Mahabharat - Episode 23

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The stream that flows out of the womb of knowledge
has neither color nor taste
lt is a cool, clear stream of water
lt takes on the color that is mixed in it
lt takes on the taste that is mixed in it
lf you mix poison, it will be poisonous
lf you mix nectar, it will be nectar
This was established very forcefully in Hastinapur
The mace is the same
but when Duryodhan holds it
it means something
and in Bhim's hands, it means something else
Dronacharya stands helpless at the door of knowledge
You are all familiar with this weapon
This is the mace
Just as you must concentrate in archery
you must concentrate in mace warfare
But you must remember that the mace should never
be used below the waist-line
This is the basic rule of mace warfare
A warrior who uses the mace
below the waist is not a good one
Yes sir Take this
Go practice Yes sir
Don't you feel, sir, that Duryodhan
will, one day, become an expert mace user?
Sure, my child
Quiet you dog!
l'll teach you a lesson
Look sir
Let's go and see
O warrior!
Who are you?
Please accept Eklavya's respects, O teacher
How are you teacher's student
My respects, O brother!
You did not answer Arjun's question
l have never taught you
That's true but
How, then am l your teacher?
Because l have learned from you
When l have not taught you, how can you learn from me
Please come and see for yourself
l learned archery from your image
l hide and watch whatever you teach
these princes at school
and try to learn
ldentify yourself fully Yes sir
l am the son of Hiranyadhanu
a general in the army of Jarasandh, King of Magadh
Will you be friends?
Yes. lf Hastinapur and Magadh remain friendly
You are an impressive warrior, Eklavya
lt is your blessing
This image is my witness
But to learn you need the teacher's permission
Your image gave me that permission
Then what about an offering?
l await your orders!
l want the thumb of your right hand
As you wish!
Dronacharya asked for Eklavya's right thumb
The blood that flowed from Eklavya's wound
was to have flowed at Kurukshetra
Dronacharya had to honour the promise
that he had made to Arjun
that he would be the world's greatest archer
But there is another archer besides Eklavya
who is learning to equal Arjun
Dronacharya does not know of him
Had he even known that Kunti's eldest son Karna
was learning from Sage Parshuram
what could he have done?
But l do know
Why! l can even hear the storm raised by arrows
Rest for some time
Be a leading archer!
This is the same Parshuram
who fought the warriors for years
and nearly made them extinct
This land he gave to King Prajapati
whose son, the Sun
created the solar dynasty
When Lord Ram was born
in this very solar dynasty
Parshuram was given Lord Vishnu's bow with which
he conquered the sky
But with the exception of Devavrata, son of Ganga
he took no other discipline
The archer's soul is in his arrows
lt is therefore his first duty to see that
his arrows are not insulted
by siding with injustice, corruption and exploitation
lf the archer forgets his duty
his arrows will become soul-less
and knowledge will forsake him
as if he never had it
After Devavrata
no teacher had such a worthy pupil
But if you ever insult your arrows
then l shall take back whatever you have learned
when you need it the most
When you leave me
you shall make no ritual offering
lf the student it worthy
the teacher's knowledge prospers
The student who protects the teacher's honour
is himself honorable
Why are your eyes colored by competition, my son?
l am your son but
you love Arjun the most
Why should l not be competitive?
You wanted to be my student
God made you my son
But l made all of you my students
This is a school; not my house
At home you have the greatest right
but at school the most worthy pupil has a right
Arjun is the man
because of whom we shall see God!
Without a test, how can you decide
that Arjun is the best?
l shall take a test to satisfy you
Princes, there is a dummy bird on the tree
That is your target
Yes sir
Take aim
What do you see?
The sky, the earth No
There's a bird on the tree Yes sir
Take aim Yes sir
What do you see?
A bird hidden by leaves
Should l fire?
Take aim Yes sir
What do you see?
Your feet, trees
and the bird in the leaves
Go Yes sir
Take aim
What do you see?
l can only see the bird's head
And now?
l can only see its eye
Okay my son
An archer should see nothing but his target
l beg your forgiveness, sir
You are the light of my life, son
but it is not good to be jealous
Jealousy neutralizes a person's good points
You, my son, are my heir
but my best pupil
is undoubtedly Arjun
He took the gift of knowledge from the teacher
and gave him honor and name in return
He brought fame to the school
The pupil Lord Krishna
You called for me, sir?
Call Krishna Yes sir
My respects, sir
l kept you back to satisfy your mother
on the pretense of education
This is not worthy of a teacher
So, you two brothers leave before sunrise
without meeting your mother
As you wish, sir
But mother is waiting for us for dinner
May l go there first?
Go wherever you wish
How can l go?
l must make an offering to you first
Playing games with me, Krishna?
Even in play, l must do my duty
Without a ritual offering knowledge cannot be attained
Should l leave without doing this?
l leave the offering to you
l want mother's contentment
l, too, wish that
but a teacher cannot be selfish
But a pupil can be selfish, can't he?
Mother has given me love which a mother
gives to her son
l can never leave that love
Where will you search for him?
lt happened many years ago
After you leave, she will learn to live without a son
l will definitely search for him
But where?
l must go!
