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Are you okay?
Yes, but why are you here?
Did your father go back home?
I was going to make him some food, so I brought this.
Oh, dear.
He went home this morning.
Give this to me.
Oh, it's heavy.
How did you carry this heavy thing all the way here?
How did you carry this by yourself?
This is so heavy. How do you make this?
Miss Shin!
This is so heavy. How do you make this?
First, you put it in water...
The water is in here. Come with me.
There's water here.
Just put it down here.
- Just drain the blood and put it in a pan. - Drain the blood...
Drain it and then...
Miss Shin!
Answer your phone.
Answer it.
Yes, dad?
I'm a bit busy right now.
Do I have to send it now?
Oh, okay.
What did your father say?
I'm sorry.
I think I have to go to the bank.
It must be urgent. I'll go with you.
No, I'll just go and come right back.
I want to go with you. It'll be better.
- No, I'll be right back. - No, let me go with you.
- No, I'll go with you. - Mr. Jang, I'll be right back.
- If you really... - Mr. Jang, I'll be right back.
Yes... but still...
- I'll be right back. - Yes.
Is she gone?
Are you going to keep this up?
I was so scared.
That's my last warning.
Eun Byul, just come out for a minute until Miss Shin comes back.
How about that?
Since you don't want us to go out...
I feel bad for telling you this, but maybe you should go somewhere.
I'm not leaving.
Then what?
Now that there's time.
Let's just do that, okay?
- Quickly. - I'm not leaving.
Are you trying to get me killed?
You kind of deserve it.
I'm not joking around here.
Now that we have time...
Her wallet?
Eun Byul, give it to me.
- Hey, give me that. - Try to get it!
Hey, Eun Byul. The bank is...
So Yi.
So Yi.
So Yi, wait.
- Wait a minute. - Let go of me.
Don't touch me.
I don't want you to.
How could you?
It's just like I saw, right?
It's just like I saw just then, right?
No, it's not.
It's not like that at all, so...
She's a child.
She's a student.
Yes, she's a child, and a student.
But what I'm saying is...
What's going on?
How could you do this?
So you were playing me for a fool this whole time?
Is that it?
Why did you?
What am I?
What am I to you?
I'll explain. Please let me explain.
What I saw in there explain things perfectly well.
Miss Shin.
I never knew a person could be so disappointed in another person.
From beginning to end. The entire time.
I hate myself and regret everything.
So Yi.
Please give me a chance to explain.
So Yi.
Mr. Jang.
So Yi?
I feel...
like I could die.
I told you not to drink.
What took you so long?
I had such a hard time getting away from my friends.
and you call me a creep?
Did you drink all of this?
You're crazy.
Excuse me, can we have the check?
What happened?
It's not my fault!
You're the one who didn't lock the door.
Say something.
Is she not going to see you anymore?
Could you leave?
Are you mad at me?
Why are you mad at me?
I'm not mad.
Then why are you acting like this?
Just leave.
Wow, he's really something.
You knew, didn't you?
You knew what would happen.
What am I, a fortune-teller?
How would I know who's living with who?
You said it would turn out well.
Did you, or did you not?
First, let's get you sobered up a bit.
Let's go.
Why are you calling me names?
look down on me?
Okay, fine. I was wrong. I'm sorry.
It doesn't look like you mean it.
Then what do you want me to do?
I know how you feel, but can we go somewhere else and cry?
Miss Shin.
Miss Shin.
Well? Did running help you feel better?
So dizzy.
I'm sober now.
The air certainly is much better after the rain.
What am I going to do now?
Peope in my situation, what will they do?
Why do I feel that school is no longer the same?
How scary.
Of course school will be different during daytime and nightime.
Now I don't have the courage to face the students anymore.
I always think of them as my younger siblings.
But now I feel the school is no longer the same.
I'm afraid.
When did you get hurt?
Hesitation Mark.
I've tried to commit suicide 3 times, but didn't succeed.
I didn't have the courage to, that's why I'm still alive now.
Why did you do it?
I can't accep the changes with my surroundings.
