how to make a light box for macro photography

Uploaded by johnabrams82 on 25.10.2010

Okay, Im going to show you how to build a light box for photographing snakes. Basicly
this is the setup that we use, just a light box like that. Go to Walmart or whatever store
is close to you I guess. You get this stuff here. This is called foam core, and you find
it in the school supply section. Buy a couple of sheets its fairly cheap. cut it to whatever
dimentions you want. We just cut them all the same size to make a cube out of it. There
is no bottom. Then you take just regular push pins. Use those kinda like nails to hold it
all together while your taping. On the two sides I cut squares on either side. Then this
right here is just a pillow case. thats been cut just to difuse the light so you don't
have a big bright spot right in the middle. The background that you use you can get those
in the school supply section too. Just regular poster board. Get whatever color you want.
what that will do is if you don't have bedding it will give you that real nice smooth background.
If you dont use something like that, your going to have an edge around it that you can
see in the pictures. unless you get really close up. what you want to do with something
like this is take an index card and set the white balance on your camera. Pretty much
your ready to go after that. My lights are just clamp lights. I use the 100 watt equivalent
compact flourescent bulbs.