Express Boy 7 (2/4) Eng Sub

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Mai Mai, the water is very dirty, change it.
Mai Mai, the water is very dirty. Change it!
Mai Mai!
- Can you stop calling like that? - Then just change it!
You're a rich daughter?
- Life... Of course there'll be disagreements. - Why do I have to do everything for you?
I'll throw out the trash.
Will you die if you change the water?
Then will you die by doing it yourself?
You ungrateful person!
What gratitude have I forgotten? What do I owe you?
Don't you owe me?
Let's throw the trash together!
Every time, I do the stuff.
Haven't I helped? What's that you're talking about?
You didn't help...
Go for it! I'm behind you!
You're great now that someone supports you?
I have Lao Da who backs me up!
"The moon has times when it's full and when it's a crescent. Humans have sadness, happiness, separation and reunion."
All of this is destiny!
I asked you to throw the trash, not farm.
What are you being so noisy for?
I still have something on. I'll leave first. Bye.
You haven't thrown the trash! Where are you running off to?
Oh Gu! Hey!
Where are you running to? Hey!
What do you want now?
What do you want?
Why are you asking someone else to do everything?
Didn't you see me cleaning the table just now?
Will you die if you help? Why are you so petty?
You're the petty one!
I'm telling you! I can't take it anymore!
Can't take it?
In what way did I provoke you? You're weird...
You instruct others the whole day.
But you never do anything yourself.
You think you're great if your Dad's a politician?
You really think you're a rich family's daughter?
I'm not a maid you employ!!
Don't pressure me about my Dad!
How am I connected with my Dad?
You know very well I hate it most when people use my Dad to pressure me!
Yet you still do it!
You really think you're a rich family's daughter?
Your Dad doesn't want you yet you're still being arrogant?
Try saying that again!
Come on! Do you think I fear you?
You! Go and die!
I've had enough!
It's me who's had enough!
It can't be! Both of them turned off their phones!
What exactly is going on? If they're unhappy...
Forget it. You're innocent.
Ahh... It's really hard to be a boss these days.
I have to do everything myself.
Boss Hu, why are you cleaning up alone?
The furnishings aren't bad!
Say what you want to faster. Fart quickly if you have to.
What's wrong with you again? Who have you provoked again?
Why is your company like this again for no reason?
Hey! Lee Ah Biao, what are you doing?
Don't think we're good buddies
since we joined hands to arrest that criminal!
What "joined hands to arrest that criminal"?
It was obviously me who covered for you that day.
What are you doing?
That's not placed there. Do you know how to do it?
Scram to the other side!
I already told you that's not placed there. Come on!
You don't know how to! I'll do it myself, alright?
Clean the table. Hurry up.
Yes, Boss Hu...
You're the best!
You know everything! The best!
You want to play?
You're using this tactic?
"Left hook punch"! "Right hook punch"!
So painful...
I'll block!
Lee Ah Biao...
Do you know, you're really very dumb?
You, the younger brother of Hu Tie Hua,
you aren't any better in terms of talking.
Can you please be more like a man?
You're draggy when you do things.
You aren't forthright at all!
Just hurry up and tell her clearly.
Dont let her wait dumbly.
You pulled down your pants but you won't fart? What's with you?
You're sitting on the toilet but not shitting.
Yea... you studied more.
Rong Rong is a good girl. What exactly have you done to her?
Rong Rong is indeed a good girl. 261 00:06:-1,950 --> 00:06:01,531 You know this too.
Then why are you wasting someone's youth?
I treat Rong Rong as if she was my blood younger sister.
But I just can't leave Lan Er alone.
Don't say I have no sympathy.
Sister-in-law has already passed away so many years ago.
You can't go on like this.
Ah Nan, have you ever had the kind of love where you'll
spend life and death together. Never abandon each other.
You know I haven't, yet you still ask?
Lan Er and I are like that.
I still remember...
I met Lan Er when I was 17.
From that day forward, I was clear that she's the one for this lifetime.
There'll be no other person.
Lan Er's the same too.
She even betrayed her family and gave up her studies for me.
She said no matter what, she'll follow me.
I know Sister-in-law is one who treasures relationships.
That classic village love story of yours has already spread throughout eternity.
There was that once when you provoked people from the neighboring village.
