HetaQuest 24 [ENG subs]

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Do you really think you can make me go through?
Of course! You never tried, did you? Then let's take up this challenge!
You've been repelled by that gate time and time again, yourself. This time you also came using those glasses, didn't you?
Maybe the spell is different for you and Alfred. Stop whining and go!
Uh, wait...
I... I got through! But how...?!
Hmm, maybe you were never under the spell to begin with?
Now that we know you can go through the forest, let's go ahead! We have to go to Polar Bear Village, right?
Uh, yeah. Let's go.
How come Matthew can go into the forest?
(We'll meet the one who cast the spell in Polar Bear Village, right? Why don't we ask him?)
This is the exit of the forest! How are you feeling, Matthew?
It's a little complicated... I can't believe I can get out so easily.
If you never try, you'll never know!
But some strange monsters have been around lately, right? I was always safe in Elgnand and protected by the spell, so now I feel a little uneasy...
Have you never been trained to fight?
I tried it once, but I've never had the chance to use it until now, and besides, I'm first and foremost a healer.
So he says, but Matthew is actually a great archer!
(Wow, good thing I brought him along.)
What... was that noise...?
Kinda sounds like wings...?
A w-wasp?! Isn't it a little too big, though?!
It sure is!
Bzz... Green... gr...
Chimera Hornet has appeared!
America's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Hornet takes 111 damage!
Chimera Hornet takes 119 damage!
Chimera Hornet's Attack!
America takes 133 damage!
Matthew fades even more into the background!
America's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Hornet takes 115 damage!
Chimera Hornet takes 113 damage!
Chimera Hornet's Attack!
America evades the attack!
Matthew's Attack!
Chimera Hornet takes 76 damage!
America uses Arthur's Scones!
Chimera Hornet takes 1366 damage!
Chimera Hornet is defeated!
America's party wins! Obtained 800 EXP! Obtained 800 G!
America is now Level 6! Learned Hamburgers!
Matthew is now Level 6! Learned Pancakes!
Phew, that was scary. I didn't expect the monsters to be that ferocious.
The monsters I fought in the plains weren't that strong!
Yeah, you always beat them with one or two shots. If that kind of monster starts multiplying, we'll be in a lot of trouble.
By the way, wasn't the monster saying something? Something about "green".
Green... Maybe it's the Jewel!
Ooh! Now that you mention it! Matthew is so smart!
Wait a minute. What jewel?
Al, if you don't knock it off, I'm going to get angry.
But I can't help it that I don't know what that is.
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm America, not Alfred!
Fine, you can be America! If that's how you're going to be, I'll join in your little game, too!
There are five Jewels in the world. One of them is in Elgnand. Do you understand, Mr. America?!
OK! I get that it's a very important item!
That was such a rough explanation... Matthew must be really angry.
(Do tell me the details sometime. Oh, and about those jewels, do they come in five colors?)
You got it! They're red, blue, white, black, and green! Why do you ask?
(No reason.)
(There were gems of five colors on the cover of that book, too...)
[Hamburgers] Treats companions to hamburgers. Uses up 1 x Meat and 1 x Bread.
[Pancakes] Treats companions to pancakes. Uses up 1 x Pastry.
It'll be a problem if we find any monsters like the one we just fought on the way to Polar Bear Village.
I think we should go to the city of Kyuret in the east to get some stuff. What do you say, Mr. America?
Let's do that, then!
America, if you're not careful, you're going to be punished with a three-hour long sermon.
This is the city of Kyuret. You can go to several places in Âge from here.
(Oh, the shops are even open.)
I was going to live in this city after I left Aricema.
I planned on becoming a hero in this city, and then go to another city, and once I became a hero in all the cities in this continent, I'd go to another continent.
If I kept going on like that, I'd become the hero of the world someday, right? I'd be just like the Hero of the legends who was loved by everyone!
(That's a fantastic plan! But can someone with a human life span really do that?)
When I got those glasses, I promised Francis that I would persevere in the path I have chosen! I was full of determination!
Al... I mean, Mr. America, this city has a lot of stuff from Aricema and Netis that's supposed to be taken to Cenarf.
The nonstandard products that can't be sent to Cenarf are sold here, so we can easily prepare for the trip.
OK! Let's get the stuff we need!
Huh? There's something coming from there!
What's up with this animal? Isn't it a little too big for a pigeon?
That's because it's a transporter pigeon rather than a messenger pigeon!
Pierre has always been this size.
But it's so big...
Anyway, he's carrying a package. Maybe it's addressed to you?
(Can I receive it? It's addressed to you, isn't it?)
Hmm, it wouldn't be nice to send it back... Well, then, I'll let you borrow it.
Let's see...
There's a letter, too.
(Can I read it?)
I can't hold letters or anything, so you can help me by reading it for me!
(OK.) Let's see...
Dear Alfred, Bonjour! How are you doing?
I had an idea for a new gun, so I'm sending you the prototype model.
Also, please return the gun you've been using so far, because I'm going to invest in research for its mass production.
You don't have to come here just to give it back; you can have Pierre carry the gun. Though it'd make me happy if you came by!
I'll send you more new guns once they're done. Well, then, see you. Au revoir!
Yours truly, Francis
PS: You didn't come for Peter's birthday. Is something wrong? I was so disappointed I couldn't see you!
Well, now, let's see what's in this box...
Obtained Revolver!
Wow, it's a pretty nice gun! Not bad to use once in a while!
Aww, man! You always get nice things! And didn't I tell you not to bother Francis?!
Hey, now, what did I do? He's the one who sent me a gun.
Anyway, aren't you going to call me "Mr. America" anymore?
... Whatever. You should go to Cenarf to thank him once we leave Polar Bear Village.
Well, then, give the shotgun back!
Gave back Shotgun!
[Revolver] It's stylish.
This is the city of Kyuret, also known as the city where people from all kinds of places - from the capital to the desert - come to rest.
I've got some good foodstuff. Feel free to take a look.
[Pastry] Complete with all kinds of baking powder and wheat flour.
Thank you!
Uncle Sadiq isn't home at the moment. He's examining relics. Uncle Hera went with him.
It's locked.
This is a weapon shop. Can I help you?
[Wrapped Bow] A bow strengthened with animal tendons.
[Scale Shield] A shield with a small piece of metal sewed on scales.
Thank you. Have a nice day!
[Wrapped Bow] A bow strengthened with animal tendons.
This is a weapon shop. Can I help you?
Thank you. Have a nice day!
This is a curio shop. How can I help you?
[Potion] Restores a few HP.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
The capital, which is north of here, is a very pretty city with lots of flowers.
The price for one night is 20 G. Would you like to spend the night? - Yes - No
I saw a unicorn flying the other day. A little boy was riding on it.
Obtained Super Potion!
This is a weapon shop. Can I help you?
[Long Tunic] Now in vogue in Cenarf.
Thank you. Have a nice day!
[Long Tunic] Now in vogue in Cenarf.