LoL - Movement Speed & Slows

Uploaded by PirageYT on 03.09.2012

Hello everyone my name is pirage and welcome to my new general guide for league of legends,
champion guide is delayed hopefully for the last time since all 7 matches I was going
to use, are getting a bugsplat on lolrecorder. So today I'm going to talk about Movement
speed and slows.
Movement speed or ms is what shows you how fast your champion can walk across the map,
one movement speed is basically one game distance unit traveled per second. As a frame of reference
take ashe's attack range, which is 600. If you have a 300 ms champion it'll take you
2 seconds to walk her attack range.
All champions have a basic ms between 300 and 330, if you want the details for your
favourite champ then freeze the screen right, now. Ok now let's take a look at the basic
formula for the movement speed of a champion; we take the base movement speed and add the
flat movement speed bonuses. We multiply this by 1 plus the percentage movement bonuses,
and we multiply this by 1 minus the percentage movement slows.
Before we go on to calculate anythying we should probably talk about the soft caps first;
that's right, you maybe don't know this yet but the more movement speed you already have
the harder it will be to build even more; as soon as you reach 415 movement speed, all
further increases will get multiplied by 80%, and if you eventually reach 490, further increases
only count for half. If we want, we can turn this in formulas which are easier to use but
sound slightly more difficult: if the raw speed is between 415 and 490, final speed
is soft capped to: raw speed times 0.8 plus 83. If the raw speed is above 490, final speed
is soft capped to: raw speed times 0.5 plus 230. So now you know that we might have to
keep this in mind when we calculate ms in builds. On the other hand there's also a soft
cap downwards: everything that would get you lower than 220 movement speed, will only have
half effectiveness, once again let's put it in a formula: if the raw speed is below 220,
multiply by 0.5 and add 110.
Now there's one more thing that's incredibly important here: slow stacking. Ever thought:
Oh wow a rylai's on sejuani must be amazing and overpowered and yay. For starters, if
there is more than one slow on any one target, the strongest one will fully apply, and all
the other ones will only count for 35% of their strength. Not only that but there's
a specific rule for the passive slows from items, for example phage and a rylai's: ONLY
the strongest one will count, the other ones won't even have their reduced effectiveness.
This doesnt apply to active item effects like a randuin's omen, they count as normal abilities.
For example: a max level nunu's snowball will slow you for 60% movement speed, on a target
with 400 ms this'll result in: 400 times (1 minus 0.60) equals 160, applied with the soft
cap this gives us 190 movement speed. If the nunu had a rylai's crystal scepter, which
on it's own slows for 35% for single target spells, the target's ms would be: 400 times
(1 minus 0.60) times (1 minus 0.35 times 0.35). And for the softcap we multiply by 0.5 we
add 110 and this gives us the grand total of 180.2. So having an extra rylai's crystal
scepter will only reduce movement speed for an additional 9.8 ms. In this case this is
almost irrelevant: it is important that you calculate this when thinking about builds
since most people don't even know about the slow stacking.
Something else that a lot of people don't know about are the boots and the enhance movement
speed levels, what would seem logical is that every increase in level gives the same increase
in movement speed and this is somewhat true except for the first one. The first level
gives you 50, and every following one gives you 20. So if you get the level 5 movement
speed boots they'll give you less than three times the amount the level 1 boots give, but
all in all this is pretty easy to remember. Apart from boots there are a relatively low
amount of abilities that actually give flat bonus ms, since most are percentual.
Then there's one more thing that apparently has caused a shit ton of people to ask for
help on the forums: if you have more than one percentual movement speed boost they they
stack additively not multiplicatively, so if for example, you're playing sivir, you
have a zael with 6% movement speed, ghost with the the ghost mastery with 35% movement
speed and your ultimate with 20% movement speed and nothing with flat increases, so
just your basic ms of 310. If you now use both your ghost and you ultimate we will calculate
the eventual movement speed as follows: 310 times (1 plus 0.35 plus 0.2 plus 0.06). This
equals 499.1 and 499.1 times 0.5 plus 230 is 479.55, this will be your eventual movement
speed if you have everything activated and I've tried this in game and it is correct.
That was about it, I hope it can help you in your long nights of lol, as always pressing
like or subscribe does motivate me, and I will see you all, next time.
By the way to those that found me through my last couple of videos, if you're not used
to a champion guide coming from me or you just generally don't give a shit about them
then ignore my next video - don't worry general guides will still be made but I have to make
at least one champion guide to keep myself happy.