Tokio Hotel for PETA English Sub HD

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Tom and I are vegetarians. We don't want animals to be hurt or to live in circuses.
This is what animals go through, you have to imagine that.
They are responsible for the amusement of people.
That's why we are taking some photos today and we are going to be chained.
To people at first they think that it's funny and that the animals are having fun.
But in reality it is much different.
Because they have to control the animals. To do that training is necessary and hitting is involved.
There are always parents who go to the circus with their little children.
The little children don't know anything about the reality.
That's why the parents have to be aware that this isn't okay.
There are cool circuses with artists and stuff. We have gone to places like that too.
Now we go even further. We are going into the cages.
Interviewer: Do you think this is how an animal feels when caged.
No, I don't think so.
It's a thousand times worse for the animals.
We are just here for ten minutes for a photo and that's already enough.
We come across a lot of animals in show business in general. In TV shows, performances and in video shoots.
That is something we refuse to be part of in anyway.
When an animal is caged it just doesn't understand, It's just locked in.
I just cant stand it. If I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes.
The first dog we got was from an animal shelter it was seriously injured.
He had burns all over his ears, because the former owner put out his cigarettes on his ears.
He had bad teeth, because they gave him beer when he was young.
These are experiences that have influenced us. Absolutely!
T-shirt says: Stop animal torture!
Hey, we are Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel and we support PETA.
Don't let the wild animals down, they should be free and not in a circus.
To support all of this go to and become informed.