You Suck at Photoshop - Displacement

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My name is Donnie.
And you suck at Photoshop.
But hey, there's something that you're good at.
You're good at sucking.

Please stop emailing your Ronnie photos to me trying to
become web famous.

Dot com.
So let's say you had a tough week.
Let's say that you spent the week in Common Pleas court.
And the whole time you were counter suing your estranged
wife to force her to continue her paternity suit against
you, because you had been hoping and dreaming about
becoming a father.
And then all of your dreams came crashing
down in front of you.
The court threw your case out.
Well, they threw you out, literally.
And now you don't have any kids.
And also you owe a bunch of court costs.
Is that how your week went?

Mine too.
So let's wash it all down with some Photoshop.
Let's say that when you thought you were going to have
a son you immediately went out to Velva Sheen.
And you bought an entire team's
worth of soccer jerseys.
And you bought letters and you made this jersey.
And now because the dream is dead and that you will
continue to live in paralyzing loneliness, and you will die
with no legacy because you don't have a
kid, you want to--
we ripped off all of these letters that had been
lovingly, painstakingly, hot glued on.
And so, instead of this now, we're left with this empty
soulless husk of a nameless jersey.

It belongs to another dude's kid.
So you want to put the right name on it.
Well, I've already created a layer with the baby
daddy name on it.
And so what we're going to do is we're going to use a
technique called displacement where we're going
to make this look--
because right now the name is just hovering unnaturally
maybe like a certain van again had been hovering in front of
your house not too long ago.
So what we want to do is make the letters
nestle in to this jersey.
And understand the commitment that it needs to make, at
least for the next 18 years.
So we're going to use a technique called displacement.
And we're going to create a map of the texture of the
fabric underneath.
So what we're going to do is we're going to Select All on
this layer, Copy, and we're going to paste
it above the name.
And we're going to go to Image Adjust, Desaturate.
Just don't worry about this.
Just follow along for second easy, easy.
So now what we want to do is Select All, Copy, Command N,
and we'll create a new document.
And we'll paste it in here.
And we're going to save this as a Photoshop file.
And we're going to call it displaced.
And then we're come back, we'll close that.
We're going to come back to this and switch this layer off
for second.
Go back to the name.
And what we're going to do now is we're going to line this up
where we want it.
Go to Filter, Distort, Displace.
We're going to set the horizontal and
vertical scale the 20.
Select OK.
It's asking you now for the displacement map.
It's the file we just created called displace.
Click Open, and look what we did.
It just makes it look like the name has just fallen across
the folds of the fab--
sort of like how maybe your wife fell across the folds of
a Volkswagen Duke sized inflatable mattress.

Dirty hooker face.
So now what we want to do to really add the realism is
we're going to take the layer that we left
up on top here and--
you ready for this?
Hold down the Option key, and hover over
between these two layers.
That is a clipping icon.
When you click the button look what happened.
Look at this.
We clipped the shadow layer over top of your--
You know what?
I know.
You're very excited.
You want to go tell somebody about it?
You want to go tell somebody?
Go on.
I'll wait.
I'll wait.

How did it go?
What did they say?
Were they excited for you?
Did they rub your tummy?
And let you stay up late tonight?
Good job.
All right, can we finish now?
Go to this layer, select it, go to Blending Mode.
And select Multiply, and that's going to let your
shadows come through.
And look, voila, and suddenly baby makes three.
That f--