Tropic Thunder (5/10) Movie CLIP - Never Go Full Retard (2008) HD

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That so? How do you know that? How you sure?
Only one way to find out, dude. Let's go.
Yeah. I'm not feeling so good right now.
Seriously, my skin hurts!
Enough from the peanut gallery!
Into the water, ladies!
No, no, no, man. Let me take a look at that map right quick.
Why is everybody all obsessed with the map?
'cause we're tired of being your trail donkeys!
Acting like you some one-man gps!
God damn it! We lost! We fucking super lost, man!
Tell him, mcclusky. Tell him what time it is.
I don't believe you people.
What do you mean, "you people"?
What do you mean, "you people"?
I think what tugg means is...
No, look at his eyes, man.
...You people, you actors. You people...
Look at them beady, white devil eyes.
I gotta get back to the hotel, for real!
Oh, hell, no!
(machine gun firing) silence!
Chill! All right? Just chill it.
Now, let's go get those viet congs.
"viet cong"! What?
It's "viet cong." there's no "s." it's already plural.
You wouldn't say "chineses."
All right, that's enough of this insubordination!
If the machine breaks down, we break down.
Hey, man, you know how in rambo I, he was big but a little puffy
And then rambo ii, he got all shredded up?
Yeah. That's kind of how you look right now.
Yeah? Not rambo I but ii.
Really? Yeah, when he was cut up.
I'm not that... I mean, that's what I'm going for, but you know...
Come on, dude. You more shredded than a julienne salad, man.
Thanks. What's the secret, dude?
It's a diet. I'm just dieting. Really?
'cause I'm trying to come up a little, but it's just... It's tough.
You look good. Any tips?
What? Any tips, you got?
There's, like, the pineapple...
Give me that goddamn map! Hey!
Fuck you!
Hey! All right, now!
What it is, sikorski?
Tell us where we really at.
That's fucking bullshit! It's a chump move.
We just getting a second opinion, doc.
We're going the wrong way!
Damn! Son of a bitch.
God! I think we were supposed to be doing this,
And instead we did this.
Shit, shit, shit, shitty shit, shit!
Think you can get us back to that drop zone, boy?
Jeff: This is not cool!