I got to the top of the world when I haven't yet reached my 20s,
and then just vanished from the world.
Am I tough or what?
I feel like I have 9 lives.
People said time will heal all pains.
If you think about it, it's quite true.
It's going to be okay.
it hurts so much.
Right here... it hurts a lot.
That person is so bad...
so mean.
Why did he do that to me?
What have I done wrong?
It's okay. Everything will be fine.
I thought I will never like another person again.
The wine... I'm sober already.
Let's go.
It's all wet.
It's okay. Don't move.
We're all sober now. How about running another lap?
Fine, I'll go with you.
We'll go explain the misunderstanding then I'll treat you to eat spicy rice cakes, ok?
Chairman, what happened to your eyes?
Did you...
No, these cameras can't be right.
How could everything look so dark at night?
It's possible.
Are you going to watch this all night?
How about hire someone to monitor it for you?
Hire who to monitor? I'm just watching my daughter's house.
But if you're watching 24/7, chairman...
you'll die soon.
What are you talking about?
Alright, I'm not watching anymore.
Did you see anything special?
No, but I noticed that teacher doesn't seem to take care of my daughter much.
What does he take my daughter as?
Isn't it better this way?
Didn't chairman worry about them all along?
Is that so?
You're up already?
Yes, Mr. Ji.
Have you eaten yet?
Not yet.
I knew it.
Do you still remember the restaurant we ate soup last time?
See you there.
No need.
Why? You're not feeling better yet?
It's over between us.
There's no need for me to bother you anymore.
You don't need to worry for me.
Seems like I've bothered you too much already.
You don't have to say that. Hurry and come out.
I want to be alone.
Will you be alright?
Thank you.
I know, you don't have to worry for me.
Dad, can you see me?
Yes, Eun Byul. I can see you very clearly.
I will always watch you.
Don't worry about anything. Just study well.
Do you see how lovely my daughter is?
She's so cute.
Sakang, let's go to school.
Hee Kang, where is your sister?
She said she'll be right back.
Really? Where is your mother?
Mom went to make money.
Then you're home by yourself?
Hee Kang, do you want to go to the park with me?
The park?
Can we not follow Eun Byul today?
What are you saying? We almost have her.
Honestly, aren't you tired?
Then we will rest for a day.
Well, did you find it?
Mo Se, I got a cold just because I tried to follow Eun Byul.
Then does Mr. Jang and Eun Byul really have that kind of relationship?
We still don't have any evidence yet.
See, what did I tell you?
Hey, don't do such useless things anymore.
I have to clarify this myself.
Hey, what are you saying?
Think about it, he will never admit it.
But does he look like the type of person who lives in a luxury house like that?
That's true.
What are you saying? You can't judge someone by the outside appearance.
Green, yellow, red light...
You come here.
Green, yellow, red light.
Red light...
Green, yellow, red light.
- Higher? - Higher.
- Again? - Again.
Use your legs to push up.
Hee Kang.
Why did you come here?
I've been worried because I can't contact you. That's why I came.
Why do you have that look? Am I not welcome?
No, I'm just asking.
What? I came here because I want to see you.
Seems like I'm not welcome at all.
Why aren't you in school?
It's only summer class anyway.
What's wrong? Did something happen to you?
You're here?
Don't I have an exam in September?
Right, you made the right decision.
I don't have any confidence.
You don't need to worry. Trust me, okay?
You're not working at that job anymore?
The boss gave me some money and then told me to leave.
That's good. Do you have any idea how worried we were?
Moo Shin, me, and Mr. Jang.
Moo Shin went back to school?
If Moo Shin doesn't go to school, then our teacher will get into trouble.
Our teacher?
You... let's stop it.
Don't play with Moo Shin's heart anymore.
Hey, how can that happen between friends?
The problem is that Moo Shin doesn't think it's like that.
Is that what you think?
Okay. I'll be careful from now on.
Also you...
Regardless of how close our friendship is, don't just carelessly do things that you like.
What do you mean?
I'm very thankful to you for helping our Hee Kang.
but by acting like you know nothing about this made me more upset.
