Get More Customers Online with ReachSearch

Uploaded by reachlocal on 12.03.2012

Every day millions of people are searching for local products and services just like yours.
So how can you make sure more customers can find you?
Search engine advertising is the fastest way to acquire customers online.
In fact, 87% of consumers search online for local businesses.
ReachSearch, our market leading search engine advertising service, turns mobile and web searches into local customers for your business.
ReachSearch works to bring you more customers with tens of millions invested in proprietary technology and a team of search experts.
It all starts with your Internet marketing consultant, or IMC, who meets with you to create a custom plan.
Your IMC is backed by an entire team of search engine advertising experts skilled in getting you the most from your budget.
Using all the data gathered from nearly one million search advertising campaigns, we create an extensive list of keywords that consumers use to search for your business.
These range from common words like "kitchen remodeling" to highly targeted phrases like "Dallas Custom Kitchen Cabinets".
Then, we use those keywords to create your search ads and put them on all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! and dozens of local directories and specialty sites.
That means we get you covered in 98% of the places consumers search.
Now that your campaign is live, it goes to work to get you website visits, calls, emails and form submissions from your local prospects.
But it's the technology we built into ReachSearch that really drives more customers from your campaign.
We call this powerful technology conversion based optimization and it optimizes your campaign every day so you get better performance over time.
How does it work? First, it monitors the performance of all your keywords across all the search engines and learns which ones turn into conversions like calls and emails.
Then, it spends more money on the keywords and search engines that generate the most conversions for your budget.
We track and report the results of your campaign so you always know your ROI.
Why ReachSearch? As a leader in local online marketing, we get your ads on all the major search engines and dozens of local directories so you get more calls, emails and form submissions.
This was proven by the fact that we were hand picked as one of the select few Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners.
This means Google endorses us for our quality, reliability and expertise in the SMB market.
Plus our expert service team, certified in Google AdWords, proactively monitors, reviews and fine-tunes your campaign to get you better results.
This team combined with the optimization technology gets you more return on your investment.
And since we track everything from visits to calls to emails, and show you the results, we make it easy for you to know exactly what's working.
To discover the power of ReachSearch, contact ReachLocal today.