's really glossy, so I'll show you guys the difference between them
Ok so now that I have both of them on, I want to do a closeup
so you guys can see the difference. It's a very subtle difference,
But this one is definitely glossier, a little bit lighter,
and this one matches my skin tone a little bit more.
Ok so that's the main difference between the two BB Creams I purchased,
my main advice for buying BB Cream is that you should definitely test it.
I know it's a bit hard for people who want to buy it online,
but the cream that actually comes out like onto your hand
will look totally different once you rub it into your face,
so if that's the case and you do want to buy it online,
make sure that you buy one at a time and test it first,
and then you can kind of get an idea of what they look like,
the second thing is to choose between the matte and the glossy look,
and be aware that the labels can be deceiving,
so even though one of the BB Creams says, like, SHINee,
it ends up being totally matte, and another one
says nothing about being SHINee, but it ends up making my face look really glossy,
so that would be my only buyer beware advice, but otherwise,
I've never had a BB Cream disappoint me,
It's just that if you're picky about something specific,
then that's what you're going for, but otherwise,
like every BB Cream from Korea is totally amazing.
So if there's any makeup product that you know from Korea
and you really want us to review it, just leave us a comment
or drop us an email and we'll see if we can find it and do a review for it,
BB Cream, thank you for making my skin look so glorious for cameras everyday :D