일지매 (Iljimae) 8회

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You won't find it unless
you go through all the houses of noblemen.
A sword this precious will be tucked away
in the most secure place in the house.
So you must know most noble families.
No proper politician works without our help.
I'll pledge my loyalty to you with my life.
Precious sword...
Do some swords have designs?
They test you on how to catch thieves.
Climbing walls isn't about strength.
There's a trick to it.
A trick?
First, don't stand so close to the wall.
As you look at the wall, prepare yourself.
You're no longer human. You're a grasshopper.
Use one leg to climb and the other to kick.
Hold onto the wall with two hands.
Straddle it with your leg.
That's it.
Isn't it easy?
Well, come down now.
When you come down, use your tiptoes.
You can land without hurting your knees.
Like when you're taking a poop.
Taking a poop?
Try it.
That's more like when you're holding it in.
Not like this, when you feel the urge.
But you're taking the poop.
Light on your feet.
That's it. Good.
Looking good.
A thief's feet are like those of a ghost.
A clumsy thief makes noise, but not a real thief.
So you have to develop super good hearing.
Try to catch me.
You could hear me?
I've gotten rusty over the years.
I couldn't hear you, but I sure could smell you.
Take a bath.
No wonder you and Mother sleep separately.
Listen to this scoundrel.
I don't smell.
Not so slow.
When will you steal things and get away?
A thief doesn't walk on his tiptoes.
How else can you keep quiet?
You can run without making a sound.
You can?
The secret is right here.
If your toes or heels touch the ground first,
you'll make a noise.
So train yourself so the toes and heels
don't touch the ground.
You must open a lock within half an hour.
Won't open, will it?
Of course not. I did it myself after all.
The cobwebs.
It's so dusty.
What is this place?
They used to make weapons here.
But it's in the mountains, so no one comes here.
I used to practice making and undoing locks here.
They're still here.
These pants are yours?
They really are short.
Undo all these tonight.
You have to develop a sixth sense.
There's a groove inside the lock.
Hit that groove with a rod.
Then the lock starts talking to you intimately.
"Honey, you're home."
That's when you gently...
Ever so gently...
This can't be...
How could this have happened?
So Lord Sim and his nephew were framed for treason
because they'd found out the truth?
It seems that way.
This can't be. Let's inform the authorities.
But any rash actions could put us in jeopardy.
We must bide our time.
Did I forget to lock it?
What do you think?
A good way to stash away the slush funds.
How brilliant...
You've shown me the light, my lord.
But the Inspector General's office has been making a fuss.
About tax evasion and slush funds.
They've been in His Majesty's ears.
They can act up all they want.
In two weeks, all my secret funds go to China.
No place is safer than China.
Spoken like the great man you are.
Shall we go?
The lock was undone, but there was nobody inside?
Talk about a mystery.
I can't stand that man.
Took the whole bottle of liquor.
Where did Yong find that con man...
It's just a piece of paper. Must you make such a fuss?
Just a piece of paper?
Have you any idea what it's worth?
How much? Pray do tell.
Five hundred thousand coins.
Five hundred thousand...?
For a piece of paper?
That was a Tao Yuanming masterpiece.
Tao Yuanming? Is that some kind of flower?
So that man is your father?
I swore I thought he'd just come back from China.
Someone saw him there and painted him.
You don't know the painter Chen Hongshou?
No wonder you never passed the civil exam.
Chen Hongshou was the Ming Dynasty's greatest painter.
He was unsurpassed as a painter of portraits.
Legend has it that for 300 years, no brush and paint...
Yes, I know.
I've heard. For 300 years...
I was just joking.
It was one of his famous portraits
of the poet Tao Yuanming.
Then this thief was an expert.
An expert?
Think about it.
Without knowing the value of this painting,
he wouldn't have left all the other paintings behind.
But he only took this one.
This was the doing of someone who knows paintings.
You will search the house of all the ex-cons.
You must find this painting.
Yes, sir!
Let's go.
Patrolman Byun.
Stay and prepare the jail cell.
We must prepare for incoming thieves.
Let's go.
Why hasn't he said anything?
Did he flunk the constable exam too?
If so, the poor guy's going to be so sad.
So frustrating...
What's this?
What could it be...?
Why did he stash it away?
He did pass. The rotten scoundrel.
He did pass after all!
He hid this here to surprise me!
The rotten scoundrel!
That's my boy!
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Aren't we going to any other officials' houses?
Soon enough.
By the way,
they want us to take care of some Southern Faction officials.
Southern Faction?
I guess you wouldn't know.
To thrive in our world, you have to understand politics.
The old farts of the Western Faction have the upper hand.
Just kiss up to whoever's in the power,
and guys like us are better off than most noblemen.
Western Faction?
Shall we get going?
Shall we?
Ex-con, where's that Chen Hongshou painting?