Sister-in-law even got stabbed for you.
That's really remarkable! I admire this woman!
I don't only feel guilt towards Lan Er, there's responsibility too.
She died for me.
But you can't possibly live with guilt for the rest of your life.
But I know Lan Er has never left me.
She has always been by my side.
Is that for real? Sister-in-law has showed herself?
I think you're really sick.
I recommend that you go to that "Old Bastard" Chinese Medical Clinic.
Get your pulse taken... How's it?
Don't just talk about me? What about you?
What about me?
You're still acting dumb? You said I'm not forthright, fussy...
You aren't any better yourself.
Everyone knows how you feel towards Rong Rong!
I am indeed nice to her.
What? Who made the rule that I can't be nice to her?
I'm single and I don't have bad habits.
At most, I'm lacking education.
My feet stink quite a bit.
Why can't I be nice to her?
You think I'm blind?
That day, you didn't care about anything else and saved Rong Rong.
That act... It's not what normal people are capable of.
You love her very much, right?
Be like a man, alright?
Have guts, alright?
Your turn to say that of me now?
Alright, I won't say anymore.
But I want to remind you.
Rong Rong is very good. If you want to go after her, you must be fast!
- Bye... - Damned cop!
Do you think that Lee Ah Biao is very sick?
He said, if Sister-in-law didn't show herself to save him, he'd have died.
It's not the filming of a movie.
Actually, I saw it too that day.
I know you won't believe me the way I put it.
But at that instant, I really saw it.
I think Sister-in-law 323 00:09:57,100 --> 00:10:-1,633 really wants to keep being at Brother Biao's side to protect him. 324 00:10:-1,633 --> 00:10:01,474 And she's never left.
Don't tell me you all want to be haunted by her soul?
Giving up your own happiness for a dead person...
Ah Nan, stop meddling in our affairs.
I beg of you, stop meddling in our affairs!
That fellow found such a stupid excuse.
You're still defending him?
I don't care if it's an excuse or not.
But at that instant when I saw Sister-in-law...
I've already made up my mind!
And it wasn't easy for me to make up my mind.
I know I can never replace Sister-in-law's position
in his heart forever.
Just let me be his younger sister in peace.
At least, I'll feel better like that.
Do you know? I hate you like this!
I hate the weak you!
It's not a bit like you!
And it's that damned cop who turned you into this state!
Get down...
Not bad, huh?
You have guts.
You want to kill him by beating him like that? Pull him over here!
How's it? Thrilling?
Listen up carefully!
I don't care if Hu Tie Nan was lucky this time.
Or you were incapable.
You are held accountable for this!
If you dare to make three more mistakes,
I'll let your father graduate early into the next life.
Do you hear me?
Still not going over?
Dad! Uncle Ah Wei!
Ah Nan, congratulations!
Thanks Dad!
Dad, go in and have a seat.
Old Gang Leader, this way please...
Ah Nan, your company is fixed.
Remember to attend the Shareholders' Meeting next month.
Evil Boys' Delivery Express, go to Hell!
Go and die!
Get lost!
Go and die!
Eat shit!
Go to Hell!
Don't you all think of escaping!
What do you all want now?
I'll make a bold assumption!
You all think your lives are too long?
Do you know where we're from?
I'm afraid you all will be scared to death if I say it.
We're "Sweet Super Delivery Express"
So it's "Extreme Loser Sweet Super Delivery Express"...
I already taught your Boss a lesson last time.
He's already moved out from this district.
You little brats still dare to make trouble here?!
You're Hu Tie Nan right?
You all dare to come out here when you don't know who's our Boss!
Hu Tie Nan! You allow your lads to create trouble everywhere.
How are you leading as a leader?!
Isn't your Evil Boys Delivery Express's motto "Good people, good deeds"?
I think it's "bullying the kind people especially"...
There's a cop here... Don't mess around.
A cop (tiao-zi)? I'm a rod (gun-zi)!
Don't be noisy for nothing, Uncle!
Scram to one side.
Be careful you'll sprain your back!
Hey! You two degenerates!
Today is our Evil Boys' Delivery Express's great opening day!
If you know what's good for you, leave and go as far as you can!
Don't accuse the victim when you're at fault first!
Brothers! Go!