In your eyes, because of my pride, I would care less about my brother's pain?
What are you saying?
I already found out that your dad helped with my brother's operation.
So you're telling me...
then the person who helped with your brother's operation was my dad?
You didn't know that?
Kids these days don't like to get free things.
That' fine. She can pay it back.
Tell her that I will accept it.
If I have a lot of friends, then you might go bankrupt.
I know. I know that you have good intention, that's why I forgive you.
Teacher, why are you like this over such a small matter?
You're not a kid.
You'll get over this, don't worry.
Who knows you might find someone better than Miss Shin?
When that happens, you'll thank me for this.
That's why I told you not to let her come here. Why don't you listen?
Teacher, are you going to keep hiding in your room?
I might be terrible with lots of thing, but I'm a very good listener.
Don't you want to tell me?
Don't you?
Teacher, don't worry. I'll make you happy again.
Trust me, okay?
Tell the manager at this place that I'm referring you.
Yes, thank you.
You'll be painting there, so there shouldn't be any problem.
See? Doing things that you like and earning money at the same time.
You must be very close with Eun Byul. right?
Eun Byul seems to be loved by many people.
Is it because she's cheerful and confident?
A little.
You need to be more confident and smile more often, then you'll also stand out .
It all depends on each person's personality.
What is it with you? You're very beautiful.
I'll be going first.
Miss Shin.
Please move, Mr. Jang.
Don't be like this.
Look at me.
I'll explain everything to you.
After I'm finished, if you still think that I'm wrong,
then it's up to you to decide.
Can you do that?
Being able to explain this misunderstanding...
not only because of me, but for Miss Shin.
Mr. Jang.
I'm not misunderstanding.
I'm not the one that misunderstood, Mr. Jang was the one who made a mistake.
Why don't you tell me your secret?
How could you talk to your teacher like that?
Go quickly.
Why are you always showing up at the right time?
Well, my son seems to know something.
Have you done something suspicious?
No, how could I?
If people find out about our secret, Mr. Jang and I...
Until Eun Byul goes to study abroad, you must be very careful.
During the summer vacation, don't let her go to school...
Don't let her join any other events.
What about study...
That's not important. She'll be leaving soon anyway.
You must be careful.
Your father is related to Mr. Jang?
I didn't know either.
I transferred here and found out.
So your father got that house for you?
He said it'd be big trouble if it ever got out.
In order for me to study abroad, I need to be privately tutored.
He said that since we're related, he would help me out.
So he's like a live-in tutor.
I see.
It's uncomfortable for me too.
I just didn't want you to misunderstand.
So you're still living with him?
This is a very important time for me.
So how are the preparations going?
Okay, I guess.
I'll be going.
That time you told me about the hospital.
Why are you telling me all this?
I'm not sure.
Things usually don't go right for Mr. Jang.
If nobody steps up and solves things for him...
You know a lot about him.
Don't you think Mr. Jang is not quite himself today?
I see there's nothing unsual about him.
Each of our body parts function differently.
That's why after eating, the stomach will be full and your eyes get heavy.
In other words, he's just sleepy.
Is that so?
I think it's more like a trembling tree before a big storm arrives.
What do you mean?
Just wait and see.
In this quiet school, a big storm will be heading toward Mr. Jang.
Can we meet for dinner tonight?
I'm very upset.
Why didn't you tell me?
I wouldn't have said all those bad things to you if you had told me the truth from the start.
I really wanted to tell you at first, but you...
I wouldn't have done that if you had told me earlier.
That's why I'm upset with you.
But why aren't you upset anymore?
I heard about your situation from Eun Byul.
I see.
So you know that my life is at risk.
Your life?
Oh, she probably didn't tell you that. Of course not.
A teacher tutoring a student is dangerous.
It's illegal.
Even if she's related to you, it's still...
You're related to Eun Byul's father.
Oh, right.
No matter how I try to hide it, you know too much already.
You must have found it hard to say no.
Oh, man.
I wanted to keep it a secret.
I'll let it go.
You really are beautiful.