From where he was lost
Won't you come for dinner?
l won't let you go
l am indebted to your love
l cannot leave without fulfilling that debt
Who's asking you to leave?
l have even forgotten my son after getting you
Have you seen me cry for him?
l am not comparing myself to Devaki or Yashoda
But can you pay back a mother for her love?
Even God cannot understand a mother's heart
He is the Universal father
and not the Universal mother
This is unworthy of a mother
lt is time for Krishna to leave for Mathura
Accept as God's wish whatever he gives
He may go. l am not stopping him
But if he thinks l will accept it smilingly
then it is his mistake
We must leave. At least feed me now.
l remained hungry in Mathura and Nandgaon
l am repenting having become the elder brother
Whether you are the older or the younger you'll repent
This is an injustice
As the elder brother l have the first right
to your love
All sons have an equal right to a mother's love
Let's have dinner now. l am hungry
After that, we have to search for your son
Today you will feed the first mouthful to me
My going is necessary
Why? To protect my mouthful
To protect his right, Balram left with Krishna
for Daitya Nagri, the land of demons
With this journey, Lord Krishna proved
that without an offering knowledge is incomplete
even for God himself
The journey has another significance
The demons gave him his famous Panchjanya Conch
This Conch is an important part of this story
because it will be blown at Kurukshetra
So, this journey and Krishna's return
is an integral part of the epic
Seeing them return, the Sage's wife
ran towards them with great happiness
your son
My respects mother
l don't know
if l am happy to see you
or sad to see Krishna leave
l won't be leaving you mother
That is Krishna's best point
lt is difficult to
attain him and then, difficult to lose him
May you live long
My respects
What's this?
We did not see. They gave it to Krishna
So, he accepted it on your behalf
This is the Panchjanya Conch
For Mother, we brought back her son
We brought this for you
No Krishna
lt is yours
lt was meant for you
Blow this to announce
the end of old era and the beginning of the new
As you wish!
The New era begins
announces the Panchjanya Conch
the sound is welcomed by the Good
the Evil find it unwelcome
Respects O teacher
May you live long
Please come
Please be seated
This seat is yours
No one else can sit here Please sit here
l was talking to Vidur
about you
What news of school
My pupils are studying well
The time is ripe for Hastinapur to see
what the princes have learned
l am sure they have all
studied diligently
Do not talk like a minister, Vidur
l am sorry
shall we organize the convocation?
The King has decided to offer you
a palace
one hundred thousand gold coins
and a heap of jewels
as a humble token
The King has been kind to me
but an offering cannot be made
without being asked for
l shall ask for it at the proper time
O teacher!
Do not worry Bhishma
No teacher can ask for the impossible
Ask the King to prepare the arena
Victory to the King!
l did not hear you come in.
l came as quietly as possible
Learn to reorganize without hearing the footsteps
because a person can change his walk
And if he does so
his footsteps will sound different
l say forget all other sounds
Just listen to your son Duryodhan's footstep
That is the problem
Ever since the Pandavas have come
the footstep of my son's future
is lost in the other footsteps
Yuddhistir is the oldest Kuru son
and l hear that
he is also worthy
Uncle just told me
that Drona had told him
that the Princes' education was over
and that the arena should be built Why does Drona
always confide in your subjects
Does he imply that only they matter?
Drona should have told you this
lt was you who appointed him as the teacher
Now your son has grown up
Forget these bitter moments
lf they want the arena constructed
let it be constructed
But the decision
of who will be the Crown Prince
will have to be taken by you
Duryodhan will prove himself in the arena
Make him the Crown Prince
l cannot be openly unjust to the Pandavas
l am not asking you to be
Besides, a king should never be openly unjust
But justice does not mean
injustice for your son
Who are we to criticize God?
What else!
lf God did not feel that Duryodhan was worthy
why would he make him the eldest son?
Are Drona and Uncle Bhishma greater than God?
lt is not good to stay awake with fear
Order the construction of the arena
Those who consider History
to be a corpse
are often heard to say that
the people of the era in which this story took place
wore clothes of tree bark
They had not seen jewels
and silk did not exist
while talking thus
people forget that
History was unborn
when this story took place
History is actually the essence of these Epics
Had these things not existed
how would Sage Vyas know about it?
Man can only try to touch
what he can see
or what he has heard about
l am Time and so, today's liars
cannot fool me
l had seen this arena
The jewels equaled the light of the sun
There were delicate designs on the walls and pillars
Rare pearls decorated the arena
Today, l am standing next to Hastinapur
l stand on my toes, trying to see
what is happening
All eyes are on the gate
From which King Dhritirashtra will enter
Men, women, citizens are all
waiting for the royal family
Suddenly there is a sound
Victory to the King!
Victory to Queen Gandhari!
Victory to Queen Kunti
Please sit sister
Tell me what's happening
Become my eyes today
l can see through my mind's eye
but tell me Yes Sister
The stadium is full
The king is on his throne
On his right is Uncle Bhishma
Vidur is busy organizing everything
Victory to Sage Kripacharya
Come Kripacharya
When will Sage Drona come with his pupils?
There he is!
Hail Sage Dronacharya
Respects O teacher!
The king is the greatest
warrior of this era
Everyone eagerly awaits
the beginning of the new era