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And welcome to Unisports WebTV,
In danger of repeating myself,
Then it really is starting to look like Autumn,
Therefore it's getting colder by the minute,
Outside anyway,
But either way,
Then there still are people, who choose to defy the weather!
And still play football.
And that is why I today take a look,
at equipment to keep you warm, in the cold cold weather.
This is Under Armour's cold gear base layer.
Where I'll be looking at their long sleeved mock shirt.
And their ColdGear shorts.
All of this promises to keep you warm,
And compress your muscles,
So you can recover faster.
I'll look at this monster,
This is a Storm hoodie from Under Armour,
That'll be perfect for training, on these cold autumn and winter evenings.
Because it is water resistant.
So you don't get wet when it rains.
Whether or not these products live up to Under Armour's claims,
You'll find out today,
Where I review all of this gear!
And take a look at,
If Under Armour is in fact,
Under -
Check it out!
In the year 1996,
Under Armour was founded by a man named;
Kevin Plank,
When he was young he used to be an American college football player,
And he wore a standard cotton T-shirt under his normal kit,
But he was really tired of,
These t-shirts getting soaked,
And therefore becoming really heavy,
When he started sweating,
So he took a look at his sweat wicking shorts,
And found out this material, dried very very quickly,
So he sat down and made a shirt.
Out of this sweat wicking material.
And that is how the first Under Armour base layer was invented,
Kevin kept on working on improving this original,
And his product quickly spread to his teammates and friends,
That thought it was very very nice,
And just like that it became a massive hit!
All of a sudden it had evolved to Kevin, receiving an order of 100.000 US Dollars,
And since then,
Things have gone from, strength to strength for Under Armour.
In just 16 years,
They have become one of the main players on the base layer market,
And one of the reasons why they have come so far,
Is both because they have close partnerships with their athletes,
So they are always improving their products,
But also because they are always challenging themselves,
To push the boundaries of technology,
And always invent new cool things!
That just shows how far you can come,
When you're sitting,
All alone,
And you're tired of your gear.
That's some food for thought!
This shirt,
Is called;
Under Armour
Long sleeve
Now that's a long name,
That is just as difficult to remember!
It is a shirt optimised for use in the autumn,
And for when it gets really winter cold!
it's almost tailored for footballers,
And keeps you both warm and dry,
And that is an essential function,
When you're playing, in such cold -
And maybe even wet, weather!
The top is made with two layers,
The inside is made with a soft fleece-like material,
That circulates the warmth, your body generates when you're active,
Around to your entire upper body,
To keep you warm.
On the outside, the shirt is equipped with fibers,
That are quick drying!
It does this in connection with one of its main purposes,
That it is sweat wicking,
These two layers work together and form a partnership,
Where the inner layer,
Kind of grabs the sweat,
And pushes it out to the outer layer.
And at the same time the outer layer,
Pulls this sweat to it,
And transports it to these quick drying fibers.
This is very clever,
But what's even cleverer,
Is when this inner material,
Gets wet on a small area,
It pushes the moisture out towards the outer layer,
That spreads out the moisture on a larger area on the shirt,
And this is genius because,
When moisture is spread out,
Then it dries much faster!
And then you don't have to run around,
Being all sweaty and wet
For quite as long.
That's what Under Armour say anyway.
That is clever!
This ColdGear shirt from Under Armour
Is really really nice,
It fits well,
The inside is soft and comfy,
And most importantly,
Then this technology works, very very well!
I'll go as far as to say,
You are kept impressively dry,
And warm,
This means that even on very cold autumn evenings,
I've been able to play with, only my base layer and the team shirt,
When playing games.
And as a cool little addition to this years shirt,
They have put in this cool silicone strap,
At the waist,
So you avoid the irritating,
moments when the shirt starts crawling up your body,
While you play,
Another thing UA have improved on,
"Thumbs up" for that!
This top,
Is completely totally awesome!
It is a really good product!
Another cool thing you can look at for play in the cold,
Is Under Armour's ColdGear tights!
They come in this short version,
A 3/4 version like the one I'm wearing,
And a longer, almost "Long John" version,
That goes all the way down to your feet.
But these shorts,
Or tights as they are called,
Are really nice, especially because of one thing,
They keep you warm when you're playing!