Don't fight! 400 00:16:58,898 --> 00:17:-1,616 What are you all up to?! 401 00:17:-1,850 --> 00:17:00,649 Brother Biao, watch out!
Brother Biao, be careful!
Lao-Da, go for it! Beat them to death!
Long Yan! Go for it!
Hit it, hit it! With more force!
That's my son!
Ah Wei, let's go.
Old Gang Leader, please...
Don't go! You! Don't go!
Let's go!
Don't run!
Oh Gu, Wei Jue Ye, come back!
- Brother Biao, are you alright? - I'm fine.
Lao-Da, are you alright?
You were superb just now!
Rong Rong, I'm fine.
Long Yan, you're fine right?
Ah Nan, I'll go back to the station first
to deal with some clandestine matters.
Lao-Da, you're hurt! I'll apply medicine for you!
You're hurt?
It's nothing... a minor wound.
- Still say you're fine? - It's really nothing.
Aren't those from the Sweet Super Delivery Express kinda lousy?
This was just a little test of Hu Tie Nan's skills.
I have another elite group right behind.
Out with it. I'd like to hear what you all have to say.
How exactly did "Sweet" provoke you all?
Lao-Da, you didn't know about that day!
That day, both of us were at Ah Ru Ru's shop.
Those two suckers went to cause trouble.
And he even took advantage of Ah Ru on purpose.
We couldn't take it and fought with them.
- That arrogant? - Yea...
And you didn't see the expressions on their faces!
They really deserved a beating.
They even said,
"What's great about Evil Boy's Delivery Express?"
They said they'll definitely get back at us.
It's just them taking advantage of Ah Ru.
Both of you couldn't take it and fought with them.
Am I right?
Right on!
Very good.
How many times have I said it?!
Don't fight and create trouble outside!
You all take my words for nothing?
I'm sorry... I don't know why that happened.
Lao-Da, I didn't want to do that too.
You still have your reasons?!
Lao-Da, I'm at fault too.
I didn't try to stop him. Instead, I fought too.
Ah Nan, little kids are ignorant.
They are redressing other's injustice. That's why...
Lao-Da, I knew you'll be mad for sure!
But they were so arrogant!
Can't we teach them a little lesson?
Are you a cop or a triad member?
In what position are you to teach other people a lesson?
When others come to us, they come with a few dozen.
Are you capable of dealing with it?
It feels great when you're fighting.
But did you think of the consequences?
Don't say anymore.
The thing is, there's a limit to being a good person!
Don't tell me we have to tolerate it when others give us grief?
What's with you now?!
You don't have to listen to what I say anymore?
That's not what Wei Jue Ye meant.
I feel that I'm not wrong by doing that.
Don't think we'll blindly follow what you say just because you're Lao-Da.
Wei Jue Ye!
Exactly! Sometimes, I feel that we can't be too weak.
Besides, they are in the wrong.
Lao-Da, don't be so mad!
They didn't find people for a fight on purpose.
Both of you still dare to speak up?
I told you all to clean the company yesterday!
What happened in the end?
Uncle Fei Long!
Set the incense altar.
Give them one more chance... Ah Nan...
The rules of the Evil Boys' company aren't created for reference.
Since Wei Jue Ye committed an offence,
he should be punished accordingly.
Uncle Fei Long, tell them!
According to the company's rules, what's the punishment?
Ah... E...
What's "ah", "e", "o"?! Say it!
The rules state that...
employees of the Delivery Express, who fight with others for no reason,
the minimal punishment is reflection facing the wall.
Lao-Da, I'm at fault too.
If you want to punish, punish both of us.
Am I standing on ceremony with you? Of course it's both of you!
Thank goodness... It's just reflection facing the wall. 497 00:22:-1,732 --> 00:22:00,432 Such a narrow escape...
Carry out the punishment!!!
Miao Miao...?
Sure! I'll go over right now!
I have to go out for a while.
Don't commit the offence again.
The next one!
Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
- Ah Nan! Here, have a cup of hot tea. - Sure.
Today's tea is brewed by Rong Rong herself!
How did it go this morning?
Right! I heard that you were formidable!
One against a few dozen!
Not really... Li Ah Biao was there too!
He knew what happened too.
I only went to have my statement taken.
That's good then.
We'll have to trouble you with the clinic's package.
Sure! I'll go over later.
