Opportunities in Australian financial services

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Transcript in English Hello! My name’s Wilson Tang. I’m the
senior business development manager. I’m in charge of the financial services, corporate
training and arts and entertainment industries. Our team serves as a bridge between businesses
in Hong Kong and Australia and we help both sides grow their business.
For Hong Kong businesses there’s a great opportunity to work with Australian financial
services companies. Australia is number one in terms of the contestable
funds and management in the Asia Pacific region. Let me give you an example of how we can help.
Recently we employed over 15 top Australian financial services companies to attend an
Asia financial forum and help them bid with over 2,000 Hong Kong financial services companies.
We can help you identify projects and partners and we’ll save you time and money.
Please call us today so we can help you make the right connection.
中文譯本 大家好!我是高級商務官鄧永基(Wilson
Tang),負責金融服務、企業培訓、藝術娛樂事務,我們的團隊連繫香港及澳洲公司,促進雙方業務發展。 香港公司有很多機會跟澳洲金融服務公司合作,在競爭基金及管理方面,澳洲名列亞太區第一。
例如,我們聘請超過15間頂尖澳洲金融服務機構出席「亞洲金融論壇」,並協助他們連繫超過2,000間香港金融服務機構。 我們協助您物色理想項目及夥伴,為您節省大量時間及成本。