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Hi, I'm Celia. I'm going to be sharing with you the recipe for Tortilla Espanola
which is one of the most popular dishes in Spain
particularly if you go to any Tapas party you will love this fine tortilla.
Today I'm going to be sharing with you the recipe
and let me share with you the ingredients. It's very easy to make
It only takes ten minutes to prepare, twenty minutes to put together.
So what you need is four potatoes, one onion, a couple cloves of garlic,
And ten just a pinch of fine chopped parsley to give it some taste
And then I like to use truffle salt, regular salt also
and pepper also works well
three quarters of an inch of olive oil, pure olive oil into a frying pan
and then I am ready to just put them in the frying pan
So I'm going to let them fry now
Once they start getting golden, they go very quickly so make sure that you don't get your eye off of the frying pan
So I think all of the ingredients for the tortilla that have been for the last few minutes
in the olive oil, are ready.
So I'm going to put them in a strainer, get rid of any extra olive oil
unnecessary for me when I mix the eggs
try to place the strainer close to the frying pan so it's convenient
So now I'm going to prepare the eggs as the potatoes and onions and ingredients are getting
nicely toasted
As you can see I'm changing to a smaller frying pan
and I have put in a little bit of olive oil left from the bigger frying pan
and this fry pan is going to allow me to flip it later
Uh, you know, much more handy way
and I'm putting in now the ingredients
And now I'm going to pour into the frying pan
One of the fun things about making a tortilla is at the end
the whole...flipping it and making it look great.
This is a tortilla flipper, from Spain
very easy and common to be found so everyone who goes, and if you go, buy one.
You can also use a, uh, a plate that fits your frying pan.
Or a lid from any of your pots and pans
Make sure it's a little bit larger than your frying pan, okay?
Because that gives you a little bit of room to move around
Okay, now you see, it's getting pretty beautiful.
As you can see it was so simple and so easy to do
And it is the perfect food, particularly for a tapas party
But any day of the week, fantastic. Enjoy!
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