What do you mean?
I washed my hands clean of that business.
Ex-con Kang Dal-sik.
Where's that Chen Hongshou painting?
I don't know.
This suits me.
I'm not good at catching thieves.
I've been stuck here for 13 years for a reason.
Someone came by earlier.
He was about this tall and missing his front tooth.
That's my fa...
Looked nothing like you. He's so short too.
Payment day's coming up, folks!
Those dirt bags...
My constable son would make mincemeat out of them.
Curse those wretches!
If those punks ever bother you, you just tell me.
My son will take care of them.
Are you Swe-dol?
Yes, what's it to you?
What's going on?
Where's Nah Swe-dol?
What is it, sir?
He's got eight convinctions. Where is he?
Search the place.
What are you doing?
How dare you lay your hands on me!
How dare you leer back at me!
How dare you!
It's not here.
What's going on?
You were once the most accomplished thief?
I haven't done anything, my lord.
I washed my hands clean.
It's been years.
Take him.
I haven't done anything, my lord!
I'm innocent!
This is the last house.
We've looked through every ex-con's house.
Do it right.
You punk!
What are you doing...?
Why, you punk.
I told you to prepare the jail cell.
Listen to your superior!
I found it in the bushes by the roadside.
He must live nearby. Search the area.
Hurry up, you losers!
My lady, you mustn't do this.
I can do this much.
But I'll get in trouble.
I can do this.
Hello, Father.
Stop standing around and go help.
Yes, my lord.
It's already just about finished.
You insisted on using the best lumber.
But the exterior leaves a bit...
What's the use of a fancy exterior?
The foundation must be strong.
You're still employing those homeless beggars?
You gave me this land.
You promised that you wouldn't interfere.
Yes, fine.
Anyway, be careful at night.
I'll be gone for a few days.
Tell your mother to lock up.
Is there something going on?
The Minister of Taxation's house was broken into.
You mean Lord Yi Myong?
We're doing a low-key investigation.
A painting by a Ming Dynasty painter named Chen Hongshou.
Painting of Tao... Some kind of flower name.
You mean the painting of Tao Yuanming?
Yes, that's it.
What a weird name for a flower.
It must've cost a few hundred thousand coins.
That piece of paper cost five hundred thousand coins.
So is this flower really rare or something?
How did the thief manage to break in?
I wouldn't know that either.
Your brother will catch him soon enough.
Then we'll know how he did it.
How did he break into such a fortress?
I, for one, hope that the thief isn't caught.
What? Eun-chae.
Many officials must be on edge.
Search the place!
What's going on, sir?
I mean...
We found it!
You scoundrel!
What are you doing?
Out of the way.
You stole this, didn't you?
No, I found it.
You found this?
You punk.
What's all this?
For my father in China...
Drag him out.
He's not a thief!
Let me go!
I don't even know where Minister Yi Myong lives.
And I know nothing about that painting.
You know nothing about it?
How did you know it was from China?
No, my father was in China...
Who the heck is he to go to China?
He was captured as a slave during the Qing invasion.
Are you even alive?
Why, you punk...
And what's the deal with this hideous thing?
It's a mask. My father is a performer.
When he comes back,
we'll do mask dances and walk on tight ropes...
So I stayed up nights making those masks...
Why, you...
Si-wan, what is he babbling about?
Do you even have the right guy?
I'm hungry...
I need food...
You're hungry?
I bet you are.
Fess up.
Tell the truth and I'll give you as much as you want.
No, it's okay.
Fess up.
Please let me live.
We have the wrong man.
But the painting was found in his room.
The footprints on the wall are those of a swift man.
Such a heavy man could never climb that wall.
Yong, Dae-sik has been arrested.
Supposedly over some painting...
He's in here.
I didn't steal it. You believe me, don't you?
Looks like I'll die before seeing my father again.
When he comes back, please tell him this.
Tell him I wanted to become rich and go find him...
Hey, buddy.
Stop crying like a sissy.
And no one's going to die.
Don't worry. I'll get you out.
My one and only.
Where did you get that?
Let's grill this baby.
There's nothing like spring croaker.
Yong is a constable now. We have to celebrate.
Why is the house such a mess?
What happened?
The royal guards were here.
Looking for some painting.
Oh, I see.
I was wondering what happened.
Get yourself a new wardrobe.
Where did you get it?
What's with the stare?
You think I'm up to no good?
Where did you get this money?
You can't tell anyone.
My lord.
Would you put a stolen painting on the wall?
What kind of nut would show it to all the villagers?
What you're saying makes sense.
But I have no clout.
My lord. Help my buddy Dae-sik.
Let me go, young man.
My lord.
You're such a pain.
If you're willing to grasp at straws...
Yes, what is it?
Let's try it.
Will it work though?
We have to try something.
Let's go. I'm ready.
