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NICK LAZZARINI: What does Selena Gomez have to say about
Justin Bieber's sexy new video?
We tell you to get into the monster pit on Lady Gaga's
world tour.
And if you've voted for your favorites on Dance Showdown,
this is Just Dance for April 20, 2012.
And Happy Earth Day.

Hey guys.
I'm Nick Lazzarini, back to give you the scoop this week
in the world of dance.
And believe me we have a lot to get to.
So I caught Justin Bieber's new video on
The Voice this week.
And it's a huge change of pace from the Biebs that we all
know and love.
I guess boyfriend is Beib's way of letting us know that
he's not a 14-year-old boy anymore, even though he still
kind of looks like one.
Let's check in with Arielle to see if the new video made her
a believer.
Arielle: Oh Biebs.
Damn boy, you only 18.
Why all these sexy girlies be touching you?
The legal age is 17 in most states?
Well then good for you, J.
I hope Selena ain't mad though.
I don't know.
Is this video too sexy for an 18-year-old?
What do you guys think?
Let us know in the comments below.
Knowing how most 18-year-olds act these days, I think not.
I have to admit, though, I love the contrast between the
darks and the lights and the reds and the blues.
But why you drowning?
Don't drown Justin.
And what the hell does that girl wear on her fingers?
I do have one big criticism.
How many teases are we going to get.
Three on YouTube alone, and now you don't even show us the
entire thing on The Voice?
I don't know.
The hype has just about died for me.
I don't even want to see it anymore.
OK, that's a lie.
But besides that, I really like the video.
I love ya'.
NICK LAZZARINI: Next week's episode of Glee will pay
tribute to the one and only Whitney Houston.
After the amazing cover of "I Will Always Love You" earlier
this season, this all-Whitney episode will definitely be
going on my DVR.
They're going to be covering a bunch of my favorite Whitney
songs, including "I Want to Dance with Somebody," "It's
"When you believe--
da-da yeah." It's going to be great.
If that's not enough Glee news for you, the Glee Project will
be returning to Oxygen this summer.
And they've just announced the 14 new cast members.
The first season of the Glee Project brought us amazing
talents like Damien McGinty, Samuel Larsen, Lindsay Pearce,
and Alex Newell.
We'll have to see if the Season 2
hopefuls can bring it.
Fans of Lady Gaga rejoice.
Gaga will be kicking off her Born This Way world tour at
Olympic Stadium in South Korea next Friday, April 27.
According to Gaga's website, a select few fans will be graced
with access to the monster pit during the concert.
How you ask?
Arrive early, wait in line the longest, and
be dressed to ball.
Her words, not mine.
America's Best Dance Crew has been shot out of a cannon
since the first week of performances.
There is so much talent this season.
The first round of performances is over, but Just
Dance will be backstage every week to give guys insider
access to all the crews.
If you guys missed our interview with all of the
crews performing the flow [INAUDIBLE]
this week, click here.
For those of you over the age of 12, One Direction is the
latest and greatest boy band on the scene.
They were created in a lab by Simon Cowell, using spare
parts from 'N Sync and Justin Bieber's old haircut.
Anywho, One Direction has already sold out
their entire 2012 tour.
So now they're planning a 2013 US tour.
And tickets will go on sale tomorrow April 21.
This is huge news for thousands and thousands of
tweenage girls and probably a few tweenage boys as well.
Everyone is still talking about the first week of
performances on Dance Showdown.
And I already have my picks on who I think are the strongest.
If you want to check out the extended performances, they're
right here.
And don't forget to vote for your favorites.
We're in Week 5 of Dancing with the Stars, and this week
was Latin week.
If you guys missed my recap on this week's performances and
results, well, what do you know?
It's right here.
Benjamin Millepied, the choreographer of Black Swan
and Natalie Portman's real-life fiance and baby
daddy, directed an amazing dance video that blends hip
hop and ballet.
It features dancer Little Buck, who won the coveted
opportunity to go on tour with Madonna during the Smirnoff
Night Life Exchange Project.
Click here to watch the whole video, and let me know below
what you guys think.
Josh Brolin hosted SNL last weekend.
And surprisingly, there was quite a bit of
dancing in the episode.
One sketch was called America's Next Empire State of
Mind Parody Artist.
J. Pharoah's Jay-Z impression, along with Abby Elliott as
Ke$ha made it a winner.
I'm going to assume they were giving a shout out to Dance
Showdown by featuring Keenan Thompson, as Tay
Zonday in this one.
Later in the show, John Brolin got down at
a high school prom.
The only problem was he was playing a teacher and his date
was one of his students.
I shouldn't be laughing at this, but I am.
Last week was a total psych out on Smash.
They promised us Uma, and there was hardly any Uma.
But she arrived for realsies on this week's episode, and it
was definitely worth the wait.
Luan Legacy tells us all about it in this week's Smash FYI
right here.
Dance Moms Miami.
I just--
I just can't.
Lucky for you guys, Todrick Cannon does.
Click here to check out Toddy's recap this week.
That's it for me this week.
Tune in next week to Dancing with the Stars, where I'm be
performing with my dance company Shaping Sound on
Macy's stars of Dance.
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And remember it's Earth Day, so don't forget to hug a tree.