Mosaics - How to Mosaic with Marble Tiles

Uploaded by DiamondTechMarketing on 09.12.2010

Hi, I'm Rita from Diamond Tech, I'm here to introduce you to Antiquity Mosiacs
Antiquity is a wonderful collection of some of the most popular marble
And one of the neat things about Antiquity is that it comes with a set of six easy to follow patterns based Greek and Roman designs
Let's use Antiquity Mosaics in a project
First you want to start with a clean surface, we've chosen a trivet today
And you want to find the center of that surface
And its easy with a square, because all you need to do is connect the edges, one corner and then draw another line connecting the other corner
And where those two intersect, thats the center of your project and thats where we're going to begin
Next, we're going to work on this pattern today, and if you notice that each of these patterns are blace and white
And theres a reason for that, the black represents a darker tile whereas the white represents a lighter tile
I've chosen not to grout my project today, but if you would like to grout yours, simply leave about 1/8" between each tile for grout
We're going to start with the center of our project
You could choose a medallion and place that in the center and mosaic around the medallion
Or you could simply use the tile to complete the project, I think we're going to choose to use the tile today
The project we chosen has four dark squares in the center, thats where we'll begin
Simply remove the marble form the protective coating and place them side by side on the surface
We're going to continue placing the tile on our trivet
and we're going to move onto the white boxes and as I said before the white boxes represent a lighter color tile
Simply peel the tile from the protective coating and place them according to the pattern onto the surface
Now you're going to continue this process all the way across until you reach the edge
You continue to lay the tile on the surface until you've completely covered it up
And as you can see I've already covered the trivet with the tile and now I'm ready to glue my pieces down
You can start anywhere, I always like to start in the middle, just pick a piece up, place little bit of glue and then place that tile back down
And you do that for the whole trivet
Once you have it comepletely glued down, just allow the glue to dry. Then you are ready to use your trivet.
And who can resist beautiful marble
The great thing about Antiquity Mosaics, is its thinner than standard marble
And because of that it makes it easier to nip, so if you want to nip the tile for any reason
Just simply use the tile nippers that have the flate blades, place the tile between the blades and press
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