This combined with you still having full freedom of movement,
Has meant they quite quickly have become,
One of my very best friends,
When playing a game or training,
In this frighteningly cold autumn weather!
One last cool feature,
Is this massive ribbed edge, at the waist.
Which means they fit and sit really really well!
And don't slide around in any way.
That's pretty cool too,
So this! -
Is good work from Under Armour!
And something I definitely recommend.
A thing worth mentioning about the base layer,
And Under Armour in general,
Is that it only works when you move,
So if you wear it while standing still, it wont heat up your body.
Keep that in mind,
Or you're gonna have a cold time,
When it's cold,
There are a lot of people, who like playing with a hoodie,
When they're training,
Or are warming up for a game,
Only problem is,
That a hoodie, when it rains,
Which it does quite often, fx. in Denmark in the autumn,
Then it takes in water,
Like a sponge,
and it gets very heavy and not very nice to play with,
That's something UA want to fight,
And that's why they have made their Storm Hoodie,
Like the one I'm wearing,
This hoodie is made with something called;
Charged cotton,
Which is Under Armour's special cotton,
That dries significantly faster,
When compared to normal cotton.
At the same time it has been given UA's Storm coating,
On the outside of the hoodie,
That means it rejects,
And almost repels water.
And later, we will take a look at how that works.
It's cotton we are talking about!
Cotton that doesn't take in water!
Is that all you've got boys?
I'm not even a little wet!
yeah, I got wet shorts,
But the hoodie is still fine.
This hoodie's,
Inside is lined with,
Fleece material, that is both soft and pleasant,
And like most other hoodies,
It's really comfortable and warm to wear!
But what sets the Storm Hoodie,
Apart from the rest of the other hoodies you can get,
This is water resistant,
And it does work exceedingly well,
Actually when I was at home testing it,
I was getting completely carried away, at how well it worked.
As you can see,
The water just cascades of when you pour onto it,
"Dung" "Ding" "Dyng"
I actually stood for several minutes,
Just pouring water on it, from my tap at home.
A good use of spare time!
In any case this works in an impressive fashion,
The water really bounces of,
And it's only if you push it in, that it gets wet.
A bit like a tent canvas.
Should the hoodie get wet,
Then this Charged Cotton dries really fast,
So it's no big deal.
But I just want to make it clear, it's not a rain jacket!
Apart from that,
It is really nice to play with this Storm Hoodie,
It's warm,
Fairly ventilating for such a big jumper,
And an obvious choice for playing in the autumn.
Even when it rains.
I'm very positive,
Maybe apart from this logo,
That is absolutely massive!
A bit too bold for my taste,
But I guess it was made by Americans, so what did we expect?
That's what that is,
And on the overall,
Here's a "Thumbs up" for the hoodie,
That is bloody good work!
When it's time for the verdict,
Then you can only conclude that UA have,
Have done a solid days work on their ColdGear,
And one of the coolest things,
Is they have done all these small changes,
Like for example this small silicone strip at the waist,
To stop it from crawling up.
This means this years models,
Are just on a next level, compared to last years,
That actually performed really really well also,
Both the Mock shirt,
And the ColdGear tights,
Are good friends, for when it gets cold!
And they actually keep what Under Armour promise,
That you are kept warm and dry,
And that is quite impressive,
Actually so impressive,
That I have nothing to complain about!
Even though I have tried,
To find things I wasn't pleased with.
If we look at the Storm Hoodie,
Then it is really cool too,
It fits really well,
And with this product, you will also stay dry and warm,
Even when the weather is ultra bad,
And it's raining,
Is windy,
And maybe even stormy.
Like the shirts name implies,
It lives up to those demands,
All in all, I just have to admit,
That even my ultra critical self,
Will have to defer,
Because these are some really solid products,
Under Armour have made here,
They do everything right!
And it's not the last time I use these,
For both training and for games.
But this is just my opinion,
And I would really like to hear, what you out there think,
Of the new ColdGear collection,
The hoodie,
And just generally if you use base layer when it gets cold.
Tell me in the box down bellow!
This was all I had for you today,
But I hope you are well, until the next we meet,
Right here on Unisport WebTV,
Was that really all the water?

That's the most pathetic use of water I've ever seen!