What's the conclusion?
Why did those people come and create trouble?
It's Wei Jue Ye and all them.
They fought outside and it was for revenge.
I still wanted to talk to him nicely.
But he got all angry with me!
He said he was upholding justice for everyone.
He even acted like he was being reasonable.
My blood boils just thinking about it.
If there was a reason, you should listen to him.
No matter what reason it was,
it's wrong to fight during work.
There's nothing more to say to that.
Seems like that's quite true...
But you also went to fight with Brother Biao last time when you were at work.
That doesn't seem quite right.
That's different... I was redressing your injustice!
Maybe Wei Jue Ye was redressing justice for her too!
Am I really such a failure?
I'm in no way like a Boss. 537 00:24:-1,608 --> 00:24:00,961 Why are you saying that?
Thinking about my Dad in the past...
That's what you call formidable!
Every time he's angry, he doesn't even utter a sound.
His face darkens, his eyes glare.
Everyone gets terrified!
Uncle Hu is indeed one who's really stern.
Yeah... I can never be like that forever.
What's wrong with you today?
You were so heroic this morning.
Why are you in such a depressed state in the afternoon now?
Uncle Hu is indeed remarkable.
But you have your own strengths too.
- Really? - Really!
Look, you care so much about everyone.
You treat your employees how you treat your family.
Which Boss treats their employees so well?
Right... Anymore?
Besides, I feel that there are two types of bosses.
One type is those who don't have any feelings.
They pay you this much and you do the work worth that much.
The other type is like you.
You give yourself and your heart.
I think so too.
Whenever they work very hard,
I'll treat them to KTV.
I even treat them coffee.
That's why...
everyone has his own strengths.
Why must one compare himself to others?
- Just maintain your own style! - Yea!
By the way, are you free on Saturday?
Do you want to go to Six Fortunes Village together?
Please... That's the place where sissies go.
I'm doing a good deed.
I'm asking you to go together since you're so stressed.
Forget it if you won't go.
I'm a real man!
Never mind if you don't go.
I'll find someone else to go with me.
Alright... I'll go.
As the saying goes,
"humans die for wealth, birds die for food,
men die for women!"
Uncle Fei Long, what are you talking about?
How would I not know you're going on a date with Rong Rong on Saturday?
That's why you're training your muscles here.
- It can't be...? You can tell like that? - Of course!
I watched you grow up.
Of course I know!
Ah Nan, what do you plan to do about Old Gang Leader's concerns?
I can't go back.
He's your father after all.
Don't tell me you're going to avoid him for the rest of your life?
Ah Yan in the gang will help him anyway.
Talking about that lad, Ah Yan...
For the past few years, it seems like he doesn't
see eye to eye with the Old Gang Leader.
Find some time to visit him...
It doesn't matter if you help him or not.
At least, go back and take a look.
[Stinkin' Cop: What are you doing?]
[Weird Doc Blackjack: Listening to music.]
Ah Nan gave me an old album.
Ah Nan is so good to you.
You're jealous...
Why have you gone all quiet?
If Ah Nan goes after you,
will you try to begin a relationship with him?
Is it that funny?
You want me to die because of laughing?
How is it possible between me and Ah Nan?
We're brothers!
You... Really think so?
What are you trying to say?
I think the both of you are rather compatible.
What's the matter?
I don't want to talk to you anymore. You're very lame.
Oh no! You're really mad? 616 00:28:56,639 --> 00:29:-1,820 Alright, I know you're very good, you have many suitors.
I'm a busybody, OK?
Why are you being like this?
You should know better than anyone else what I really think.
How can you bear to hurt me like that?
Sorry, I have no intention of hurting you.
I'm just...
I just want to tell you.
Ah Nan can disregard his life and take the bullet for you.
I just don't want you to suffer.
Rong Rong...
Suffering... Let me take it.
I don't want you to suffer together with me.
By pushing me to Tie Nan, I won't suffer?
Sorry, I really don't mean that!
Stop saying "sorry".
I don't want to hear you say "sorry" again!
It's really fragrant!
That's what I've been saying. You'll improve if you do it long enough.
I really don't know what to do.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I really wish that Rong Rong could be happy.
Lan Er, it'd be good if you were by my side.
You'd definitely give me the right advice, right?