Who are all these people?
They're all here to try to get the king's ear.
All these people?
They're all victims of unfair justice?
Who in Joseon hasn't been victimized?
Pay attention to current affairs.
I only care about my life.
I am so distraught!
Our poor friend Dae-sik!
Take a hike.
That's no way to treat a frail woman.
You call that frail?
Just let us see the king.
The king?
His Majesty is your friend? He has no time for you!
We must see His Majesty, so we can air out our grievance.
Get lost before you get a beating.
How dare you.
Hey, pleading for the king's ear is allowed by the law!
The law?
And since when do laws matter in this country?
I can't get through to you.
Out of my way.
I must see the king!
Let me go!
I just want to talk to him!
Where did they all go?
So just go all-in with me.
That's right.
I'll devote myself to representing everyone.
I'll see His Majesty and tell him all of your grievances.
You'll just get a rash sitting on your behinds all day.
His Majesty's countenance?
The guards won't even give you the time of the day.
You got that right.
So let's do it.
Everyone, gather around.
All of you.
It is a sport called soccer, Your Majesty.
Hey, watch it.
Out of the way.
Here you go, sucker!
Your Majesty, I scored the goal!
What the heck?
Your Majesty!
Hear my grievance!
Please hear this humble man's grievance!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Go away!
Beat it.
What's going on?
Show your respect.
He's here to air out his grievance.
Let me see him.
So what grievance brings you here, young lad?
Your Majesty, your humble servant's friend...
My friend happened to pick up a painting.
But he's been mistaken as a thief and is suffering.
Please issue a reinvestigation on behalf of my friend.
Minister of Justice.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your ministry investigates grievances, correct?
Yes, Your Majesty.
I want you to do a thorough reinvestigation.
Innocent people should not be unjustly accused.
Your Majesty, your beneficence knows no bounds.
Now, please.
Young man.
You have a vibrant gaze.
I find your friendship touching.
I promise to get to the bottom of this.
Your Majesty, your beneficence knows no bounds.
Your Majesty!
While the aristocrats play such games, victims of
injustice wait outside the palace every night.
Please heed their cries of pain as well, Your Majesty.
Why, the impudence...
Why was I not informed of this?
Everyone, come inside.
His Majesty is putting aside all of his duties
for the day to listen to all of your grievances.
Who does this belong to?
Your Majesty, please hear our grievances.
Your Majesty, please hear our grievances.
Your Majesty, please hear my grievance.
Your Majesty, please hear my grievance.
My son would never do such a thing.
Please listen to our grievances.
Do not worry.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, your beneficence knows no bounds.
How did it go?
His Majesty promised there'd be a reinvestigation.
He's such a cool guy.
During the Qing invasion,
he fled and left his people behind.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
Let's go.
Minister of Justice.
Look into all of the grievances I heard today.
But, Your Majesty.
If you address all of their grievances,
they will take the government lightly.
And it is in their nature to ask for more handouts.
The great Ming Dynasty has perished.
The Qing will soon unify all of China.
And the Qing do not look upon me favorably.
So who can I count on?
The people are my only source of strength.
But the two Qing invasions have destroyed my credibility.
I intend on winning back the trust of the people.
That is what I have been trying to say.
Your Majesty.
And settle that young man's case as well.
But that is the Taxation Minister's jurisdiction.
The Taxation Minister?
Go through the proper channels.
But Your Majesty...
Yes, Your Majesty.
We will handle it through the proper channels.
Dae-sik isn't dead.
This isn't a memorial.
He might as well be dead.
People don't die that easily.
So you'll have the strength to save him.
If the need arises...
What need?
If the need arises, I'll eat Dae-sik's share too.
We're from the Ministry of Justice.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Have a seat.
Here you go.
Have a drink.
Join me for a drink.
What do you think you're doing?
You're here to do an investigation.
What? Who the heck are you?
Let's go.
All of the grievances have been resolved.
But as for the theft of the Taxation Minister's
painting, a reinvestigation has
confirmed Jang Dae-sik as the culprit.
His Majesty feels much regret.
Jang Dae-sik's friend, who filed a false grievance,
deserves 100 floggings and harsh penalties.
But His Majesty has decreed that the young man be spared.
What now?
You just had to file that grievance...
They tacked on contempt charges on him.
He's bound to die...
The Taxation Minister wants him dead!
What now...
They want to kill him?
In two weeks, all my secret funds go to China.
No place is safer than China.
Yi Myong, just wait and see, you scumbag.
What do we do about Dae-sik now?
There's got to be something.
What are you guys doing?
What's with the long faces? Someone's funeral?
Hey, aren't you worried about Dae-sik?
He hasn't done anything. He'll be released.
But it's a rotten world.
They don't let innocent people go.
Don't you worry.
Where's the hole?
Where did you get this money?
