Kites (2010) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 5

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Thanks David.
That's okay, J.
You saved my life once that's why I'm warning you.
Don't go back to the casino..
you'Il be killed.
David, I need Jamaal's number..
I know he is back in Las Vegas, I know!
I'm not going to miss him now. I want him.
JamaaI, it's me.
Do you know where Natasha is?
I have work around Mandalay Bay at 10 tonight.
At 10.. see you there.
JamaaI, are you listening to this? - Talk to you later.
I want you to go to every street corner, every hotel, every casino..
every back street, every nook and cranny..
until you find him. Go!
Where have you been?
I left you here..
so where were you?
Why don't you answer me?
I just want to know Where you were.
I've come here five times and you're not here, okay!
Tell me where you were!
Look at this place, it's a dump!
I can offer you a palace.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Why the helI aren't you answering me?
Tell me what you got.
We just Iocated a GpS signal.
They're heading south on the Interstate.
Tony, leave this to the police.
I have suspects on Nuevo Laredo, heading towards Saint's Creek.
Bentley halted at 134 on 3169.
The police are tracking their current whereabouts.
But as of now, J and Natasha are stilI at large.
He has abducted my son's fiance. Not only that..
he has stolen two million dolIars in cash from my casino.
Hey, you thinking what I'm thinking?
Are you scared?
Scared.. fear?
Yes, afraid.
Yes, a Iittle bit.
Yeah, a little.
But it feels good.
Feels really good.
You and I..
AlI we've been through
Yet every moment now Feels so new..
Don't care if it's wrong..
I'm prepared to fight..
Together now..
Cause it feels so right..
- Pull over! - Don't slow down.. drive faster!
Memories come back, from another time and place..
But our love will help, the future to embrace.. - Look out!
The path unknown, as far as I can see..
But your smile, l know wilI step up to greet me..
You and I, all we've been through..
Yet every moment now, is new to know..
What are you doing?
You see the basket? The basket there?
Balloon? The balloons
We have to jump in the balloon.
Jump? No, jump.
Trust me, you can do it. - No.
Look it's moving really slow. Just go now, don't think. Go, go..
Though the setting sun, may cast a spelI..
But our love, we'Il have, I know very weIl..
Up in the sky is where we belong..
Everywhere we go, our love carries on strong..
Our moments together, so unreal and divine..
WaItzing back and forth, through rain and shine..
Our moments together, so unreal and divine..
WaItzing back and forth, through rain and shine..
You're okay? - Yes.
Thank you.
I am J.
That's Linda. Hi.
I am J.
"Even you are here and I am here."
I am sorry, sir.
They escaped in a.. what?
No.. no.. please don't Iet go.
Let's go together. Don't do this.
Don't.. don't let me go!!
Trust me. - No.
I can't believe this..
I just can't believe this!
I had money, cars, jewels, everything
And now I have nothing.
HeIlo? - What do I have now?
Hello! - Shut up! This is alI your fauIt.
Why did you come with a pistol and point it at Tony?
Why? - Yes. Why?
Same reason, why you hit him with a bottle.
If I hadn't hit him, you'd be dead. Get it?
You should be grateful.
Now look that side.. turn.
Turn and close your eyes.
Besides, you seduced me. You do realize that.. right?
I don't understand what you're saying! - You seduced me!
You.. seduced me.
And the kiss. You kissed me.
I kissed you?
I can turn back now?
I kissed you?
Yeah, you kiss me. - Well, you kissed me back.
No, you kissed me!
You didn't like it? - No!
WeIl then give it back to me.
My kiss.. give it back.
Happy? - Yeah!
So now it's kisses for everything?
Lunch kiss, dinner kiss, aIl the time? - Yeah!
But I'm feeling hungry. You understand?
- No food.. hungry.. - Okay, I understand.
You're hungry, I understand. - Same here.
I'm Iooking for money.
But I don't have any money. Maybe you have money..
No, I don't. l have nothing.
- just check.. - No..
Bank.. in the bank..
Bank? You have money in the bank.
Not much, 200 dollars. But let's go.
So let's go to the bank? - Yes.
Yeah, you and me..
we go to the bank..
you say your name 'Natasha'.. Party over!
We go to jaiI. What's wrong with you?
No. It's not Natasha.
My name is Linda.
Mrs. Linda Ray.
Oh yeah!
Mrs. Linda Ray. - Yeah.
Wife of J. - Yes.
Did they say anything to you?
Where they jumped off?
ActuaIly, sir.. they don't.. - No, no.. let me sort this out.
Did they say anything to you?
You were in this baIloon.. with a Mexican woman and an Indian man?
These people are very dangerous.
You need to teIl me what they said and where they are.
Are these peopIe deaf and dumb? - The thing is.. Sir, sir.
The thing is we are waiting for an interpreter.
See, they don't actuaIly speak English.
Why the hell did you never Iearn English?
Sir, we found out her name isn't Natasha.
It's Linda.
She's an illegal immigrant from Mexico.
And we know who her husband is on the green card.
Calm down, Tony. Calm down! - Ask him to come back.
How can I, dad?
By now, aIl of Vegas must have come to know..
that Natasha and J are married.
Take it easy.
A shrewd gambler is one who knows when to fold.
Come home now.
We'll find a way of fixing him.
Dad, what do you do if someone's caught cheating in the casino?
I'll kilI him.
Exactly! I want them kiIled, dad, kilIed!!
Linda Ray. - Linda Ray?
And your account number?
Sorry, 1-0-8-5-2.
And how much do you need today?
Pardon.. sorry..
How much money?
Money? AlI.
You're going to cIose it. Okay.
I'll be right with you, okay.
I'll be right along.
Let's go.
Ma'am, you need to come with me. Now!
Let's go.
Don't move.
Easy. - Everybody down. Now!
You, come here.
Money! - Okay. Okay.
Don't shoot
and one million.
What did you say?
Yes, give me one milIion and 200.
A milIion?
What's wrong with you?
Just take your money and Iet's go.
What's wrong with you? We are doing this for 200?
What.. you want to rob the bank?
Just take your money and let's go! Come on, Iet's go!
So stupid!