Sainsbury's Customer Service Manager

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I'm Jen Taylor. I'm 22 and I'm now a Customer Service Manager in Otley after completing
the Trainee Manager Scheme. I worked at Sainsbury's throughout my time at college and throughout
my time at university to support myself through it. When I finished at university I went on
to the Sainsbury's graduate scheme assessment and I got to the assessment centre but I was
just too nervous and slightly inexperienced I think. So I went to my Store Manager who
made me a Team Leader to develop my experience and then I was approached by our Regional
Manager who suggested that I tried for the Trainee Manager Scheme and then I went through
the 12 months at Trainee Manager.
I would probably describe the trainee manager scheme as a 12 month learning programme really.
It teaches you about yourself and how to behave as a manager. It also teaches you the technical
skills that you require to be a Sainsbury's manager. So the processes you need to know,
our jargon and everything that you'd need to know to work in Sainsbury's as well as
the behavioural toolkit to make you a department manager. My first impressions of the Trainee
Manager Scheme, I think it was kind of ... excitement and looking forward to what it
could be, but also the awareness of how much hard works involved.
I think the key skills that you need would probably be you'd really need to be a people
person. You come into contact with a great set of people, you've got obviously your colleagues
and your colleagues there's a lot of great banter between them, it's a really fun place
to work but also the customers, you've got to be aware you're working with the old, the
young, you can deal with complaints, you can deal with the people who are happy, you can
deal with so many different people.
You've got to want to be there. It's not a fast option into management and when you get
there it doesn't stop. You don't just become a manager, your constantly developing. You
get taught how to work with Sainsbury's but you also get taught how to manage people and
other transferable skills and a lot about your life whilst working with a great set
of people, a diverse set of people and earning a really great salary as well. I want to be
a Deputy Store Manager. My role as a manager of 30 people is very behavioural so I have
to make sure that I've got the people skills and I can manage those people and I've got
those relationships. I see myself being a Deputy Store Manager and then hopefully one
day a Store Manager.