How are you going to make it up to me?
If I fill this with my heart and feed it to you, will you accept my apology?
Eun Byul, have you eaten yet?
Do you know what's your strength and also your weakness?
What is that?
What is it?
You can't hide your feelings.
What? Why should I hide anything?
True, what is there for you to hide?
But since when did you start calling me mister this and mister that?
I'm your homeroom teacher.
Mr. Jang.
Help me study.
Alright, come here.
Mr. Jang, what does this mean?
And what does this mean?
Okay, let's try to hit these books.
This is...
So this is...
- Mr. Jang. - Eun Byul.
Mr. Jang.
Why is she here again?
For the weekend?
They messed up some wires in my apartment doing some work.
They said it'll be fixed on Monday.
What to do now, Miss Shin?
If it's not possible, I can go somewhere else.
You mean like a motel room?
It's not a good idea to have you staying in a place like that alone.
I can't stay here?
I just thought of you as I was passing by.
What do you think, Eun Byul?
Thank you.
Thanks, Eun Byul.
I'll never forget this.
Don't mention it.
This is heavy.
Won't you be uncomfortable staying at someone else's house?
Not at all.
But don't you go back home on the weekends?
Nope, never.
Is that room okay for you?
I hope I'm not putting you out or anything.
Of course not. Make yourself at home.
Hey, let's watch a movie. A horror movie.
A movie? Sure.
It's time for the news.
Oh, we should watch the news.
Eun Byul, let's watch that movie later.
After the news.
Intellectuals need to know what's going on in the world.
I'm not an intellectual.
The price of small apartments went up again.
But they also say it should stabilize by the fall.
But we still need to wait and see.
It can go up tens of thousands of dollars in a year.
I'm hungry.
I bought some bread. Have some of that.
I want flour dumpling soup.
Why do you want that this late at night?
We need to save money.
The interest on loans keep going up, so us working class...
I'm want to eat it.
Okay, Eun Byul. I'll make it for you.
Want me to help?
- It's okay. - It's okay, So Yi.
I'm the originator of the delicacy known as flour dumpling soup.
I'm very good at kneading dough.
Then go ahead and do that.
Would you like red or white strips of flour?
- Red flour strips? - Red is made with kimchi, white is...
You're doing the color thing again.
Here's the flour.
And since you're an art teacher, knead it like in that movie.
- Give it to me. - Yes, just like in...
Now he just let people in the house like that.
As a teacher, he's not teaching my child at all.
Now you don't have to worry anymore since that female teacher is staying with them.
I guess you're right.
How about let the three of them live together until Eun Byul goes study abroad?
Would he agree to that?
It's not his house after all.
Have you finished eating?
It tastes funny.
Why? It's delicious.
If it's so good, then you eat all of it.
Miss Shin, it's delicious. Thanks for the meal.
I'll do the dishes.
No need to, I'll wash it.
No, I'll do it. I'm so used to it.
Are you sure it's ok?
- Just let me do it. - It's okay.
I mop and mop and it's still not clean.
It's about time that was cleaned.
Don't exert yourself. You're not here to work.
Oh no.
You're here against your will because you're doing a good deed.
This is nothing compared to what you're doing.
That's enough.
Here, let's have some coffee.
Shall we?
I want some too.
Coffee isn't good for kids. It's not good for your bones.
Please, oh please...
Eun Byul!
We need to go. What are you doing in there?
I'm almost done. You know I take an hour in here.
But still, there's three of us now.
Don't you think you should think about other people?
If you keep that up, I'll only take longer.
Just hold on.
Oh, the conditioner!
I'll do the dishes.
Great, thanks.
Have some fruit, Miss Shin.
The apples are so rough.
When you peel apples, you have to put some strength in your shoulders.
Eun Byul, come have some fruit.
Who are you?
Who are you looking for?
I'm here to see Miss Shin So Yi.
Who might you be?
I'm her father.
Pardon me for not knowing.
I'm the doctor at her school.
Why don't you go inside? Why wait out here?
I don't think she's home.
Where has she gone at this hour?
She's not answering her phone, either.