You can't tell anyone.
The Taxation Minister's house was broken into.
Someone undid that unbreakable lock.
This thief is amazing.
I made a special lock for the minister's house.
Not even a ghost can break in now.
A special lock?
So that must be the famous Tao Yuanming flower.
It's a colored India ink painting done on a silk scroll.
The facial features...
The wrinkles on the clothes...
It seems alive.
The clothes are wrinkled, so I guess...
A lowlife did ruin the edges of the scroll...
But thanks to you, we found it.
I'll never forget this.
Please, it's nothing...
You've collected so many...
My lord.
What is that...?
The lacquered wooden mask?
A lacquered wooden mask.
It was made during the Shilla Dynasty.
It's made of lacquered wood.
The eyes are made of gold.
Golden eyes?
Mind if I put it on?
Be my guest.
Don't mind if I do.
The crime of stealing from an official will be
severely punished as a warning to all.
Death is the decree of the authorities.
Stay alert.
Hurry along.
Let's go around.
My lord!
Your wagon...
The wagon's disappeared.
Find the wagon!
Just for once...
I wanted us to have fun...
You'll live.
The real thief showed up again.
He's alive!
This time, I didn't mess up.
I undid the lock and went in.
The door handle was intact.
When you undid the lock, the door handle was broken.
The culprit was inside.
What do you mean?
Look here.
The culprit had already broken the handle.
He used this rope to fasten the broken handle.
And after you had left,
he pulled the rope from inside...
But if he was inside, I couldn't have missed him.
And besides...
Yes, there's no place to hide.
He was right there.
It was made during the Shilla Dynasty.
It's made of lacquered wood.
The eyes are made of gold.
Golden eyes?
Mind if I put it on?
Be my guest.
Thank you.
My lord.
We've prepared some wine and food.
You must be hungry.
I had them prepare a feast.
Let's go.
He was right in front of my eyes?
Yes, he must've been wearing black.
Standing behind the mask, he couldn't be seen.
This dirt is from the culprit's shoes.
Please find my money.
The things I did to get that money.
And it's all gone.
Go on. I'll stay here.
He has to be nearby. Search the vicinity!
Yes, sir!
Why, this punk...
What are you doing here?
I'm here at the Taxation Minister's request.
Stop stuffing yourselves.
Let's all drink up.
Gulp it down.
Dae-sik, try this.
I don't know if you know this.
But it's all thanks to my constable son.
Constable, my behind.
What kind of constable wears loose pants and greasy hair?
Watch what you say.
Where are you going?
Are you bummed that Yong isn't here?
Hey, what do you mean?
Loose pants and greasy hair?
He's a flunky for the Castor Oil Gang.
Constable, my behind...
Listen to you talking all that nonsense.
You must be mistaken, little girl.
You know...
No one's seen him in a constable's uniform.
The Castor Oil Gang or Grease Monkeys or whatever...
They wrecked a vegetable vendor's cart.
Why, this scoundrel...
He's dead.
Don't stop me.
The rotten scoundrel...
Dear messy Buddha...
Have mercy upon Yong.
See, I fixed it up again.
I'm sorry.
About what?
I just am.
Don't be silly. I heard everything.
You tried to save me.
You even pleaded before the king.
Thanks, Yong.
I never said I was a constable.
You just assumed that was the case.
Then explain this.
It's not mine.
Good, I'm glad you failed the constable exam.
Just study for the civil exam. I'll support you.
I'm not taking the exam.
I'm working for the Castor Oil Gang.
You scoundrel. I should just...
I'm never going to pass the exam.
I just took it for your sake.
By law, commoners can take the exam.
But have you ever seen one pass?
We're just fodder for the noblemen's sons.
That's the reality. Stop dreaming!
But still...
To be a thug...
Even a thug can live better than some noblemen.
I'll make my money and name that way!
You scoundrel!
How dare you!
After all your father has done for you.
Dan-yi, stop.
That's enough.
You can't sit here all night.
That scoundrel's not coming back tonight.
Yong didn't say anything wrong.
So I told you not to love another man's son...
Poor thing. He's so precious.
He had to be taken in by an idiot like me...
What are you talking about?
If he weren't for you, he'd long be dead.
How can he become a thug...
I'm to blame for it all.
Yong... and my son Cha-dol...
Why did he rob this place again?
Just to put graffiti on the painting?
To stop an innocent man from being executed.
So he's a pretty honorable guy.
But what's with the red apricot blossoms?
Do you think he knows?
Why I leave blood-red apricot blossom imprints...
The house feels so neat and cozy.
It's all thanks to you, Eun-chae.
I didn't feel great about living in a traitor's house.
But it's gone through a wonderful change.
Let me have a look around.
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He must be okay, right?
How much?
Name your price.
Going to see your brother again?
I must catch him.
Take care.