Eiji Kawashima (川島 永嗣) @ "Speciale Calciomercato" - 18/04/2012

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-. ..to Kawashima. Here we have the goalkeeper of the Japan National Team. - Good evening.
- I almost can't believe it.
I wanna thank Andrea D'Amico for bringing him here,
he's an incredible person..
Today, you walked across Milan, followed by many japanese tourists
who wanted a photo with you.
- You are a sort of idol in your country.. - A little..
- How is being supported by your entire country?
- Well, maybe not so much.. *smiles*
- You speak seven-eight languages, maybe nine or ten.
- Maybe also eleven..
- No, he's funny.. here some images of Kawashima,
who was recently nominated best goalkeeper at the Asian Cup 2011,
which Japan won.
It's a man who - as today - plays in..
- ..what's your team? - Lierse.
- ..Lierse. But, Gianluca, there are talks about him, since there are
also some italian teams interested, right?
- Yes. Also, today it was spread the word that there was a meeting
between Andrea D'Amico [his agent, ndr] and AC Milan for Kawashima,
so maybe Andrea will tell us, during the show, if AC Milan
is interested or not.
- Kawashima.. Japan was shocked by the death of one
of its glorious players recently,
Naoki Matsuda, 34 years-old,
former right-back of JNT and your friend
or - at least - a person you knew very well.
He also died of heart attack, during a training session,
and there has been some arguments, because
maybe something anomalous wasn't found.
- At that time,
there wasn't something more that someone could have done for him.
Also in this case [Morosini, ndr] happened the other day
we were all very sad,
because we already lived this experience before.
- Sure.. here he is, this is Matsuda.
34 years-old, he was a really well-known player in Japan.
- Yes..
- So this case really shocked public opinion,
not only in Japan.
- Yes, i played against him
and he always played with passion.
And everybody..
..everybody loved him.
- Kawashima, when you take a medicine, do you want to know what is it?
- Yes. I usually do.
- All your team-players act like this or they take the medicine without asking?
- Well.. some players trust the doctor..
- You don't!
- I'm the kind of guy
who wants to know everything about it.
- It seems fair to me. - Sorry Ale, but how does he know so well Italian?
- Yes, where did you learn it?
- A Italian girlfriend? - No..
- I've been in Italy many times
and i attended an Italian school in Japan.
- Yes, but it's not easy.. you've been in Italy many times,
but if i go many times in Japan,
it would probably take 30 times more to learn Japanese.
- Bona [nickname of the tv-host, ndr], i would take advantage of his knowledge of Italian
to understand better the comment in the video of Honda, which we watched so many times.
We finally get this chance to have the translation of the comment.
- Translate! - The focus of the opponent goalkeeper..
What's the speaker saying?
He was great, he really gave stregth to the ball..
- Surprise.. - Surprise!
Look, Kawashima, let's talk about you. You are
the hero of Zaccheroni.
Zaccheroni.. you're the hero of Japan.
I can see him [the coach, ndr] with his little slippers..
Zaccheroni.. the kimono..
Maybe he's seeing this.
Zac, if you're watching this, give us a call,
so you can say "hi" to your goalkeeper.
Let's see the hero of Zac.
The most important save that he ever made was for Zac,
the one which led Japan to the 4th victory in the Asian Cup.
It's a duty the bow to Kawashima-san,
goalkeeper of JNT and Lierse,
team of the Jupiler League in Belgium.
Near to Parma two years ago,
now followed by several Italian teams.
He has clear ideas. Eiji Kawashima,
"modern GK", like he said.
Fast, quick and dynamic.
And a stage - our Serie A - chased for a long time.
Recently turned 29 years-old,
5 years less than his favourite number one.
There has been many great memories,
like those penalties saved in 2011 Asian Cup's semifinal against South Korea,
and a night to forget,
with the "Kawashima-Fukushima" chanted by Beerschoot fans
only few months after the tragedy which shocked the world.
The only flaw in a career filled by smiles:
who knows if the Serie A will give him new ones.
*The tv-host asks Kawashima what he thinks about Mourinho*
- As a coach, it seems smart..
- Seems? - He IS smart.
- Ah.. - He's smart.
- I like "Seems"..
- No, i'm saying this because i've never seen him.
- Well, better "seems" than nothing..
- And what about the rest?
- He's interesting, because..
every team that he coached
- ..he has done good. - He has done good.
If Real would give you a call..
..no, you're already promised to AC Milan..
- You - but you have to be sincere..
Fayna.. have you ever heard about him?
- No. - No, never.
- This was only to give you a measure.. to resize down yourself [he's speaking to Fayna, ndr].
- It's strange that Nagatomo didn't talk well about it.
- No, but.. do you have the famous video of Nagatomo?
I know that today you two talked [Kawa and Naga, ndr]
you two met and had a lunch together.
- Yes, but.. can i give a "hi" to Morimoto and Nagatomo?
Especially Nagatomo, because he invited me to lunch
but i had to pay it!
- What is the player who you get most along with
and - mostly - how's the relationship with Zaccheroni?
- Well, now several japanese players are in Europe,
especially in Germany..
- But, it's not easy to meet you all together again only some moments of the year..
- Well, japanese players are especially in Germany
and it takes two hours only to get there.
- Zaccheroni seems smart or is he?
- He's smart! - He's smart.
- No, Zac is smart.. clear.
What's the best quality of Zaccheroni?
- Well, for us.. - What's the merit of Zaccheroni?
- Well.. in the last World Cup of 2010, in South Africa,
we were a little defensive..
- then now.. - ..now he's taking the game to a more offensive-way. - Yes.
- See you in the next week, Fayna. - Uh.. ok, that's good.
- What did you want to say? - That Nagatomo, when he goes to "Speciale Calciomercato" in Japan,
was questioned with a quiz. Here some videos. You could have the same with Kawashima.
Only i've done some quiz to Kawa.
- What's this show? I don't know it. Do you know it?
- No, i don't know it.
- But it must be a well-known show in your country.
You saw the set and the girls..
[author's note: what's the deal with Konno face? XD]
Well, i wish you the best luck
- and i hope that you will find a spot in Serie A. - Knock on wood.
- I think that you don't seem smart, you are!
So i'll wish you that you can come playing here.