Oh, I forgot!
She said she was going on a research trip.
Research trip?
Yes, a research trip for educators.
But she should have told me she was going.
Then why are you here?
I came to borrow something.
A book.
A book on art therapy.
Have you eaten?
Go ahead.
So you're the youngest son?
Yes, I have three older brothers.
What does your father do?
He runs a hospital in Chungcheong Province.
Where do you live?
I assume you live alone in Seoul?
Yes. You know the apartment complex out front?
You rent it?
No, I own it.
Oh, I see.
You're young and already have a house. Did you have another job before?
Do you by chance know of "Relief Squad"?
You worked in an emergency unit?
Why did you quit that and start working for a school?
I kind of got hurt.
I see.
Being a fireman is tough, I guess.
How about sharing a drink?
Why don't we each have our own?
Sure, why not?
Excuse me! Can we get a bottle of soju?
What are you doing at this hour?
I haven't done anything to my face, and I think it looks rougher.
A woman must meticulously take care of herself.
Take care of herself?
I guess that's what happens when you grow older.
You must be sad.
Looking closely, you have some wrinkles around your eyes.
Have at it.
Don't worry about me. You should study.
I am studying.
I heard you put "Scandal in Old Seoul" as the latest modern short story.
Did Mr. Jang say that?
Sort of.
Sorry about breaking your cell phone.
I'll buy you a new one.
It's okay, Eun Byul.
Things happen.
Oh, I saw a spider in your room.
It was so big, so when I fed it, it ate really well.
You fed it?
How much?
This much?
If you feed it too much, it'll die of stress.
Oh no. I didn't know.
Drinking here with you at home...
It makes this taste even...
What is it? Again?
Alright, alright.
Why did you leave your window open overnight?
- I was feeling stuffy. - That's why you always get bitten.
Put more on.
It's not good to put too much of this on.
Keep it.
I'll put it on for you, Eun Byul.
It's fine.
They say mosquitoes like type B blood.
You know Eun Byul's blood type.
I'm type A.
Are you?
Essays are a way for you to give your opinions about an issue.
Being a senior doesn't mean just solving problems.
To change gears a bit,
let's try to exercise our expressive sides.
Pass these around.
Write a story about yourself by the next class.
the format doesn't matter.
It can be a poem, prose, or whatever.
Teacher, can it be in Spanish or Latin?
Foreign languages are okay. Alien languages are not.
Aren't we going to study? I have so much to study.
As soon as summer's over, you will be thrown into exams.
Even if we know our textbooks really well,
we don't know a lot about our fellow classmates.
We don't know our textbooks that well.
If we don't do it now, we'll never get another chance.
I don't know if you understand what this all means, though.
Things must be looking up for you. You're looking bright.
When have I ever not been bright?
I know.
But I think it's about time for that bright light to fade.
What do you mean?
Since you're a Korean teacher,
you should know "A horse travels with no feet."
Or "Where there's smoke, there's fire."
Why is a Korean history teacher speaking in proverbs all of a sudden?
Well, to speak in a historical sense.
Let's just say that it's "Retrace Our Steps" Day.
Yeah, we took bus number 35 and we're following the line of trees.
I can't see you. Only trees. Where are you?
Did the art teacher hook you up with this job?
It seems like a very deep work of art.
I'm painting the foundation.
I have to paint it white to be able to paint over it.
That seems harder.
I do it quickly if I do it to the music.
Give it here. I'll help you.
- Is this the right way to do it? - Hey, stop it or I'll get fired again.
Why? It looks fun. I'm good at this kind of stuff.
Hey, let me make some money.
Where do we start?
Eun Byul, you eat so much, but you can't paint straight.
I'm working hard.
Hey, do it right.
I'm sorry.
You really...
You'd better not...
Hey, guys.
Come here!
Mr. Jang.
Miss Shin.
Seeing you both in the morning and evening feels like...
we're newlyweds.
Come inside.
We don't have to look for one. We can just take this house.
Just kidding.
It's you.
Good. Come on in.
Are you hungry, sweetie?