Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Part 17

Uploaded by Net4HolisticRecovery on 26.11.2012

You don’t have the power to put anything behind you, and the most dangerous thing you
could do is start talking about cutting away from your history. Let me tell you all why,
remember this, there is only 3 ways we could have possibly got into this dilemma. Either
we are where we are because god wished it up there, because we are genetically inferior
down here, or because someone is playing games with social engineering. Now I don’t believe
god wished black folks to be in dilemma. But yet the dominant white society taught that
and since the 1600’s up until 1860 to say god wished that blacks were smitten, they
used the bible to say blacks were inferior and justifiably were slaves. Then 1860s up
until present day they have been using genetics, that’s why you have a book out called the
bell curve, your genetically inferior and that is why you are in this dilemma. What
I tell black folks is that both of those are tales. You are where you are because you have
been socially engineered, the last thing, they have been playing games with humans by
manipulating and controlling the circumstances. And if somebody has socially engineered you
to your limit then the only way you are going to get out is if somebody takes the responsibility
of what? Socially engineering you out and that is why I created the harvest institute.
So what we’re trying to do now is going back and trying to understand what has happened
to black folks. I am trying my best with my book and my institute to turn everything upside
down and give you a half way fighting chance to come out of it as a winner. I don’t want
you to lose anymore; I am tired of black folks losing. So let me tell you a little bit of
history and we will get into the solutions. So here is what happened, in the 1900s when
Jews began to come into the county. What they were doing then they came in looking for wealth
filling opportunities, go look at all their basic documents they came into to build businesses
and to find wealth and honey. When our organizations came in the urban league’s and NACP between
1905 and 1912 what they looked for blacks folks were was to go back to that old public
policy was set up in the 1660’s saying black folds could be a labored, subordinated labor
plan. So what they were looking for us was to do what, find what, a job. Which means
you would have been employees, never the employer of the employees. Immediately after the First
World War, blacks started to get a little uppity and the whites in the south didn’t
like that, so you had major conflict. Racism intensified in the country, blacks had farms
so some of the white supremacy groups started burning their crop. They started lynching
black folks two to three times a day; they poured kerosene on their cotton, and ran blacks
out of the south. Most blacks by 1920s where moving to the north. They were moving to Gary,
Swartz, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Buffalo, and New York and went into the factories.
When they started moving out whites then started working on trying to get a replacement for
them. That point in time black folks were picking on average about 20 lbs of cotton
an hour so whites started inventing machines. By 1940s the whites had invented a machine
called a cotton picking machine that can now pick a thousand pounds of cotton an hour.
By 1947 black folks were obsolete in the south, they were no longer needed. They were through
in the south by 1947. But all those blacks were drifting north into those big cities
to the fuel mills, automobile plants, chemical plants, and meat packing plants, and were
doing reasonably well in the north between 1940 and 1966. Then all the sudden in about
1966 guess what happened again technology caught up and black folks went obsolete in
the north. Ironically blacks went obsolete in 1966 right in the mist of the civil rights
movement. When martin Luther King was saying free at last free at last thank god we are
free at last. He was not talking about black folks. He was talking about the first time
in history whites no longer needed black folks and whites were free. They had now invented
computers, and they no longer needed you.