How to Safely Buy Medication Online

Uploaded by VIAGRA on 22.08.2011

A message that I hope people won’t take away is that they can’t buy medications
online. That would be the wrong message. People can, and it is safe.
There are a number of websites that offer legitimate medications and consumers can find
those sites very easily. You can go to our website at and search a
list of legitimate pharmacies online. They can look for a seal that our organization
puts on our website called the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal – VIPPS. If
you see our VIPPS seal on that website, click on that VIPPS seal. If it’s a legitimate
VIPPS seal, it will immediately bring you to our website and you’ll have all the information
about that pharmacy that you need. Where it’s licensed, where it’s located, who the pharmacist
is, what products they dispense, and other information that you would normally want and
access as if you were using a brick and mortar pharmacy.