The Experiment - Hackers on PC plus Reporting Tutorial

Uploaded by PS3HouseMDPL on 18.12.2011

Hey guys.
This is a very special video.
Most of you think that there is no point to report PC hackers,
because Steam staff would not do anything about them anyway.
So I'd like to make an experiment.
This experiment is to test if they ban players that use hacks or not.
And I need your help with it.
In this video you will find a few hackers.
In the description you will find links to their steam profile pages on Steam.
Those links are always the same, even if hackers change their names.
What I would like you to do is to go to each link
and report those players, in a way you can see now on your screens.
You can put a link to this video as a proof if you like.
One month from now, we will go to their pages
and see if they are still active or not.
If they are still active - - we will know that we wasted our time
and that in Steam there are only lazy ass admins.
But there is only one way to test it.
You know that for me, it doesn't matter if you play on console or on a PC,
so if you are not a PC player, why don't you make a Steam account,
just to report those assholes for me? We have to help each other, right?
Thank you for participating in this experiment :)
And have a nice Sunday :)
I have no idea if it isn't a waste of time.
But it's interesting to see how it goes.
Is it a lost cause?....
May be.
May be not?...
It's all up to you now! :)